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    Looking at who has gamed so far we've had all round 2 games played except Mitch v Steve and Bryan v Steve. i think Bryan is down later tonight. Mitch and Steve if you are around do you want to play your game?

    After his stunning victory at Wadda Khazi - well Kapitain von Klinterschon preferred to call it that rather than a victory handed him on a plate by a command and control collapse by Mustafa Cuppas Zanzibaris - von Klinterschon had set a trap for the fleeing Zanzibaris. As they rested up at a farm on the Bop-Showaddiwaddi River the Kapitain dispersed his superior forces so the Zanzibaris were surrounded. He'd got them in a steel trap - or so he thought.

    The Zanzibaris were alarmed to see the German natives ally forces marching towards them and began to cross the river at the ford near the farm - the only place it could be crossed. As the cavalry galloped ahead they were startled by a German HMG waiting for them on the north side of the river. It wasn't that it was an HMG but that it was a firing HMG - the germans no doubt found the firing status a surprise as well. Plus there were more German forces moving through the woods. After a brief firefight the cavalry were all gone and Mustafa Cuppas own unit had taken hits.

    As the remaining Zanzibaris fled south the Kapitain saw his camel korps troops appear in the east and more natives appear in the west now was the chance for the trap to spring shut and doom the Zanzibaris - except it didn't and it didn't repeatedly . The camel korps were to head off the retreat as more units converged on the fleeing enemy. Unfortunately the officer in command of the camel korps was an avid twitcher and had spotted a pair of Brown Boobys in some nearby woods, at least that's the excuse he was giving to the Kapitain after his repeated failure to advance allowed half the Zanzibaris to escape. No doubt he'll be demoted from being in charge of the camel korps to in charge of clearing up their pooh in future.

    Germans 2 Zanzibari 2

    The German forces fought two actions in the on-going campaign. Firstly the forces of von-Greuber were pursued by the Comte Del Monte following his nefarious victory at the Jumble rail head.

    Von-Greuber was ordered to hold the Poopout Gap a hill pass to give the remaining German forces time to get organised against the rapid French advance. For his part the Comte knew that victory here would effectively allow him access into the heart of the German territory and doom the German campaign to failure.

    Von-Greuber had some hastily recruited native allies added to his megre regular forces which were first to face the red-trousered French horde. The natives watched aghast as the French artillery actually managed to fire at the Germans and inflict casualties. As the French Chasseurs, Zouaves and Tiraillieurs all began there advance on the pass clearing out the German regulars now was the time for those natives to spring into action and throw the French back long enough for the pass to be held till nightfall. The French for their part had facilitated this last minute state of affairs by units failing to move in a coordinated manner. The plan had looked so good on the map but to von- Gruebers dismay his native allies were less impressed by their planned pivotal role in the Teutonic victory. One unit half halfheartedly waved a few spears at the French and then fled the second unit didn't even do that and stayed safely hidden in the woods clearly intimidated by the sight of so much colonial age bling (brightly coloured French uniforms).

    Despite all of this there was still a chance the French might not clear the pass by nightfall but no Von-Greuber had failed to reset his watch from European time and there was enough daylight for the Comte to advance into German territory beyond the pass. - This translates as Dave could have won all the points by rolling a 1-3 to end the game on turn 10 but failed and then won most of the points on turn 11 by rolling a 1-4 but failed- a 5 and 6 came out respectively and the French disappeared off the board in a cloud of dust.

    French 4 Germans 0

    I'm having a go a producing some shield designs for ancients. I'll start with Hoplons as they are the most simple. Discussing this with Andy we thought the most practical was to have the image eg ship, bulls head etc that would be the transfer and stick that on the shield painted in colour of your choosing . This is rather than trying to do a whole shield in the background as that means getting the diameter right and shield sizes vary (a lot).

    I'll try to post some designs up later today. Andy did you say no white designs? Also if they look ok can I get a sheet together and send it you for a test print?

    If the hoplon ones seem ok the we can try some other, trickier variants.

    Me and Mitch broke out the AK47 Republic minis and rules and scenics for a go at one a the best rules sets around. Mitch took up the mantle of Warlord and I was the African Intervention Force - AKA rival warlords best friend and business partner. The AIF did well at their trip to the arms bazaar and rather than just heaps more guys in varying states of drug intoxication carrying AKs which equated to a target rich environment for the AIF and their pals they came away with a tank and Panhard. It was enough to tip the balance in their favour as the career of Desmond Tetsi, warlord and trader in illicit natural resources rode to its final explosive conclusion at an unmarked cross roads on the outskirts of Hakka Jumba.

