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    Seeing the use that the Franco Spanish were making by hiring of Sheik Yahmuni's Barbaries the Germanic Coalition determined to hire some pirates of their own. An opportunity presented itself in the shape of the ambitions of Sheik Yahmuni's nephew Sheik Yahbooty. He was tiring of being a sub-commander in his uncles force and the Germanics set about wooing him and his followers away from his uncle with promises of reward and command.

    A meeting was arranged at the Barbary village of Al Khazi which was under Yahbooty's command.Lt Luchs, the Prussian commander was joined by Count Von Wulfen buttal and his Brunswickers. A show of strength would no doubt benefit negotiations.

    However the Franco Spanish spy system informed them of this would be attempt and Capitaine L'Cul and Col De Sagres Y San Miguel set out to demonstrate to any wavering allies the foolishness of deserting their cause plus if they could grab Yahbooty that would give them an even better hand.

    As the attackers the Germanics force march through the rough countryside saw them arrive slightly ahead of the Franco Spanish. Things started to go wrong before the fighting started though. Capitaine L'Cul in a now rare moment of sobriety had bribed a merchant to take the backroads used by the Prussians. As expected the Prussians seized the goods, a selection of fine wines and cheeses. What the Prussians didn't know was that fine fare was laced with poison so that Luchs and his staff were forced to spend the whole action wheezing, puce and passing copious quantities of pooh never managing to leave the cover of the woods.

    In a further blow to the Germanics Von Wulfenbuttal, the Brunswick commander had set himself with a unit of Hussars ready to sweep into the village with dashing elan that would definately impres Yahbooty. However closer inspection of the mean mud hovels of Al Khazi beside the stinking creek was giving him second thoughts. He'd just ridden out from a pleasent tavern with a buxom serving wench and that was definately looking a better prospect than the sight he now surveyed. He relayed a message that he'd left important documents at the tavern and promptly left the field to retrieve them. That left the Germanics with no effective command before the action started.

    The Franco Spanish were better served by De Sagres Y San Miguel however L'Cul was back on the bottle.

    All in all not a great advert for european soldiery to set before Yahbooty.

    Despite all this the Prussians pressed into the village and delivered a sack of coins which recruited Yahbooty to their cause.

    He was soon to regret his choice as the Brunwickers were now vacilating and the Prussians outgunned. The Prussians exhaulting the barbaries to stand and fight (in front of most of the Germanics) was also causing Yahbooty to re-evaluate things.

    After several rounds of hard fighting this was even more so when the only force left facing the Franco Spanish was his unit. All the other Germanics had fled.

    So it was a bitterly cursing Yahbooty who slunk off through the woods with the wheezy, poohy, puce prussian command, the sky behind them glowing red as the Franco Spanish looted and fired Al Khazi. There'd be hell to pay for this insult and it might not just be the Franco Spanish paying it.

    We followed up the smaller games we've been having recently with a 3 a side game. 72 points of Franco Spanish with some dubious allied Barbaries versus the mighty Germanic alliance of the Prussians, Austrians and Brunswickers who being the attackers had 100 points.

    The situation was that the Germanics were trying to push the Franco Spanish back, the latter having established a defensive line along a wooded hill line. There were two roads through the hills. The attackers had to control an area 9" either side of the roads through the hills by the end of the game, the defenders had to prevent this. There were also honour points for killing percentages of the opposition.

    The French, under Capitaine Charles L'Cul, would cover the West road, and the Spanish, commanded by the legendary Capitano Jose Fernando de Sagras y San Miguel, covered the East. However, they had insufficient manpower to cover the open fields and hills to their right flank. Fortunately they were able to persuade Barbary captain, Shiek Yah Monet, to swarm the hillsides with the promise that he could keep any guns his men captured. So it was that by the time the Austro-German forces arrived they found their opponents well emplaced in buildings and in the tree-line of the Southern woods.

    The Prussians, commanded by Lieutenant Luchs, arrived on the Western flank up to, and including, the Western road. They found themselves facing off against the French, who had taken up position in buildings, and behind a low wall to the West of the Western road.

    The Austrians, typifying their simple approach to modern warfare, had 9 units of line infantry. Emboldened by their fearless leader, Baron Von Schnitzel, they advanced through the centre between the two roads. They found the right flank of the French force, consisting of 2 units of skirmishers and a light gun covering the Eastern side of the West road, and the bulk of the Spanish force - 1 regular and 2 green line infantry units plus two smaller units of line infantry serving as marksmen.

    Finally, the Brunswickers, led by the irrepressable Leutnant Maurice, Count von Wolfenbuttal faced off against the Barabaries on the Eastern flank.

    On the Western flank the Prussians moved forward cautiously. Their careful advance saw them make slow but steady gains as they managed to suppress the French forces to cover their advance.

    In the centre the Austrians bravely strode toward the enemy lines. They knew that the early advantage would be with the defenders but, if they all pressed forward together their superior numbers would begin to bear. So it was with some surprise that the found their Prussian and Brunswicker allies falling behind their advance.

    The result of this lack of support, however, was no surprise. With the entire weight of the firepower of the entire Spanish front plus the French gun pouring into them the Austrians at first wavered, then faltered, then broke completely.

