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    Another new faction joins the fray, this time the might of Rome. Those bringers of the light of civilization to an uncouth, unwashed world of barbarians have joined the campaign and started in true Roman fashion with a mighty victory.

    The Romans faced the Gauls for control of the crumbling ruins. Doesn't sound much to fight for but the ageing, tumbled down fort was well situated to control a major road that passed by the hill it was on so it was definitely worth the effort for the Romans. Rather like the Orks of the ancient world the Gauls were just happy to fight the Romans regardless of the strategic value of the site of battle.

    The Romans managed to get some skirmishers into the fort first and sent the legions to fight left and right of the fort protecting its flanks. For their part the Gauls sent a warband right at the ruin and warbands on either flank plus the legendary drive by guys of the ancient world aka the light chariots on one flank.

    Any units fighting in the ruin had to break into skirmish order so formed up unit benefits were lost and the Romans had sneakily equipped their skirmishers with actual spears and shields so that they fought better than skirmishers would normally. All this caused the Gallic warband to lose out in its attack even though their leader was in the attacking unit. The latter isn't saying much though as he has yet to caused a single casualty in any game he has played in (and he continued his abysmal run of form in this game).

    The Gauls to the left had the army standard bearer in and fought the Hasti and Principes units who used the manipular formation to good effect. Despite some heroic Gallic fighting the warband was eventually thrown off the hill and some Gallic skirmishers were seen off by the up-armed Roman skirmishers.

    On the other flank the Gallic fanatics eventually saw off both the Hasti and Principes only finally losing out to the Triari who had been joined by the Roman Consul.

    The Roman skirmishers fled at the nearby destruction of the Legionaries and the rallied Gauls with their leader got into the fort however on their last turn the victorious Hasti and Principes and skirmishers from the Roman right flank stormed the fort and in the most heroic dice rolling of the game broke the Gauls (whose leader yet again caused no casualties despite having three attacks).

    The chariots had one last chance to break the Triari on the Roman left and elected to shoot but for the first time in the game caused no casualties.

    Despite it being a major Roman victory it had been a very close game with the Romans almost being whittled down to nothing before their final round of heroic combat.

    It was a good game with the manipular rules seeming to work very well (though the Gauls were less impressed by them).

    Ian's Romans looked really nice and Bryan is painting more Hoplites hoping that the urge to buy some forces of civilization (Romans) will die down.

    Love that AI image. It clearly shows the real reason his horse fell. It was carrying a rider two times bigger than it was and his mangled AI fingers meant he couldn't ride the horse anyway.

    Also the Numidians are so good they didn't javelin him with the pointed end of the javelin!

    I've left off the Costly Cattle game as Ian is now able to field Romans so he can play his games using them rather than Helvetti.

    The scores from the Alternate Dimension game and the River and Message games are as follows.

    Carthage 6pts v Spanish 0pts

    Carthage 4.5 pts v Greeks 1.5pts

    Spanish 6pts v Gauls 0 pts.

    Carthage surging ahead to an early lead!

    Two more ancients games on Sunday saw the Greeks taking on the Carthaginians at the river of stars for control of two crossing points and the Gauls trying to smuggle a message through Spanish lines.

    Just to be clear the river wasn't called the river of stars, it's just that the Numidian cavalry, hereinafter referred to by their trade marked name the All Stars, of the ancient world dazzled everyone present with their ability to ride and shoot and ride all at the same time.

    Things started well for the Greeks. Ptolemy Del Monte had solid phalanxes, large warbands, large bands of skirmishers and cavalry in polished amour. What he really needed though was some men with javelins and bucklers in raggy tunics on scruffy ponies who could ride, shoot and ride.

    Once they'd crossed the ford the All Stars (TM) dazzled the Greeks with their nifty footwork and hails of javelins. At the same time some lowly Libyan skirmishers occupied the Greeks bowmen and the Carthaginians Gauls hid in the woods by the second ford, The latter action might seem a bit unheroic but as we'll see it all came good in the end.

    On the left hand ford the Greek cavalry under Del Monte himself saw off some Carthaginian cavalry but then came under heavy fire from some slingers and of course the All Stars (TM).

    With his entire command killed around him Ptolemy Del Monte tried to flee the field but was pursued, javelined and brought down by you guessed it the All Stars (TM).

    With the Greeks all taking panic tests the Carthaginian Gauls exited the woods and managed to charge the Greeks Gauls defeating them in combat and capturing the right hand ford.

    The game closed with the Greeks and Carthaginians sharing spoils on the left hand flank and the Carthaginians winning the right hand ford.

    The All Stars are asking their Carthaginian employers for a pay rise and claiming image rights on any photos of them used to show their deeds.

    For their part the Gauls were trying to get two messengers across the battlefield and through Spanish lines. Being Gauls they weren't particularly subtle about it and the Spanish had plenty of time to gather skirmishers and Scutarii and Celtiberian warband to stop them.

    The Gauls proved very mobile unfortunately their movement was mostly to the side or rear rather than forwards and their much vaunted chariots suffered defeat for the first time as they found themselves alone on the field surrounded by Spanish forces.

    Two good games with Spanish and Carthaginians coming out on top.

    If anyone is at the club and wants to have a WAB Border Skirmish game then post up and we can pair people off.

