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    Netflix is remaking 'All Quiet on the Western Front'. Trailers are out and it looks good plus the book is a classic.

    Also check out Curiosity Stream. There's some good deals on membership and good content. The Great War series and Battle for Berlin are on there and are really good.

    At an isolated farmstead in the South East of the region the Prussians and Ottomans advanced on a dilapidated barn . Even though it was still early in the afternoon an unatural gloom was settling on the broken building and mean, low outsheds. Both forces noted some strange shambling forms moving around the barn.

    On the front foot the Ottomans split into three groups. The first, the imam and a soldier and grenadier set off for the outhouses. Their movement attracted the attentions of a shuffling revenant and some hard fighting ensued with the revenant handing out wounds to the Ottomans and remaing anmiated despite taking hits in return. The Imam healed the grenadier with a prayer and urged him forward again though again the revenant still remained animated and in the way of the area that needed exploring. Worse was coming as a second revenant moved forward towards the fight and the advancing Prussians also opened fire on the Ottomans.

    For their part the Prussians were using a shoot and wound/ weaken before attacking the revenant tactics that proved more effective.

    In the centre the commanders and a couple of followers lined up but the Ottomans were having to support their under pressure Imam and couldn't advance.

    The prussians took advantage and eradicated a revenant on their left before forcing their way with numbers into the barn and finishing the revenant off in their.

    With the darkness falling things suddenly took a turn for the better for the Ottomans. The Imam's unit and the Officers unit managed to eradicate the two revenants and uncover the heap they were exploring. Unfortunately it proved to be a rotting corpse.

    Things had gone better on the Ottoman right. Their medic Dr De'ath and the half jin advanced on the revenant in front of them and the good doctor immediatley slew the monster and found the artefact.

    The prussians activity in the barn had aroused a hobgoblin that launched itself at the Jin. An even fight ensued and then it was the good Dr's turn. With a glint in his eye he dealt the hobgoblin some telling blows and it recoiled almost dead. Whether this due to the Dr's cutlass strokes or his offering the beast a DRE is uncertain but it fled half dead and in terror right into prussian musketry that finished it off.

    The Prussians killed a wild boar they'd disturbed but that was it. Darkness was now on the field and with yet more revenants appearing the Ottomans and prussians left the field of carnage.

    Prussians 11 pts Ottomans 12 pts.

    The Spanish and French colonial forces clashed at a key bridge that lay between their respective territories. Each assembled their forces and arrived at the battlefield around the same time making it a dash to reach and then hold the bridge. At least it was for the French. Their commander Jean le Petite already had a chip on his shoulder. He was irrascible and in a fighting mood . His assembly of a significantly larger force than the Spanish help stoke his aggressive attitude.

    For their part Spanish Bob was simply a ladies man or was that lady man as Jean le Petite was calling out across the river.

    Whether it was the insults or the size that Le Petite was packing with his force Spanish Bob had an attack of the vapours and citing the need to complete some administrative paperwork left the field.

    This left his already depleted forces looking around somewhat stunned and reflected in their hesitant stuttering attempts to advance.

    For his part Le Petite gallantly threw some skirmishers on to the bridge in front of him, maybe he wasn't in such a fighing mood. Though they took a few casualties they hung in there controlling the bridge.

    Whilst this was going on more Spanish units were leaving the field, no doubt remembering they had left some needlepoint work unfinished.

    Next Le Petite ordered forward his aggressive drunkard sailors. That was pretty much game over as they ran through a third of the Spanish army before making off towards the Spanish camp. Possibly to help Spanish Bob with the paperwork.

    Whilst all this was going on the rest of the French forces were sipping cognac and playing cards looking up occassionally checking on how far the sailors had advanced.

    French +5 honour Spanish Bob 0 (though the paperwork is now in good order).

    The Dutch became aware of a French incursion onto their new settlement at Niemandsvriend. As a man of fine breeding the Comte Del Monte thought it below himself to be traipsing around the woodlands so he seconded his arsonist side kick Gaston Le Pew for the task. The French mustered their force and set off to loot and burn (well mostly just burn) the Dutch settlement.