    The belated efforts of the Prussian light cavalry and the Brunswicker shock cavalry to draw some of the fire only served to see those units too, cut down in short order.

    Even the destruction of an impetuous unit of raw Spanish recruits could not change the tide of battle.

    The Franco Spanish right featured the usual Brunswick combination of an artillery fetish, some long suffering skirmishers and some shock cavalry destined to run at the first sight of blood. And strangely enough that's exactly how they performed. The artillery caused all the casualties, the skirmishers soaked up all the casualties and the shock cav ran at the first sight of blood (in this case not even theirs, rather the Austrians).

    The Barbaries sniped and harried the Brunswickers and when the Spanish asked them to step up to face the Brunswick guns to save their lancers a round of artillery they did (fortunately the guns failed to activate - a rare occurance).

    Sheik Yahmuni will be viewing any such future requests with the mercenary outlook that matches their mercenary morals.

    The outcome was a fading Brunswick and collapsing Austrian front that prevented the Prussians from pressing home their gains such that the Franco Spanish held the passes at the end of the game.

    Following a brief skirmish at which the Brunswickers swept the table of the French and captured the French commander Pepe L'Pew the French hired the Barbary Pirates of Sheik Yahmuni and took on a combined Brunswick/ Prussian force on the banks of the River Carmona.

    We had a 48 pt a side game with possession of a marker on a hill in the middle of the table as the winning target.

    The French had to find another commander as they now had two captured. The allies will have to build a new prison to house them all.

    The Brunswickers were developing a bit of an obsession for artillery so had a couple of skirmisher units, a unit of vet melee cav and said guns, a medium one and heavy one. The Prussians took a more balanced force as did the French. The barbaries took lights, marksmen skirmishers (jezzails) and a medium gun (on a boat).

    The French and Prussians fought a fairly even battle but the French Croat infantry really hung on in there despite casulaties and so slowly gained a numeric advantage.

    The Brunswicker skirmishers advanced but taking a lot of hits soon disappeared. The arty duelled with the priate artillery eventually causing it to fall back but by that time the skirmishers and cav had taken hits and failed rally tests all eventually routing. Then the first arty piece failed a morale check. You know where this is going. The Prussians ended up facing the pirates and the French at which point the game was lost.

    The barbary pirates could be a pulp force and an interesting mercenary force in medium sized games. We have the Arabic forces/ Ruga Ruga etc for MWWBK that we could use.

    Me & Bryan are looking at organizing a Napoleonics campaign. Probably Rebels and Patriots for larger games and some Pulp missions in between. There are quite a few people with Napoleonics forces now so post up if you are interested.

    We are trying to organise a Pulp game on Sunday 11th if anyone is interested in joining in. I suspect Bryan wants to rescue his fabled leader The Comte Del Monte who was captured in a recent Rebels and Patriots game.

    I'll be at the club and happy to join in. Let me know what's being played and if you need me to bring anything. We need a couple more if it's pulp.

    Once again we were using Rebels and Patriots rules for a Napoleonic clash between the Austrians and French with the Lamment Ridge scenario. We used 48pts a side with dual command on each. For those not knowing the scenario there is a central point marker on the board and being in posession of this at the games end gets victory points (plus destroying the enemy units). In our case we had a pack donkey on a hill in the centre. No one was quite clear why each side was fighting over possession of the donkey. It seemed to be loaded with unknown baggage, perhaps it was looted gold or enemy maps. Whatever the reason it was a beguiling donkey and everyone wanted it (no not in that way) but only at the end of the game.

    The French had their paymaster Cashbox McGregor and the victor of many past actions the Comte Del Monte as commanders. They fielded a couple of line units and large light units some light cavalry and one unit of heavy cavalry and a medium gun.

    The Austrians had Baron Leopold von Wankendorf and Count Krapp-Losser in command. As in the past they had a lot of line units, some regular, some poorer quality Landwehr, two units of light cavalry and their prized possession a heavy gun.

    The French opened by cautiously probing forward towards the hill in the centre whilst more actively attacking on the flanks. Cashbox took his unit into the cover of a field and then announced an old wound meant he couldn't climb over the wall out of it (leader trait). At least he could fire in support of the Guarde de Paris lights and Chasseurs Generic . The Chasseurs were similar to those seen in several episodes of Sharpe, the ones in blue coats with yellow trim who attack infantry in houses with swords. These one were obviously superior though as they skirmished forward and shot effectively throughout the game, eventually with help causing their opposite numbers in the Austrian ranks to flee.

    The Comte did his usual trick of staying back, this time by the gun. This is usually a tactic that maintains his safety however faced by Dave's new found double 1 tactic (see previous game report) it proved not to be the case this time.

    Von Wankendorf's Austrians started the game by shooting each other (a double 1 effect). It wasn't an effective tactic and saw disorder spread in the ranks. Throughout the game repeated failed rally attempts and morale tests weakened his command until the French Cuirassiers who had been hanging back looking for a suitable target (much to the derision of the Austrians) charged a disorded unit and routed it before hitting the unit behind and disordering that in turn. The Cuirassiers suffered next turn as they were isolated and every Austrian gun poured on the shooting until they broke and fled.

