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    Waaaghhh, if it wasn't for those pesky sandbags we would have krumped those sneaky marines a turn or two earlier.

    Scenario definitely suited the orcs who had some very lucky duce rolls.

    Not sure if there is anything planned but I was going to bring my Spanish and goblins tonight.

    I saw a four player scenario that would work for dragon Rampant if people want a go at that, would need 4 armies though.

    Or we could do WAB or lion rampant?

    Think there is a game of WAB in the evening, but if your down earlier I can bring the orcs and gobbos for a run out.

    The club should be open from 3pm ish.

    Yep I will be down as well, I will bring the Spanish but think they deserve a week off, but happy to play if needed.

    I would also like to see the trained one, thinking like the old circus ones that walked on two legs with a juggler on its back, may cause some confusion :/.

    With the rumours of an ork uprising in the southern continent of some un-named back water planet, several elements of expendable human regiments were sent on the eve of Xmas to defend D'alamo space port from the rampaging ork waaaggghhh!

    Game 1 kicked off with the forces of humanity, or abhumanity in the form of 5 surviving ogre bodyguards fleeing the raging ork waaagghhh.

    The forces of humanity were commanded by lieutenants Bryan and Pete, whilst the Ork waaaghh was headed up by Warboss Will with his gretchin attendants Dave.

    The game started with some surprisingly effective ork shooting, something that was to be a feature of the forthcoming battles with one of the ork boys taking two wounds from the fleeing ogres. Shocked by this lieutenant Bryan bravely sacrificed one of the ogre bodyguard's, rumoured to have recently been conscripted from a colony world, charging full ahead towards the massed ork lines, whilst the remains ogres fled towards Snapjaw creek. The ogre who had taken the two rounds from the ork shooting was first to attempt the crossing, however three quarters of the way across slipped banging his head on the far shore leaving the stunned ogre to notice some small green figures emerging from the treeline that had initially seemed to offer some shelter. Back across the rive lieutenant Bryan's brave gambit to send the lone conscripted colonial ogre charging to the ork line was quickly dealt with as the orks continued to advance wildly firing there guns at the ogres for 3 turns causing a single wound. The remaing 3 ogres braved the depths of the creek with little incident crossing to be confronted by yet another group of gretchin. As the ork mob closed in the ogres quickly dispatched the gretchin and disappeared into the tree line, with the Warboss cursing his lads ability to takedown the wounded and fleeing ogres.


    Result was a victory for the human defence force with two ogre units making it back for the final battle.

    The second game saw a human force of shock troops and cavalry dispatched to patrol the hills around the space port, where it was rumoured that the orks had been looting some abandoned human tech. The game started with the human commander and cavalry under the command of lieutenant Pete reconing in force the lower slopes of the hills, under heavy fire from the ork boyz. One of the cavalry men was mowed down on the way in, however skirmishes between the bike mounted humans and the ork boyz broke out with the humans getting the upper hand and gaining a foothold on the hills assisted by the medically trained commander. The foothold was strengthened further as 5 elite shock troops dropped into the flank of the orks and poured more aimed shots at the orks who were busy looting the guns and who had by this time found some better shooty stuff. Several ork boys bored with the looting charged into the shock troops and eventually cut them down in hand to hand combat, leaving the sole surviving commander to flee the battle and report back the bad news that he had failed in the mission to stop the warboss from gaining some advanced tech.


    Result was an ork victory with the orks looting enough tech to make 2 units in the final game better shootas.

    The third game occurred on the outskirts of the spaceport itself, with the ork warboss ordering his big mech and da biker boyz to retrieve the ork pilot who had been shot down by the 'ummies, and whilst there to grab some of da bomz that hadn't been used. The humans commanded a mainly infantry force supported by sniper units and cavalry set out to capture the pilot and deny the ork vital air support. The ork bikers where first to the downed plane and spent some time explaining to da pilot to get on the blooming bike ya git. Whilst fighting between the two forces broke out on both flanks. An ork boy who had positioned himself in the buildings gunned down a full infantry squad, leaning out the window to crudely jeer, he was in turn taken down by a well aimed shot from the sniper. One squad of infantry made it to one of the crude ork explosive devices before taking heavy fire from the orks and dropping the bomb to run for cover. It appeared the orks had the clear upper hand and perhaps being somewhat over optimistic the Big mech pulled out a rusty spanner and sped off towards one of the infantry squads, failing to land any blows as he charged the squads sergeant lopped off the orks head with a single swing of his power sword, with the ork boyz pausing for a brief minute to laff at the Big mech. As the battle raged on the ork with the pilot made it to safety and with the last action of the day involving a squad of gretchin poking a bomb which exploded hurling one of them through the air the ork forces escaped with the pilot.

