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    As a few years ago we finished the campaign without the european v european games we'd intended we decided to pick this up and run it to a conclusion.

    To get everybody back into the rules we decided to have a colonials versus Babbage game (one for each colonial power) before getting into the colonioal v colonial games.

    First up was the Second Reich. Colonel Horst von Winkle was leading a punitive expedition into the tribal lands of the Baka'daqueue tribe who were being wooed by other colonials. Who needs a neo classical/ Aristotelian approach to persuasive discourse that leads to people being sympathetic to your cause when you can burn down their huts and kill their livestock!

    Unfortunately, Von Winkle was saddled with his idiot nephew Captain Alphonse Von Winkle. The captain had clearly come bottom of every class at the military academy and only got a position due to family connections.

    Horst put his idiot nephew in charge of the poorest quality native unit to hand and left him to explore the trees to the right of the track whilst he himself led the askari and schutztruppen into the village to fire the huts. Having no communication skills whatsoever the captain's unit milled around aimlessly until a native unit sprang from the trees and attacked them making them and the captain flee after two rounds of fighting. Fortunately, this had given the maxim HMG time to line up its sights and shoot most of the natives. Perhaps the captain did have a natural talent (as a decoy).

    For their part the tribals were struggling to get motivated. Maybe this wasn't a prime part of their real estate. Maybe they didn't like the elder of this village. Whatever the reason the tribals mostly failed to appear and when they did most soon preferred to slink away after a brief showing.

    Horst had fired all the huts before the Schutztruppen came under serious attack. Horst was inclined to then flee the village but some strange urging made him order the schutztruppen to instead try to fight. They were overrun.

    With that Horst headed out of the village but now the tribals were appearing at the ford ready to block his escape.

    Fortunately more lack of interest from the tribals allowed Horst the opportunity to escape though he sacrificed an askari unit and lost the HMG -his report will doubtless gloss over these facts and show him as a gallant victor with his idiot nephew bravely drawing the enemy away by fleeing,

    I went through the figures i had for this, are you ready?


    44 Zanzibari infantry 16 jezzails 12baluchi swords 2 guns 10 cav 3officers.


    43 infantry

    27 generic Askari


    24, 16, 29 different tribals ( distinguished by shields), 10 cav and 20 inf (semi europeanised types), 12 other semi europeanised types, 14 tribal muskets, 4 witch doctors, 9 characters.


    19 schutztruppen, 18 Marines, 27 Askari , 2 HMG, 14 sailors 1 HMG, 16 europeanised natives, 7 officers.


    14 Sikhs, 10 Sikhs, 12 highlanders, 17 inf and 1 HMG, 11 sailors, 10 inf, 33 punjab and 1HMG, 1 pom pom, 24 Askari, 1 gun, 13 officers/NCOs.

    That's some kind of crazy.

    Mitch do you want to take over the Zanzibari force in this? They were run as a kind of guest slot so by different people and never had a person in charge of them.

    That would give us 4 'colonial ' powers to face off against each other. I have lots of minis for the Zanzibari BTW.

    As we've set Xenos Rampant aside due to significant rules imbalances a few of us were discussing about trying to finish TMWWBK campaign we started a few years ago. We had Gremans (Dave), Brfits (Steve), French (Bryan) Natives (Andy) and Zanzibari (various).

    If everyone is in agreement we can see about starting this Sunday?

    I've got Brits (plus Steve has Brits), natives (plus Andy has natives), Zanzibari, Ruga Ruga and Germans and Bryan has French so we've enough minis for everyone.

    The campaign was pre this forum so there's not much on here from it but I'm sure we can get started again.

    After Sunday's game the consensus is its too broken a rule set to fix easily. As well as some more Xeno rules showing to be too powerful the points costs for fighting vehicles look too cheap as well.

    The whole thing is a mess really. The base cheap unit pointings allowing access to lots of options and that's outside of Xeno options is obviously done to cover everything in 40K but 40k has a whole set of codices to back it up. This has a few sentences.

    The overall feeling was we'll leave it for now. Maybe look to other rules sets as most of us have sci-fi/ 40k type armies. I thought that one page rules worked better than these.

    Thanks for those considerations Andy. When me and Mitch played we noted the following:-

    Dice roll for commander traits, some types (Aggressive) would be unlikley to be chosen.

    Limit infantry armour piercing to one or two small unit 'tank killer' types.

