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    Great game of 4 player Dredd although to be fair to Andy it started 3 vs 1 and it looked like his Senior Judge would sweep all before him including Wills corrupted Junior judges who Andy focussed on in between downing the odd punk ganger who dared to have a shot at him.

    They say in the heat of battle you get to know a the true character of a person, so congrats to Craig as well who mercilessly risked sacrificing one of his own gang Juves by hurling an incendiary bomb into both him and his last opponent to sweep the table and claim victory.

    4th July sounds good to me🤔

    This shall be the day the feudal guard will declare they shall not go quietly into the night and should they win the day, the fourth of July will no longer be known as an American holiday, but as a day the guard declared in one voice "we will not quietly go into the night".

    Of course they could all just die horribly and the aliens could take over the planet on a none hollywood style plot twist.

    A few Jay's walked in on me and Pete, dealing some stookie and they ended up face down on the slab, sent four of 'em to resyk.

    Couple of great games, especially the second game, I am sure Will will post a more balanced pictorial account but the gangs ruled Mega City 1 for the day.

    Pete getting into the gangster life blowing away both judges in a single turn 8)

    Too late Will, I have been sucked into a new army project.

    Got a battalion of infantry on order and two weeks leave booked whilst the euro's are on. 🤦‍♂️

    A few images of the Patrol games between the Guard and Wills Orks, with Will earning two well deserved victories.

    There was some confusion in the first game as the first guard platoon reported seeing an 80's game show mascot advancing on their position.

    Unfortunately for the Guard things were much worse, than realised and despite the Guard artillery finding it's mark in turn 3 game 1 was a resounding victory for the orks, with the only crumb of comfort being the escape of Brave Sir Robin the Guards company commander who sacrificed his troops in the name of the emperor and for self preservation.

    In the second game things started much brighter for the guard and a force reorganisation by head quarters and deployment of a Hellhound saw the orks in trouble in the early turns.

    Sensing victory the company commander stepped forward with his men a fatal mistake as the Ork warboss first smashed the troublesome Hellhound and then chased down the helpless humie commander to hand Will his second if somewhat closer victory.

    Two great games, with many a raw recruit being krumped at the hands of the greenskins in

    the name of the Emperor.

    For anyone interested a few of us are going to be playing some 500pt combat patrol missions this coming sunday starting around 12.

    We will be kicking off with something simple probably the eternal war incisive attack mission and keeping it to a single secondary objective so the scoring is easy and we can get a grip of the rules.

    I will be bringing the cannon fodder aka Guard so if you fancy a game, or some shooting practice, let me know.

    I have also been looking at the crusade system and if anyone would be interested. I thought it would be good to set up a 40k campaign for anyone who wanted to play games and develop a force over time based on how they fair over a series of games. If your interested let me know here or at the club on sunday.

    Not played rebels and Patriots but I would be interested in picking the game up if you don't mind a complete novice joining.

    Hi everyone, I will be looking to come down around 12ish on Sunday and was wondering if anyone fancied some small 500 to 1000pt warhammer 40k starter games to get the basics of 9th edition down, starting around 1pm ish before the evening game kicks off?

    I am also interested in setting up a RPG group if anyone is interested. I have been doing some DMing during lockdown and using roll20, but it would be great to have a group that meets mask to mask, either Sunday's or if the club is open on a Friday. I am happy to DM 5e D&D games (or just play if anyone else wants to DM) so if anyone is interested and around sunday let me know.

    Ran the second part of the campaign this week, just recovering from the party trying to assassinate a key NPC who was to give them some valuable information after almost killing a friendly cleric they met travelling who was there to boost there health . They amazingly sneaked up on the big boss character and took him out in two turns of combat whilst a lone goblin managed to knock two of them unconscious in a 6 round combat, it went exactly how i thought it would honest=O

    Few images from session 1 played online with a few friends, will probably run at the club once we can get together if people are interested.

    Bit more progress on these, not sure of the exact finish to go for, may leave some slate and do some with the brown texture in fill.