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    Just watched the game, seems simple enough for a quick skirmish game, and sounds like there are a few different ways to play it.

    The last man standing king of the ring version could be a laugh. and gives me a reason to finish some bolt action tanks.

    Following Sunday's excellent silver bayonet game, the Prussian's decided they had a score to settle with the Brunswick traitors who had seemingly deserted to the French side only a week ago and so a hastily assembled cavalry force prepared to take on a small elite Brunswick force consisting of a detatchment of several officers, some elite light infantry, shock cavalry and a heavy gun.

    Surveying the battlefield the Prussian commander spotted the heavy gun being commanded by the Brunswick general and knowing the loss of the prized artillery piece would demoralise the opposing force sent a unit of shock cavalry to capture the gun whilst a unit of lancers flanked the artillery keeping an eye on the grouping of officers who seemed to make a bee line for a coppice of trees where they where to spend the entire battle.

    A second unit of lancers advanced in the centre supported by two line units and it was one of these that felt the first hammer blow of the brunswick gun as it opened up killing two of the infantry who promptly broke, seeing the unit waver the prussian commander pulled out his pistol shooting the sergeant in charge of the unit immediately restoring order and the rest of the men began to advance once more.

    With the prussian cavalry threatening both the gun and the brunswick infantry the impressive brunswick cavalry which had butchered the Prussian force a week early advanced with high morale, however as they did, the prussian lancers spotted their chance and charged the heavier cavalry after a bloody melee the lancers fled the field, however with several of their number cut down the brunswick shock cavalry thought better of following up the attack breaking towards there own lines.

    In the centre the Prussian infantry opened up on the bruswick light inflicting a couple of wounds and causing the unit to fall into disorder and with the majority of the brunswick force falling back or disordered the Prussian general led the shock cavalry in an assault on the heavy gun.

    Despite taking two rounds of fire the shock cavalry smashed into the gun running down the brunswick general and crew.

    Seeing the gun crew run down and now facing the second unit of flanking lancers and the shock cavalry the Brunswick shock fled the field leaving the light infantry surrounded.

    Really good game, and for the second week running a unit of shock cavalry successfully charged winning the day.

    The Prussian commander watches the routing brunswick cavalry leave the field as the officer's club lurks in the woods below.

    The Prussian forces will not tolerate dissension in the ranks. Whilst the execution of half a line regiment may seem a strange move in the middle of battle, the Prussian disciplinary doctorine must be followed for the sake of good order and mother Prussia. Luch's was heard muttering in his tent that we can not have our discipline slip to the levels of our Brunswick allies.

    Following the sounds of battle both the Russian's and Prussian's advanced on a small village in good order with the Russians taking the early advantage.

    Spotting the Prussians and lobbing an accurate cannon volley injuring the Prussian doctor. To add to the Prussians woes as they advanced from the south a flesh Gollum ambushed the helpless occultist striking her down in a single blow.

    The Russians took full advantage investigating several suspicious looking pumpkin patches and as the Russians prodded the pumpkins a mimic leapt from the undergrowth attacking them. With both forces tied down it was fortunate that the high command of both sides had seen fit to send a small rifle detachment of reserves, with the prussian unit immediately charging and dispatching the flesh Gollum.

    Just as things where looking up more monsters appeared attracted presumably by the fighting with the Prussians now facing a Tree person. The Doctor managed to heal the Occultist before heading off with the prussian commander further into the village. Over to the East the remainder of the prussian force investigated several patches killing several mimics as they went, with the super natural investigator being gravely wounded by several of the beasts.

    The Russians continued to dispatch several mimics as they had better luck advancing on the centre of the village. As the forces eyed each other across the village it seemed both commanders recognised the greater danger of the marauding beasts and with the Russians having taken the strategic advantage they began to withdraw in good order.

    The Prussians where less fortunate as the commander fell to another pumpkin mimic, the doctor rushed in to help save the downed commander and as he limped away the doctor threw himself between the commander and marauding beasts.

    Having saved two of the prussian party the doctor limped away under cover of dark with a nasty injury to carry into the next battle.

    A Russian win with the Prussians just about escaping as a troll chased them from the field.

    Good game Pete although the Iman is now a marked man, had the late prussian artillary barrage been a little more deadly he may already have been living it up in Jannah.

    Suspect it was his dodgy shennaigans that meant the changling decided to amble his way towards the ottoman lines, his occult ways have been noted and will not be tolerated by the Prussian's.

    May be worth tweaking to say that any force retreating from the table with over half it's models whilst clues remain gets 0 exp.

    That would then mean if a force had suffered casualties it wouldn't be forced to continue to investigate to a point where it was wiped out and would probably realistically represent the point at which a force would turn tail and run.

    Think i prefer the o exp option to automatically revealing monsters on turn 3 but either would work.

    Bizarre game considering the French had given the Dutch a sound thrashing on their first outing just a few weeks earlier. The activations and moral rolls for the Dutch where crazy aided by some timely double 1's on the French side, with the French failing to shoot with first fire into the reserve cavalry being the final straw maybe.

    The French had assassinated the Dutch commander in the first game we played, perhaps a mistake they came to regret.

    Now to see if I can get some Dutch mercenaries for my other forces.

    They look brilliant, as does the entire monster kit, thanks for all your hardwork craig.

    The first couple of games last night where good fun, even if the Prussians ended up running away from Clifford the big red dog and an unkillable troll.

    Although Will's Russians definitely got the rough end of the stick.