    Result was a minor ork victory with the ork forces gaining aerial support in the form of a single bombing run in the final game.

    Game 4 saw the two forces descend upon the remains of an ambushed human convoy, looting the barrels and containers for anything that would help in the final battle for control of the space port. There was little fighting between the two side with both commands focusing on looting, however as bothe commanders quickly realised this was a dangerous buisiness with the first two exploding although both forces escaped any significant harm. The human defence force seemed to become more adept at spotting the booby traps and went on to recover improvised explosives, hollow point rounds and some admantium blades, all of which would be useful in the final game. The unfortunate orks suffered slightly worse with several more explosions hampering the gathering of any useful gubbins although they did retrieve smaller amounts of explosives and some blades.


    Result was a human victory with them recovering 5 loot boxes to the orks 3.

    So with the minor skirmishes out yhe way and evenly contested the focus turned to the main battle for control of the spaceport. The humans deployed in deep with infantry and ogres manning the outer defences and armour and artillary in the rear, whilst the ork horde made up of several hundred boys headed up by ork mega nobz and the recovered ork pilot mustered in the tree line outside the port.


    The orks threw themselves against the outer defensive positions with surprisingly effective shooting felling several of the human infantry squads before they had chance to return fire.


    The ork mobs that did take casualties charged on headlong into the defended positions, with the helpless humans being cut down by the charging mega nobz leading the units. Ogres countered charged and light walkers advanced mowing down the ork boyz however the mega nobz continued on charging into infantry squads and tanks tearing through flesh and metal alike. As the infantry squads where destroyed, calls for reinforcements went largely unanswered except on the left flank where several squads emerged from the barracks to support lieutenant Bryan.

    As ork mobs were finally gunned down, more green skinned boys appeared in the flanks of the human forces and as they fell back towards the space port from the now over run defensive points the battle seemed to be very much in the orks hands. The rescued ork pilot had been circling the battle gunning down the humans with impunity and there seemed little hope for the defending forces.


    It was then in the dying embers of the day that a final flicker of hope emerged with the vox chattering to life as three squads of storm troopers dropped from the sky. At this stage the remains of the defence force had pulled back to hold the space port with a unit of killer cans clawing at the building but being unable to capture the landing pad, if the storm troops could take back a single strategic point then the orks would have been fought to a stalemate.

    As the storm troops dropped from the skies they heading the stuttering clatter of the ork pilots engines as the waaaghhh bomber lined up on the troops who had seized to of the strategic points, and after making his final bomb run of the day, the storm troops where wiped out to a man allowing the orks to claim the strategic points.

    Result was an ork victory 20 points to 15.

    Thanks for everyone who took part, hope it was enjoyable for all.

    Unfortunately the pics I took are too big to upload, but I will stick them on Facebook with a link to the summary.

    For anyone interested.

    I have put together a bit of a mini campaign, 4 firefight scenarios and a larger grim dark battle.

    The campaign will be orks vs humans, I have forces for both.

    Each of the firefight games will have special rules and victory conditions that determine how events unfold for the larger battle.

    Firefight scenarios:

    1. Masacre at snap jaw creek.

    2. Drover's canyon supply run.

    3. Black Ork down.

    4. Summits up.

    The final game will centre round the local space port "ork's drift" with the human forces looking to hold out against the ork onslaught, awaiting the arrival of a relief force.

    If you are interested in playing either the ork or human forces then let me know.

    I will be looking to start the games around 1 o'clock ish.

    Thanks pete, I managed to get a PDF of the rules, both books so i have had a look

    24 scutari with heavy spear+ command 284pts

    18 scutari with heavy spear+ command 218pts

    18 tribe with javelins + command 146pts

    12 heavy cav javelins, thrusting spears, light armour +command 332pts

    9 slingers 36pts

    9 slingers 36pts

    Army general (heroic leader with trait) javelins and light armour 115pts

    Army standard light armour 83pts

    Should total 1250 pts

    Just painting up another 24 iberians but may take you up on the offer of the warband if I don't get finished.

    If they don't get done we can proxy in something else, Mitch. I remember when Alex ran a Bolt Action game and forgot a USA tank so proxied a building for it^^. Maybe not as extreme as that!

    I like the idea of 6 buildings, would that count as mobile cover i wonder :/

    current Iberian forces

    2 light infantry

    2 light cavalry

    1 heavy infantry / warband

    4 skirmishers

    I have another 2 units of heavy infantry on the paint desk and some flaming pigs in the post 🔥🐷