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    I thought there where another round of "larger" games to follow with the option to use some resource points for additional units etc, although the sound of some doubles games with big final sounds good as well.

    The skirmish games followed by the larger fights sound good for the zanzibar forces, plenty of chance for the zanzibar officers to die in the name of sultan Upsetti Belli.

    hi and welcome, hope your enjoying your time in the sunny south^^.

    Like Pete said there is a quite a range of interests with a lot of board games played on a Friday and lots of miniture stuff on the Sunday, although there is cross over.

    The best way to find out what's what and meet a few people is to come down, free brews are available, which is always a bonus.

    Not everyone posts on here so if there is anything specific you wanted to pick up just post here as a starter too.

    🤔, it is another horde army, maybe there is a theme.

    Think I am giving this one to my nephew though once I have done a bit of painting on it.

    Also the dino rider is metal:rolleyes:

    Picked up a lizardman army today at the warboot, needs some fixing up but not bad about 120 models for £40 including 8 cavalry, 3 flying beasts and a hero on dinosaur as well as a couple of wizard looking fellas.

    Need some work but not a bad haul, picked up a few other bits as well.

    Started to paint up the infantry units tb

    Ian S yep Friday the 10th sounds good, watch out for those empire types, they like to hide out in church graveyards and ambush noble goblin warriors.

    Hi Ian,

    Welcome to the club.

    Sounds like you have bits for most rules, so you should be good for a game of something and even if you don't have the models, there are always plenty kicking about for people to join in games.

    I started with a similar sort of amount of models and have expanded into a few other eras and rules now.

    I do have a goblin and ogre army that enjoys embarrassing itself on the table by failing activations and morale, as well as so imperial guard, orks and space marines and can make it down on the odd friday for a game. We have used lots of different rule sets so can easily find something to fit, one page rules are a good system or the dragon rampant rules work.

    I am tied up tonight picking the daughter up, but should make it down next Friday 3rd feb if your around and want to arrange a game?

    The Prussians did spot a golden glimpse in the shape of an imperial eagle, and an advanced company of aggressive infantry was sent forward to capture it. However it turned out like all things French to be a poor imitation, made of chocolate wrapped in gold foil, very apt for the Xmas day game.

    A good day and the campaign overall was great fun, thanks Pete.

    Having thought about it some more I think also the biggest issues are unlimited range and ap, especially against units or forces that are designed for charging.

    I would say a couple if simple fixes could be limiting range to maximum of unit and ap only works at 12", this would in effect mean the AP works simular to close order in rebels amd patriots but without the restrictions on arc of fire and movement and not lost at half strength.

    I will have some orks and imperial guard today if we have chance to test the rules out some more.

    I was thinking the same, the one page larger rules are pretty good and well balanced from the times we have played it, but like Pete says the xenos rampant rules are familiar to a lot already.

    For me I think one of the important parts to consider is scenario, a straight forward attack defend scenario leads to a tendency to build a power force. Scenarios that require capture of objectives work better as your force needs to be more balanced, has to move rather than shoot and so for me results in a more balanced game.

    Looking at all the options in xenos rampant, you can basically mirror any 40k unit, and I think that has been their aim, however because of that you can easily create unbalanced forces.

    I was going to bring some forces on Friday so perhaps we can try the one page rules and then compare the two?

    It was a nice set up, but the guard couldn't withstand the withering fire power of the rebels. Seems like the villainous scum had found a cache of armour piercing ammunition and butchered the Ogryns and commander who led a valiant charge to get the last mole rat burger in the diner.

    The base units are fairly cheap but as Pete says when you add in some of the basic upgrades they can become very powerful, especially with the shooting range which I think is one of the parts of the game will need looking at most.

    The plus side is that the options in the book do let you create lots of thematic units but it will definitely take some work to balance.