    With the forces of Carthage joining the campaign they had a 500pt force raiding a Spanish controlled village to grab three supply tokens. For their part the Spanish had 250pts of Scutarii and skirmishers defending the low walled village with a further 500pts of Scutari and cavalry riding to the rescue from turn 4 onwards.

    The Carthaginian commander viewed the village with dismay. Running the slide rule of probabilities over the mission he declared to anyone who would listen that things were not looking good, in fact 'not looking good' would be a massive understatement. Hopeless, a lost cause, the chances were slim to none, Whatever euphemism you come up with for the Carthaginians failing massively that would be it times three.

    With a heavy heart and a sense of impending doom the Carthaginians took to the field.

    Things started off quite well. The Spanish skirmishers on the left fled in fear from the charging Gauls who used their charge to grab a supply chest at the same time as sending the skirmishers fleeing. On the other side of the village the Carthaginian skirmishers did some nifty shooting and caused the second Spanish skirmish unit to flee. Again they captured the supply points in the process.

    In the centre the two small phalanxes hit the Scutarii and caused them to flee. A failed rally by the Scutarii allowed the phalanxes to grab the third supply point.

    Initial success all around but this clearly couldn't continue opined the Carthaginian CiC, everything would end in failure.

    The Spanish continued to flee, none of their units managing to rally in any timely manner.

    It'll all end badly opined the Carthaginians, just wait for the reinforcements to come on. And they did come on- and the Carthaginian units all held. Every single Carthaginian unit committed to the fight fought off the Spanish counter attacks as the Carthaginian looters removed the three looted supply tokens.

    And that was it, as the game ended the Carthaginians had all three supply tokens successfully looted!

    In the post game discussion the Carthaginian commander explained how he couldn't possibly have won to the extent that everyone else was convinced they slipped through a portal into an alternate universe for the duration of the game which having finished we were now back in the regular dimension!

    For interest here is the Duel scenario from Seige and Conquest. Looks a really good adaptation of WAB to small scale actions (but maybe a lot of


    No problem maybe you and Dave have your game in the evening?

    Andy do you want to join in with your woke Carthaginians v Mitch's Spanish? If not Mitch do you want an Old World game v my Undead?

    Games for Sunday using Border Skirmish rules, if everyone is around. Greeks v Spanish - Raid

    & in evening when Dave is down Greeks v Gauls - Caravan. I can't remember who was attacker/defender so you may have to roll that again.

    Depending what people want to do and who is at the club we could try a Pulp 40K game on Sunday. Between us we have enough forces for some leagues. I have Tyranids as does Chris, plus I have some forces for rebel human types and some some Eldar and I think an Inquisitor from Aarons stuff that we could use. Mitch has Guard and Orks.

    It would give Chris a game of Pulp and we could see what worked regards Leagues for 40K.

    The Spanish took on the Helvetti at the cattle rustling scenario. Both sides aiming to round up some stray cattle and take them back to the camp for provisions whilst fighting off the enemy.

    The Helvetti proved themselves mighty warriors driving off nearly all the Spanish units however when it came to cattle rustling they were rather more inept.

    The Spanish commander for his part seemed willing to exchange the promise of beef tacos for men with worrying nonchalance.

    The result was one cattle herd to the Spanish and zero for the Helvetti.

    To make it a bit easier we can do a 4 way initial campasign leading to pairing up at which point the pairs can fight v Ligurians for advantage for when the pairs fight each other. That should give everyone a game most weeks.

    So we could do Helvetti v Gauls, Helvetti v Spanish (fought last week), Helvetti v Greeks, Gauls v Spanish, Gauls v Greeks, Greeks v Spanish. Roll a D8 and choose 1- messenger, 2- Raid, 3- Cattle Raid, 4- Caravan, 5- City Fight, 6- Scouting Clash, 7- River Glein, 8 - Duel.

    Here's the WAB Border Skirmish rules that we can use for first few games.

    Border Skirmish Rules

    Points as per scenario, usually 250 to 1000pts. No single character more than 125pts. No allies which aren’t specifically in the army list.

    Max one character, Not AG or ASB. Can upgrade to force commander for 25pts (within 125pts max). Attack/Wound/ Ld profile as per stat line. 12” command radius.

    You can select a standard modelto force commander for 15 pts, gains +1 attack and has 6” command radius.

    Standard unit composition rules, inc those for Ld, standards and musicians with following exceptions:

    Must have min of 3 units max of 6 units (excludes character if taken).

    No unit has more than 20 minis and at least one has 10 or more models.

    Any unit which is 0-1 in lists can only have half the minis of the number in the largest unit.

    Unit must still contain five or more models or three Lt Chariots. No machines/elephants etc.

    thanks Andy. I'm going to try a different brand as I want to print some scutum designs that I've done. If it works I'll print off the hoplon designs as they'll do for a number of peoples armies and as designs they are pretty good.

    here are 24 mercenary hoplites ( mix of Andy's prints and Victrix) with a unit of 10 mercenary peltasts.

    The hoplons have transfers that I made. I'm not entirely satisfied with them but dirtied up etc they'll pass. The coloured ink was running a bit low. I'll get a new cartridge and try a different brand of transfer paper.