Demolition of the Burrito Bridge.

  • Following their narrow victory in holding the Humperdink Heights the Confederation reformed and launched a surprise attack on the Alliance right flank. L'Cull had recognised the threat to his right flank and ordered Capitaine Antoine Le Pew and his sappers to destroy the key Burrito Bridge. As dawn rose and the sappers commenced their work a large confederation force appeared down the road and debarked from column ready to launch a surprise attack.

    The prussian commander had even picked up a lost unit of line en-route so that the force was significantly superior in numbers as the attack developed. For their part the few units of French line and Ottoman skirmishers showed their surprise as they were thrown into confusion and failed all activations at the sight of the Germanics.

    The Confederation were having problems of their own though. The large numbers of troops, including dummy units were getting in the way of each other, obscuring shooting and movement. The skirmishers including the infamous Brunswick officers shooting club performed in their usual randomly haphazard manner falling back unexpectedly and causing following line and lights to come under fire.

    Meanwhile the Alliance was having its own problems, repeated failed activations was allowing the Confederation ever nearer without loss. The French line in the block house guarding the far bank managed one good round of shooting but it was enough to cause some Prussian light cav to flee and sent a ripple of failed morale around the Germanic units.

    At that stage the Alliance should have poured the shooting into the advancing Germans but repeated hesitancy was a constant.

    The colonial engineers of L'Pew however managed to pick up speed and were closer to getting the job completed.

    The Brunswick shock cavalry were however poised and threw themselves in the French line on the bridge causing it to rout though themselves coming under heavy fire. Next they charged some depleted Albanians and eventually crushed them.

    All this fighting had however taken its toll but they had just one more charge to make and set their sights on L'Pews engineers. It was a risky death or Glory attempt.

    The cavalry plunged down the embankment and into disorder but at least contacting the engineers who armed with whatever blunt instrument lay to hand fought them back.

    The contest was a hard fought draw and allowed the engineers one more turn in which urged on by L'Pew they completed the demolition.