    Limit the number of larger squards in a force- maybe 1 per 18pts (like vehicles).

    Allow pinned units to do something if they recover (even if its just going to ground) as otherwise they risk being shot, pinned, rally, shot, pinned , rally etc.

    The stun option doesn't make any thematic sense at all.

    No psychic species (ie auto psychic action pass)

    Restrict some of the Psychic powers (esp visions of terror).

    The way the rules are set there seems little point taking the militia rabble.

    I think there was something about medic as well but can't remember that one.

    We've played a lot of the Osprey 'Blue Top' rules sets and Pulp. As has been said Sunday's is the usual minis gaming night. The club is open Fridays is more board games.

    Feel free to attend (probably a good idea to put it on the forum first) and see what you think. First night is free.

    We wrapped up the mini skirmish campaign that we've been running over the past few weeks and then concluded with a final larger game. The two smaller games were based on the Blackstock Plantation and Gloucester Point.

    In the former the new French commander Marshall Will took command of five line units that had bivouacked by the Tyger River. A small Prussian advanced force had caught up with them and was attempting to pin them against the river until their larger forces could arrive. The Prussians were commanded by yet another of the Luchs family, Baron Rotten- Luchs a 14-year-old cousin of the now wiped out main Luchs family. The Luchs family motto is Death or Glory as they consistently choose the former this is surely one of the most unfortunate families in Prussia, so many having died during the campaign. I think for them the average life expectancy is three games. as we'll see young Rotten- Luchs lived up to the family motto. Enough said for now

    Things started with internal French bickering. The veteran unit was unhappy with the slow movement of a green unit to their left so derided to urge them forward by shooting them. This drastic action did see the green unit move forward on the flank in an effort to get away from their salty veteran pals. Unfortunately, they met their ultimate destruction at the hands of the Prussians but their gallant surge forward drew several turns of fire.

    The other French units trudged directly ahead through the muddy fields (half speed) whilst the Prussian forces kept up a steady fire. Luchs the younger was champing at the bit to order a lancer charge. and as the French were weakened by musketry, he ordered the charge. With somewhat predictable outcome they fell just short of their target and were blasted into rout by repeated French musketry.

    Once the French emerged from the muddy fields and having lost yet another militia unit they decided to give the skulking Prussians some musket fire. Unfortunately, this took the young Rotten-Luchs by surprise and just as he stood atop a stone wall brandishing his sabre and urging his men on the musketry ensured there'd be yet another Luchs memorial in these lands.

    With their jaunty commander slain the remaining Prussians fled (two turns before their main forces were due to arrive) so sealing a win for Marshall Will.

    On the other table the brave Brunswickers were rustling supplies from the French lands and the French had sent a force to catch them up and prevent this.

    Just short of the Brunswick redoubts the French cavalry caught up and charged the Brunswick rear guard cavalry. Things started well for the French as they saw off a unit of the Brunswickers but they themselves failed morale (a constant French theme for the Comte Del Montes forces) and the chance to press home their advantage was lost. The French cavalry had got ahead of their infantry but even though disordered having now seen off the Brunswick cavalry went for broke by charging the Brunswick infantry. It was another Death or Glory type move and proved as ill-fated as Rotten-Luchs shenanigans. the Brunswick carts managed to get past their infantry who now held off the stuttering French infantry to seal a comprehensive Brunswick victory. There was talk amongst the French command that the Comte Del Montes reliance on so many Austrian deserters was having a deleterious effect on his force's morale.

    So on to the main game where the French who had won the skirmish campaign 20 pts to 16 were the attackers of the Germanics camp. The Prussio/Brunswick forces had two commands with 42 pts total and the French two commands with 70pts total. The skirmish game results were fed into card drawn advantages from the campaign system with the French drawing five cards and the Germanics four for use in the final game.

    campaign rewards

    The final, larger, game involved the French attacking and attempting to loot the Germanics camp. The Prussio/Brunswick force just had to hold out until nightfall (8 turns then roll a D6) at which point they could evacuate safely.

    The Germanics for their part were defending some wooded hills with a pass in the middle where their camp was located. They adopted the somewhat unorthodox 'refused centre' defence. This almost proved their undoing as the French target (camp) was located in the centre.

