Welcome to Wigan Tabletop Games Club

Due to Wigan being in lockdown the club is currently online only.

When could we be back open?

Based on the latest government information for England:

  • Friday 21st May (Stage 3) - Club can open for up to 6 members
  • Friday 25th June (Stage 4) - Club can fully open

Covid 19 Restrictions

Attendance will be strictly limited to 6 members. To manage this, if you are planning to attend, you must sign up for the event (Calendar page)

On entry to the club members will need to scan the Scout's Covid 19 Tracker QR Code using the NHS Track and Trace App

Members will be expected to wear a face mask or face covering (no Steve, your gimp mask is not suitable)

The kitchen will be closed until further notice so please bring your own food and drink

Hand sanitiser will be provided

Cleaning wipes will be present in both toilets so that members can wipe down surfaces before and after use

If you are running a temperature or are presenting any cold/flu like symptoms please do not attend

We will continue to run the Zoom conference call so if you prefer to attend virtually you can still do so.

We are a tabletop miniature wargaming, boardgame and RPG club based in Winstanley, Wigan.We run regular gaming nights every Friday and Sunday from 7pm until late plus the occasional all day event (check out our calendar to see what's coming up).

On any given evening you might find members playing a variety of Euro and Ameritrash board games, miniature wargames and role playing games. You can also expect to find a few members painting up their latest forces and engaging in a spot of modelling (no, not like that!)

Check out what we've been up to in our forum pages and, if you like what you see, get registered and introduce yourself to the rest of the gang. Better still, come down, see us in person and get gaming.

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