A Cold Day in Hell

For the first time in a generation the snow and ice that covered the ancient city of Wigheim has retreated sufficiently to allow access to the ruins therein. Wizards from across the Northlands have come to find treasure and ancient lore in the hopes of being elevated to near god-hood. The city is not devoid of life, however. Ancient evil is stirring and if the adventurous wizards are not careful they may find they become permanent residents.

Current Standings

Wizard School Player Level XP
Lady Chatterly Thaumaturge Andrew 4 470
Alalhal Alkazah Enchanter Glenn 3 380
Gorik Necromancer Will 3 355
Alastor the Blue Illusionist Martin 3 345
Harad Grumpyguts Elementalist Dave 3 345
Magesto Elementalist Paul 3 320
Oriana Oathbreaker Enchanter John ? ?
Ezahr Dunkelwasser Elementalist Craig S 3 310
Mona Gibberswell Witch Pete ? ?
? ? Bryan ? ?
? ? Alan ? ?

Campaign Structure

The campaign will consist of 8 scenarios, 1 each month, which will be played by all players in the same order:

The Mausoleum

The Living Museum

Genie in the Bottle

The Silent Tower

The Worm Hunts

The Well of Dreams and Sorrows

The Keep

The Complex Temple

A final battle will then be held based on the Lich Lord final battle scenario where we'll try to get as many wizards as possible together for one big dust up (with the top 4 wizards starting in turn 1, next 4 in turn 2 etc)

The warband that deals the killing blow will win the campaign. If no-one kills the Lich Lord the leading (surviving) wizard will win.

Campaign Rules

Players can play a scenario more than once (this may be necessary if we find ourselves with an uneven number of players, or if someone is not available to play in a given round etc, but also you might just fancy playing more than once a month). Where this occurs any casualties and treasures are resolved as normal but you only gain 10% of your earned experience (rounded down the nearest 5 points). Also, no matter how many times you play a scenario you can gain no more than 50 extra experience points in total for any given scenario.

Players will be able to join in the campaign part way through. In this case they will begin at the average level (rounded down) of all participating players and then follow the rules for creating an experienced wizard in The Maze of Malcor.

The following optional rules and rules adjustments (from The Maze of Malcor) will apply:

Dice Rolls

Stat Roll: 20 is always a success, a 1 is always a failure.

Combat: 20 is a critical hit and wins the combat even if the final total is less than his opponents. Damage is doubled on a critical hit. If both players roll a critical both figures in the combat achieve critical hits.

Spells: When you successfully cast a spell the spell level is the higher of your result or 14.

Treasure Placement

One treasure placed in the exact centre of the table (as close to ground level as possible)

Each player places one treasure within 8" of the central treasure but more than 6" from any treasure (you count vertical height for this too)

Each player places one treasure more than 9" from any table edge and more than 6" from any treasure

Securing Treasure

If there are unclaimed treasures at the end of the game, and one player still has figures on the table, that player rolls a d20 for each treasure. On a roll of 15+ he captures that treasure.


If a figure is reduced to 4 or less health it is wounded and loses one of its actions each turn. This lost action is restored if the figure is healed back to above 4.

Forcing Combat

Combat cannot be forced by a model if you are moving directly away from it.


Use this experience table provided in the table below (unless adjusted by the scenario).

Reference Sheets

Errata & FAQ

Quick Ref Sheet 1

Quick Ref Sheet 2

Post Match Ref Sheet 1

Post Match Ref Sheet 2

Wizard X-Ref