Grim dark future Firefight campaign

  • After taking a look at the one page rules for sci-fi skirmish I came across the campaign rules that allow players to start with a warband and build them up over the course of a few games, which I want to try out this sunday if anyone is up for it.

    The rules are in the link below

    Fire fight rules and army lists

    All we need to start is a warband the recommended size is 150pts and no more than 3 heroes.

    The first mission will fittingly be the

    training arena were all the warbands will meet with the aim of controlling more strategic objectives than any other warbands in the arena.

    If you fancy playing pull together a 150pt force and let me know.


  • My 200pts Havoc Bros list is sorted, we are a mighty army of 4!!!!!.

    Found the ten page army list covering all the Necromunda gangs for this system interesting to, so I have printed them and will have a read another time, might encourage me to get the Escher and Goliath gangs painted at some point.

  • Managed to squeeze a force of 5 elite guardsmen into the emperor's finest strike team.

    I will print the rules and some sheets so people can track warband experience , keep track of any injuries and bonuses should we decide we want to run this as an ongoing campaign.

    Private Hudson seems particularly hyped, running around yelling "game over man" although this could be taken a number of ways🤔

  • The planetary governor had been clear in his orders to commander Chak Nurris, despite the presence of marauding orks all across this sector of Vercilous Prime, he was to lead his strike force into the ruined tech plant and access the data node retrieving any data that could help the embattled defence force against the green tide.

    Approaching the plant from the south there had been little resistance, Nurris waived Cpl Hudson forward the veteran levelling his trusty plasma gun as he stalked forward before raising a single hand stopping the advance of the strike team.

    Gazing into the distance stood atop of a service platform stood a darkened armoured figure, not squat enough to be one of the marauding orks, Hudson knew well enough that this was no ally to the emperor and levelling his plasma gun dropped the armoured figure in a single shot.


    Turning to the rest of the strike team, Hudson had barely yelled back "chaos filth, take...." as three heavy lead shots ripped apart his carapice armour knocking him to the ground.

    Further to the north the sound of fighting had attracted the attention of a prowling warboss and his shaman, "skinny ummies and them black spikey boyz, looks like they is after the shiny talky gubbinz...they ain't havin it without a good krumpin".

    Heading towards the tech plant the warboss and shaman caught sight of the chaos lord and sorcerer and headed off for a bit of spikey ummie bashing but not before releasing a mighty waaaaaghhh, the signal for two more ork kommando's to enter the battle.

    The first boy fired up his pack landing squarely on the data node atop the factory and frantically bashing the buttons was able to extract the first data set.

    The second boy overshot the factory landing behind the ummies strike team.

    Calling in their own reinforcements Cpl vasquez appeared atop the roof next to the data node laying down enough fire to drop the large ork, whilst Cpl Apone advanced into the building.

    Commander Nurris, dropped back and eventually dispatched the second ork kommando, but his teams advance on the data node was being seriously hindered.

    Across the other side of the battlefield, sensing the chance of a good fight the warboss charged the spikey ummies and a bitter close combat ensued.

    With the ork kommandos dealt with, Commander Nurris paused and looked to the sky, a strange crack of lightning streaked across the sky and struck the battle grid to the east, he could just make out in the burnt out ruins the movements of another foul lord of chaos apparantley summoned by the ongoing conflict. He heard a brief war cry of a solitary ork followed by a blood curdling death howl, how the foolish greenskin believed he could beat such a beast is beyond comprehension.

    Nurris turned sprinting forward thinking how careless the greenskin had been, distracted in the moment failing to see the dark armoured figure lurking in the distance as a lead round struck him in the face shattering his eye socket as he collapsed to the ground.

    As the mortal combat continued between the champions of chaos and the ork warboss, somewhere from the warp a voice reached out into the chaos warbands commanders mind, "it is within reach", sensing his masters will the warlord looked round grasping at a glowing crystal that had been partially buried in the ruins before disappearing in a haze of dark energy.

    Across the top of the tech plant the ork kommando stood to hos feet as Cpl Apone and Vasquez levelled their guns and with combined fire finally took down the ork and getting access to the data node.

    With the chaos warband disappearing as quickly as they had arrived and the ummies in control of the tech plant and data node the battle was over.

    The defence force had achieved a victory, but the presence of the chaos powers and strong ork resistance in the sector can not be tolerated.

    Looking across the data node it appeared the orks where able to access enough information to obtain co-ordinates of crashed imperial supply ships, supplies that must not be allowed to fall into their green skin hands.

    Wincing into fragments of glass Nurris peered with his one remaining eye at the shattered features of his face, spitting on the ground, he curses the chaos filth, "one good eye is all I need to do the emperors duty".