    On the French right the Comte Del Monte was in command with his Austrian deserter units. Throughout the battle as the infantry took casualties the 'french' fled the field. The gunners were clearly not trained as they often struggled to fire and when they did fire, they'd gauged the range or powder charges inadequately and caused few casualties. That left their cavalry who sneaked up on the flank and charged the Brunswickers routing their skirmishers officers club before being themselves routed. With the remaining Brunswick units out of arc or being pressed hard by Marshall Wills forces this left the way open for the Mamelukes to charge through and loot the camp. Five failed activations later they were still where they stood. Dammed non-French units muttered Marshall Will.

    For his part Marshall Will faced off against the Prussians. With the latest Luchs demise one of the Luchs family retainers was in command. He proved more competent than the fragile Rotten-Luchs

    As the French pressed forward concentrating their forces in the small farmstead facing the Prussians the new Prussian commander launched his aggressive line unit into a charge against the French left flank which would have routed units from the field if Marshall Will hadn't stiffened their resolve by shooting the most cowardly looking individuals (clearly shooting his own men was somewhat of an on-going theme for Marshall Will.

    Though this attack had ultimately failed it had bought the Germanics time but now their famed 'refused centre' tactics put their whole effort in jeopardy as Marshall Will sent a unit of lancers right up the road beyond the Germanic artillery arc of fire and into the camp. The lancers set about looting.

    A volley from the Brunswickers caused a few casualties but the looting continued, and all looked lost for the German cause.

    Then the newly promoted Prussian commander remembered his days in the Jaegers and ordered his line unit to fall back and fire at the now in-sight lancers. The lancers looked around and finding no infantry had followed them into the camp fled with whatever baubles they'd been able to acquire so far. The camp which was however now half-looted.

    With that night fell and the Germanics were able to retreat with what remained of their half-looted camp as they claimed a minor victory.

    A close-run fun set of games with the final outcome on the line till right at the end.

    Thanks everyone who joined in.

    Mitch, I'll bring my scifi human rebel force with me so if we get a chance of a game they're there. I think the point you make about scenarios is correct.

    Its a good question Craig. I think there are pros and cons.

    We mostly all have armies we could use for 'sci-fi' type games so its just what rule set to use.

    40k can be unbalanced and min maxed and is biased towards what minis GW want to sell. One page rules gave decent short games but I'm not sure about the bigger version of those.

    We all mostly know the Dan Mersey base rule mechs and their variations and we don't need 1000 minis a side to play them (or 'official' minis - GW).

    On the negative side the list building part needs a lot of limiting setting in it and that's both standard and xeno.

    I think it's worth doing because the basic rule set is good but I'd be equally happy to try other rules and it really depends what the consensus is.

    They can't even have play tested these for a couple of games as if they had they'd see how unbalanced forces easily became unless everyone just maxed out everything when they play tested it and it balanced somewhat by that means.

    It represents a truly poor effort to take all this time to put them out in this state.

    Me and Mitch had a first game of Xenos Rampant last night. Mitch pitted his IG against some rebel human types that I had from way back when since we played Future Wars and its Pulp campaign. We used some of the scenics from that as well which are now at the club for other Xenos games.

    The long and short of it is the unit upgrades are very broken in parts and that is just the standard ones not the xeno ones which we already knew were questionable.

    It was nice to have all the figures and scenics out again but it needs some serious consideration to make these rules unbroken.

    I think Andy is going to open a thread and we'll start to put ideas in there.

    Meanwhile here's some pix of the skirmish in downtown Deadsville including Mitch's really nice Orgryn unit getting lost in the narrow passageways and the best restaurant in Deadsville that serves in Iguana burgers.

    I was discussing with Bryan the possibility of having a large Napoleonics game on the 30th. How many people would be interested?

    Following on from last week's game we played the next scenario, this time based on Charlotte Sept 26th 1780. Obviously re-named for the Adriatic Campaign. Not as Chamber pot but rather Gross Kissing. The Chamber pot was the central incident in the battle.

    A small but allegedly elite Germanic Confederation force of 1x Light, 1x Line and 1x Skirmisher mounted (dragoon types) at the head of the main army rode into Bad Kissing and spying some French garrison units evacuating supplies and papers from the main hall set about rampaging through the village. Unfortunately for them the poor grade French were ensconced behind a solid stone wall. even more unfortunately there were a couple of light cavalry units out of sight behind buildings etc either side of the Hall. The Germanics were led by a dashing Brunswick dragoon captain Horst von Schittle. He could gain extra honour by charging rashly towards the village centre (to mimic the historical battle). Other than that it was a straight fight to win as quickly as possible for the Germanics or hold on as long as possible for the French. The French couldn't hold the field indefinitely as once the main German column arrived; they'd be overrun in as few turns.