    Here's the Board after round 1 of the larger games. It's just RPs now as the Army size will vary from game to game each force having 36 points of units to draw from.

    Resource Points

    Following the victory of the British over the Germans (albeit the big game hunting party rather than actual British forces) at the farms in the Kwik Wun valley the British commander, the newly breveted Captain Horace Spanker Crabtree gathered some forces and set off in hot pursuit of the fleeing Germans, For his part Kapitain Horst Greuber was looking for a defensible position before facing the British.

    As the Germans reached the Kerrang Hills they received some reinforcements including some native allies and so set about an attempt to stall the British advance, For his part Spanker had gathered some support weapons (HMG and field gun) and with some Sikhs and Punjabis and a native ally unit set off in quick pursuit.

    Greuber put a couple of units on the hill and hid the rest of his force on the reverse slope - less Blucher more Wellington.

    Spanker was inordinately proud of his heavy weapon however the HMG let him down, jamming and misfiring and never one for planning his lack of preparation meant his left flank was short on ammo. The field gun however roared repeatedly and the Germans fled the hill.

    At this Spanker urged his flanking forces forward to clear the road and take the hillside farms. As the British approached they were handled roughly by the German's native allies and struggling to make any headway. Unfortunately the German regulars failed to support the natives in a timely manner and in a last ditch effort in the fading light of the day the British took the farms on the lower slopes of the Kerrang Hills.

    British 3 Germans 1

    Hi Pete, I should be down around then and happy to try the game out, not sure how long it will take but will have my gobos with me as well if anyone fancies a game of dragon rampant after.

    Its quite a quick play game Mitch. Sorting out the army list, a bit of pre game manoeuvring on the political charts and then the game itself. Probably two to two and a half hours in total.

    I am now going to spend the day crying into an Easter egg because I am going to miss playing this! One of my favourite games

    I know, the game was such an enjoyable one to play. We had some fantastic games in the campaign we played ages ago.

    Not sure who'll be down on Sunday. I should be there around 6pm. I've been going through the rules and minis for AK47 Republic. Its a game set in post WW2/modern Africa. The rules are really simple but work well and give a good game. I can bring the minis and rules for this to the club if anyone fancies a game,

    The scary thing is its probably the best part of 20- 25 years since we first played this game ( rules out in '97 and additional rules out in '99).

    I wont be at the club till later on (maybe around 6pm) but me and Bryan hope to get a Pikemans Lament game in - other games allowing. If anyone wants to join in or bring their minis for it that'd be fine.

    Following his resounding victory over the Zanzibari at the Ufarte River the Comte Del Monte set off in immediate and vigorous pursuit over Mustafa Cuppa's retreating Zanzibari mob. Well it wasn't that vigorous or immediate. He made sure his uniform was washed and clean as he had a few specks of dust on it after the battle and similarly made sure his troops were well turned out. After taking in the air, composing his report ahead of his upcoming latest victory and sipping a cognac his forces then set off in semi vigorous pursuit.

    All this had given the bedraggled forces of Mustafa Cuppa time to get a little more organised and take up some reinforcements. He scouted the terrain and set up a trap for the French at the small hamlet of Demi Luvatoe. The unimpressive wooden shacks sat atop the banks of the equally unimpressive Luvatoe stream. The steam lay in a depression, literally and metaphorically but the drop in the land was enough for Cuppa to hide some troops in. He set about making a demonstration of strength from the shacks whilst concealing more troops in the dip in the ground. The unsuspecting French stumbled onto the trap and took casualties. The Comte re-organised his force (ensuring he stayed away from the actual fighting by standing next to the cannon) and sent his forces forward. The French cannon roared (but not that much - it manged to fire about twice) and the Tirailleur's and Zouaves and Chasseurs resplendent in their uniforms probed the depression repeatedly but ineffectually. All the day though getting the better of the exchanges the French couldn't pass the depressing depression and as night fell Cuppa retreated from the field having gained his first victory (at the expense of about half his troops).

    Clearly the Comte was going to have to use some of the skills he gained in his creative writing classes to compose his next report.

    French 0 Zanzibari 4 (but the Zanzibari spent 2 RPs ahead of the game so a net gain of 2 RPs)

    For the next set of three games each can everyone add another 6 points of units to their forces (sticking to the max % for tribal units).

    First round of games British (attacker) v Germans (defender), French (attacker) v Zanzibari (defender). I'll let everyone know tonight the size of forces they'll have but check out the version two campaign system in the file base as you can now spend RPs to help you in a game.