    As the chaos warlord observed the weak humans from the distance a voice reached out into his mind, "the first artifact is secure, but you need greater strength to be a true servant, watch them they know the path".

    A great first game of the one page rules, and some really fun moments, Thanks to Will and Craig and also Rik stepping up to provide some halftime ork decapitatting fun.

    The rules were simple and the game quick, I would like to run some more games and have a few missions ready if anyone fancies joining in let me know.

  • Having successfully downloaded the data from the data node commander Nurris scanned the tech pad with his one good eye.

    The dat indicated a supply convoy due to resupply the capital of Vercilous Prime was 3 days overdue, "we need those supply's Hake" said Nurris to his number 2. "But sir your in no condition after the last mission"

    "Nonsense Hake, follow me, we have the Emperor's work to do this day"

    Gathering his strike team Nurris set of through the dense jungle to the co-ordinates on the data pad.

    Further to the east a more sinister gathering was taking place, cracking open the crystal he had found in the ruins of the tech factory, the black armour clad sorcerer cackled as two more black armoured warriors stepped forward from the warp. He heard his masters voice whisper, "good, good, now set out to the east there you will find both resource and sacrifices to honour me".

    With both forces desending on the co-ordinates of the crashed supplies, Nurris was first to see the Black armoured warriors.

    "Follow me", charging forward Nurris made it to the first supply barrel, "sir, message comming in over vox relay", "not now Apone", yelled Nurris wrestling the lid off the first container, "but sir command are saying some of the supply barrels had.....", as Nurris wrestled the container open a thick green cloud enveloped him and he dropped to the ground clutching his throat, gasping for air in his final seconds a dark voice reaching onto his mind, "foolish mortal no one escapes the clutches of the dark gods".

    "Apone to Hake, Nurris is gone, he's gone..",

    "pull yourself together Apone and search those supplies"

    The black armoured figures advanced on the scattered supplies, the chaos champion assisted by an aspiring champion. One Havoc brother tore open a container which exploded in a phosphorescent white light.

    That should take care of him thought Apone

    However as the bright explosion died down the armoured figure stepped forward miraculously unharmed.

    "Vazquez we need some covering fire get in that tower and deal with theses chaos scum"

    dropping into the centre of the abandoned base vazquez let loose a volley of fire knocking one armoured figure to the ground. Re-loading he let loose a second volley.

    The guns jammed sir, "dammit vazquez I will have you on report if we get out of this" yelled Hake running through the centre of the battlefield.

    Spotting the sorcerer Hake reached into his mind and let out a psychic blast, enough to fell most men but not this champion of chaos who responded in kind knocking Hake back.

    "Finish him", a black armoured warrior levelled his gun at Hake before a searing pain burned through him as he slumped to the ground.

    "Command, they got Nurris and Hake is down"

    "Fall back Apone get out of there"

    "There everywhere, man arghhhhhh......"

    "Foolish mortals, they are not worthy of being sacrificed to our Lord, leave them"

    As the screams of Zulu team died over the vox relay the black armoured figures gathered up the last of the supplies and headed back west, the sorcerer stopping to collect the rod of command from Nurris's dead corpse.

    Absolutely brutal and fun game thanks to Craig and his aspiring chaos apprentice who easily won the day, a chaos victory and first hero slain by the chaos powers.

  • "I didn't think we would give up the supplies so I not have a commander able to do the Emperor's bidding"

    Stepping forward Hake looked the Planetary governor in the eye.

    "you wished it was me that lay dead at the feet of that chaos devil instead of Nurris" said Hake.

    "Perhaps" replied the governor

    "Then since you are robbed Nurris I will do what I can on his stead, if I don't return do not think ill of me"

    "Suit up zulu force we drop in 15"

    Heading back to the site were they had lost there commander the strike team were deadly quite all except, private Leo.

    "I'll let the chaos scum taste super heated plasma for what they did to Nurris"

    "Shut it kid, you weren't even with is when Nurris was here, he was a reckless fool, if your not careful those black armoured devils will have you next" said Apone.

    "Vasquez, Leo, you deploy at the positions we identified, the rest of you suit up and follow me" Hake barked.

    As the strike team strode through the ruins, they spotted the black armoured warriors finishing looting the final barrels.

    Spotting the advancing humans the chaos sorcerer turns to his men "Seems like they wish there souls to be gifts to the dark ones, get them"

    With both forces advancing on each other, the previous battle and clashes had attracted the attention of nearby murder crows.

    "Watch out Apone, Vazquez...." yelled Hake

    The cry over the vox relay came too late as both members of the squad wrestled with the beasts dropping to the ground and losing their weapons.

    "Sir...they got out gear"

    "You still have your knives men....for the emperor..." replied Hake.