    The Dragoons galloped into the town being met by a couple of rounds of sniper fire which they ignored and picked up the extra honour points for reaching the village green within three turns. They could have fallen back to their infantry at this point - they got rather separated from them, some units lagging behind due to failed activation. But no that wasn't Captain Horst's way. He shimmied through the houses and gardens determined to come round on the flank of the militia lined in front of the Hall. It was at this point that the hitherto unseen cavalry generic - the perpetual failing unit of our games- emerged and charged the dragoons driving them back where they were volleyed by some of the militia. As all this was going on Horst was clearly distracted and did not noticed one of the ladies of the night, unhappy at her customers being driven off, opened the brothel window and hurdled a chamber pot at the dragoon captain. It caught him squarely on the head and he was felled, killed outright. His dragoon unit fled the field and all this before the supporting infantry could catch up.

    Once they did the lights saw off the lingering cavalry generic, but they were having the worst of the exchanges with the militia. They really need the main column to arrive. Unfortunately for them it was delayed - a lot. How many 1's were rolled?

    By the time they did arrive night was falling, and the French had held off long enough to take all the honour points.

    Germanics 1 honour point (they lost 1 to a double 1 roll) French 6 points.

    We are having a few linked games based on those in David O'Brien's Skirmish Battles of the American war of Independence as part of the campaign that never dies aka The Adriatic Campaign. Its a bit more of a challenge for the players as though we do leave some wiggle room in the lists for unit variation (small, large, timid, green, veteran etc) they do have to stick to unit types within their lists. for example, in the cav clash it was one 5 pt aggressive light cav unit versus another, each with a free agitator character added to the unit. In the second it was 3x line and 1x skirmisher each at 12 points but with the winner of the initial cav clash gaining an added bonus (or not as it transpired).

    First up was the Bad Day at UnterFock (based on Blue Savannah 4th Sept 1780). A two part battle where the outcome of the first part impacted on the second larger action.

    it was Spanish from the Franco-Spanish alliance versus the Prussians from the Germanic Confederation that clashed at Unterfock.

    First up was a light cav clash as a unit of finely uniformed Spanish led by a character with a fine uniform and large cockade in his hat on a donkey versus the trusted Prussian lancers. when I say trusted that translates as trusted to easily fall into disorder and become routed i.e. underperform. It was no different on this occasion. Both sides started at the edge of charge range and disordered due to being surprised at encountering the enemy. The only difference between the two was that the officer on the donkey with a flourish of his finely plumed hat cleared the disorder and the Prussians did not. Over three rounds of fierce fighting (well not really that fierce- the Spanish made hard work of beating the disordered enemy) the Spanish prevailed - just, and Juan Le Grande (he of the donkey fame) was able to notch up another victory.

    So onto the main game where the Prussiasn main column was emerging from the village and came up against the Spanish line. The Spanish advantage from their earlier victory was that Juan joined a unit (free agitator) and they had a concealed unit of skirmishers in woods on the Prussian left flank.

    A favourable outcome awaited the Spanish but it wasn't to be. Both sides struggled to activate all their units and the regular Spanish mainstays (pea sent skirmishers) forayed out front to draw all the Prussian first shooting. They have a history of fighting to the last man and being rather elite peasants and this unit was no exception. Eventually repeated Prussian shooting saw them off but it had taken the heat off the hesitant Spanish line.

    Not to fear though because just as they'd gone the bonus unit turned up on the {Prussian left flank ready to deliver victory single handily. But then it all went wrong. Maybe they'd had enough of being bullet magnates for the Spanish line, maybe they'd had a beef with Juan and his donkey, Whatever the cause they ran off immediately (double 1). The Spanish general cursed the dice gods (it doesn't take much to cause this) and the proceeded over the next two rounds to roll some of the worst dice ever (including another double 1 - on the bounce) which resulted the Prussians driving most of the Spanish line from the field and earning their commander (one of the by now infamous Luchs family) a victory which appeared unlikely after the first game,

    Franco/Spanish 2 Honour Prussians (Germanics) 4 Honour.