    On the opposite flank the Count Krapp-Losser was managing to get some shots off from his heavy gun and sporadic forward movement of his troops. The concentration of French fire on his light cavalry and Jaegers however soon denuded him of all but his line and gun.

    Just as things were looking comfortable for the French the Hanovarian Lights rolled a double 1. This was a magnificent double 1 though. A double 1 of dash and elan! Ok it had them make a suicidal charge (without making contact) into the killing zone of 4 Austrian line units and the gun. Remarkably they avoided devastaing casualties (Austrian failed shooting helped) and only fell back disordered. They were treated to two more rounds of shooting before they could fully clear the killing zone that left them at half strength but despite it all, unbroken.

    With the end of the game approaching the Austrians had some depleted units on the table but the French had also suffered, the Guarde de Paris and Cuirassiers and Hanovarian Lights having the worst of it. They did have a unit of Spanish and Hanovarian line ready to march onto the hill and sieze the beguilling donkey at the games end though as opposed to the Austrians who only had one depleted line unit available to contest the stunted equine. As the Austrians would have the last move the idea was that the French took the hill straddling donkey with multiple units so that whatever lead the Austrians put out one unit would be likley to remain with said braying prize.

    Oh how it was all to change in the last turn.

    The Hannovarian line failed to activate, no problem the Spanish line can do it. Wrong, a double 1 caused them to retreat a full move. The Comte, furious with his retreating Spanish ordered his gun to fire on them (another double 1). Remarkably they didn't break but they certainly wouldn't be winning the game. That just left the half strength Hannovarian lights. Resplendent in red coats they pushed through the stuttering line units and took the donkey prize.

    Now the Austrians had victory in their grasp. Despite multiple morale and rally failings and units fleeing they had one line unit left who could easily charge up the hill, brush aside the weakened Hannovarian lights and claim the fabled donkey. Von Wankendorf savoured the prospect of victory. Of course the Austrians failed activation and didn't charge the Hannovarian lights.

    Still all was not lost Count Krapp-Losser was about to weild the notorious double 1 tactic. He directed his heavy gun to counter battery the French medium gun where the Comte Del Monte was esconsed, safely as he thought.

    One casualty was caused. The Austrians rolled a 1 & 2. This was enough to take the Comte out of the game as his leadership trait was 'easily wounded' - wound on 2D6 3 rather than 2. The comte was propelled backwards into a hedge row.

    Now all his units including the depleted but game winning Hannovarian lights had to roll to a morale test. This could be it. Victory was within the Austrian's grasp again.

    Every French unit passed morale including the game winning Hannovarians who needed and rolled 7 on 2D6, no need to overdo it with that overblown double 6 nonsense, enough is sufficient.

    The French led off their stumpy equine catch but wait. None of them made an enquiry where the Comte was. Perhaps they were too elated with their prize or perhaps they were secretly pleased to see the back of the Comte.

    The Austrians found him in the hedgerow later on and took him hostage, a sort of booby prize behind the donkey.

    A great game whose outcome was in doubt again until the very end.

    Below are pics showing some of the resplendent units on the table

    Will brought his Judge Dredd game to the club for a first outing on Sunday. Me, Mitch and Will tried a couple of games with it.

    The rule book has 6 scenarios. We played the Street Chase one a couple of times to get the feel of the rules. This involves the Judges busting in upon a collection of gangers and trying to subdue /arrest /take them down. The gangers have to get at least half their number off the table to win, the Judges have to take down at least half the number of gangers to win. If a Judge is taken out a replacement comes on the board next turn so the Judges can keep a constant pressure on the gangers. Mitch and I ran the gangers and Will played the Judges in both games. There are a number of levels of Judge in the rules but they are all invariably more costly in points than most of the ganger types so the gangers will usually have more minis on the board. That being said we got the points mech wrong on the first game so the gangers had more points. It turned out a tough game for the Judges as five of them bit the dust for one ganger down. Will used a standard Judge and rookie Judge in this game.

    Next game we got the forces properly balanced. The gangers had some basic types and Juves and there was one veteran Judge. This was a closer game. The Judge took it to the gangers using a repeat move mechanism, took the worst shooting the gangers could put on him and beat up the ganger leader however the leader managed to evade out of the fight leaving the juves to try to prove how big and hard they were (they weren't). In the end a c ouple of lucky dice rolls allowed the gangers to get half their number off the table but the second game had a real Judge Dredd feel to it. I liked the way the expensive but veteran Judge played compared to the standard Judge.

    The board/terrain was nice and Will has a big range of really nicely painted minis for it. We had a few hiccups over differences between pinned and stunned but overall the rules/ mechanisms were simple, fast play and fun. Cards/special rules (eg Judges 'I am the law' skill) in the game help give a Dredd quality to it.

    It was an enjoyable couple of games, there's a good range of scenarios and there are rules for bystanders etc so scope for very characterful dust ups.

    Mitch and Will have the photos from the game and I'm sure will post those up.

    I do have to say though that I think Will was taking the game a bit seriously as the picture below shows.