    They had not anticipated the extent to which the heavy brush and trees disordered their fine clothing and feathered hats however and as a consequence the French emerged from the woods in a staggling mass.

    What made it worse was the damp thatch of the rough houses which was difficult to catch light.

    For their part the tricky Dutch commander Wim von Wonk had told a group of drunken sailors there was grog in the village. Led by the loud and obnoxious Pik Koch the sailors rampaged into the emerging French thinking they were there to compete for the grog.

    Dutch sailors fell left and right under French musketry but they were so enraged they kept fighting until only the obdurate Koch was left.

    By this time Van Wonk was demonstrating his tactical superiority by bringiing forward his forces in an orderly manner (unlike the French) and even calling up reinforcements (how many double 6's Mitch?).

    The French were cowed by this demonstration of martial ability and fell back leaving only one hut ablaze and van Wonk clear master of the field..

    6 honour to van Wonk 2 honour to Le Pew.

    With lot's going on and limited time we wanted to have a concise but full and interesting campaign for the Adventures in America. With that in mind me and Bryan were reading the new Lion Rampant campaigns and decided that there was a possibility for using a version of that in the Americas campaign.

    I've put a one side of A4 campaign in the filebase.

    Treat all games so far as a warm up.

    4 european powers ( my natives are a potential add ons as per campaign) each fight the others once using varying strength forces.

    Dutch v Spanish, Dutch v French, Dutch v Scots, Spanish v French, Spanish v Scots, French v Scots ( 6 games in total).

    There's a resource points table that each side participates in that gains additional benefit (or like the Darien venture receives knitwear reather than men and arms).

    See the filebase. It should be possible to complete an interesting campaign quickly.

    Let us know what you think but it seeems better than leaving it part completed.

    In the dark, dank forest to the south east of Stuck Gemuses the Ottomans and French were seeking to recover the body of a missing agent, last seen entering the forest two days previously. As the forces closed in on an isolated trail they spotted each other and a fire fight commenced.

    The French as is their want seemed to have a grudge against anyone religious as they aimed all their fire at the elderly ottoman cleric. Despite his advanced years he showed remarkable matrix like skills to avoid many shots though he was winged a couple of times.

    Mercilessly the French continued to pour fire at him.

    This did however allow the rest of the Ottomans to search the trail uncovering some useful artifacts before, out of sheer dumb luck, Gaston the French Grenadier literally fell over corpse.

    Strange forms started to appear on the trail, doubtless attracted by the gunfire.

    For their part the Ottomans directed their fire at Juan the French forces ancillary Spanish investigator. Perhaps due to his lack of matrix skills or because he was dressed in his resplendent white uniform and was an easy target in the gloom he took repeated hits and fell to the floor wounded.

    A goblin appreared directly in front of Gaston. Quick as a flash he took out his bayonet and sliced off the corpses finger that bore a signet ring and called out to his comrades that he'd retrived the artifact and with that they dropped back into the depths of the forest away from the goblins and Ottomans.

    3 XP for both the French and Ottomans from this encounter.

    Juan the Spanish ancillary was hauled away by his comrades riddled by Ottoman musketry.

    It is believed he made a recovery but is rather jittery following the encounter.

    That sounds good (the fixed 12, variable 12 approach). So does the hordes of highlanders and I could do Irish regiments with catholic priests!

    One thing we could try which is a bit differentis fight an early American settlement campaign (using ECW period figures). It might work well within the context and easily allow 3 or 4 completly seperate players to fight against each other without trying to set up different Royalist /Parliament factions who wouldn't readily fight each other. French, British, Spanish, Dutch all settled and founded colonies and fought or could easily fight and compete against each other. Could even have 'independent' type colonies representing religious or trading / early privateer type groups and of course there are the native tribes who fought either with or against most of the settlers at various times (and we can have more than one tribe depending on numbers).

    We could translate the indians quite well into PL.

    Would need to limit the cavalry quite a lot though.

    Just an idea,

    Happy to go with something based in Britain and use my Scots and Irish.

    Yes, I'll join in. I enjoy Pikeman's Lament. Thanks for the offer of figures Bryan, think I may just have a few of my own somewhere!

    Is it just 12 points fixed force for any game we have or 12 points and change force per scenario?