    Moving forward Hake unleashed a psychic blast dropping a havoc brother to the ground.

    "Nows your chance Vazquez"

    Dropping in the and pulling his knife, Vazquez charged the prone chaos servant putting him out of action.

    "Now Leo.." yelled Hake

    Dropping in behind the chaos lines, Leo charged up his Fusion rifle aiming at the chaos sorcerer.

    Turning on the spot, the chaos leader saw the bright explosion as he shielded his eyes.

    "He's down sir"

    "Good work leo"

    A dark voice reached out to the wounded sorcerer, "they are not as weak as you think"

    And with that a dark haze engulfed the black armoured figures drawing them back to the warp.

    Didn't get any pictures of this one, but Steve stepped up to lead the forces of the Guard against Craig's chaos force, a short bloody game with the new storm trooper making his mark taking out the chaos sorcerer in turn 2, thanks Craig for suggesting the addition to the guard team👍

  • "we drove them back sir"

    "And the supplies Hake....did you get the supplies"

    "No governor" hake sighed

    "There is one last chance, the Marshall's forces have located a second supply drop if you can get there ahead of them perhaps there is still hope"

    Across to the west the Marshall was mustering a small strike team readying themselves for their first mission

    "Don't forget those medical supplies barked the drill sergeant"

    The supplies had been dropped at a remote outpost surrounded by dense jungle and as both strike teams advanced they eyed each other nervously.

    "This is alliance territory, take your men and leave before we open fire" Hake yelled.

    "We will leave once we have our supplies" came back the reply

    Advancing forward a squad of blue clothed men grabbed the first barrel, "these markings, what do they mean"

    "Watch out..." yelled the drill sergeant as one of the men was engulfed in flame.

    Running forward vazquez opened another barrel, cramming power nodes in his pack, "sir I have some of the reaources"

    "Look out vasquez...." a blue uniformed figure appearing behind him knocking him to the floor.

    "Drop him Leo" having sprinted round the corner the blue figure had not noticed private leo who taking careful aim with his fusion rifle dropped the soldier with a well aimed shot.

    We may make a trooper out of the kid yet thought Apone.

    Standing on the gantry Leo waved towards Apone.

    "Get down kid"

    "Drill sergeant, target acquired sniper executing takedown" came over the command relay as a single shot hit Leo in the chest knocking him to the ground.

    On the left Hake advanced forward searching barrels as he went, with the two remaing blue infantry man closing on his position.

    "Command, this drill sergeant retrieved night vision and bionics, continuing search over.."

    Hake let out a psychic blast of energy failing to wound the infantry men, then charged head long into them, in a flurry of blows one of the infantry men fell to the ground with Hake staggering back almost fatally wounded.

    "Sir sniper here, I have lock on enemy commander holding for orders..."

    Take him out came the response.

    Turning the corner and seeing Hake collapse to the ground Apone let loose a burst of flame engulfing the last infantry man.

    "We have what we came for, fall back..." came the orders from the drill sergeant.

    Another good game with Bryan having much better luck with the barrels scoring some nice loot for his space French and taking victory despite being routed off the board.

    It looks like the Governors forces will have to search elsewhere for their much needed supplies.

  • Following the successful looting of the space port in the last game, the Bryan commanding the space French contingent had called in reinforcements but was unsure about the inclusion of the rather strange psychic command had sent.

    Nether the less orders are orders and as well as the reinforcements, orders had been received that the 101st Bullgryn division would be assigned to the front and the marshalls squad had been assigned the guard duty.

    Attracted by all coming and going Warboss Will had gathered a few Boyz and decided he fancied a bit of a warm up crumpin a few ummies.

    In the first skirmish game the space French heroically defended the space port and the sleeping bullgryn, with the new psychic support seeing off the orc Warboss and Shaman, although not before the orc raiding force destroyed 4 containers containing 4 of the sleeping Bullgryn, whilst only the newly acquired psychic support was wounded on the space French side it proved to be fatal a loss that the commander lamented mainly due to the fact the newly painted model would now be shelved for a while.

    The orcs fared little better after the battle with the Warboss also falling to his wounds along with one of the other Boyz, however the raid had been successful enough to reduce the bullgryns down to a much weaker force to be dealt with in the up comming battle.

    For the second battle two larger forces faced off with space French slightly reinforced by the bullgryns taking on a much larger ork horde.

    The orks attacked on all fronts, with death kopters and big bosses assaulting the space port from all angles and if this was not enough, Boss Will unleashed the most feared weapon in his arsenal, the lucky grotts, a formation of small green runts with the ability to face down tanks and the heaviest most well trained troops in the Galaxy.

    Holding out for a few turns the Space French managed to repel the initial ork attack, however with the grotts absorbing fire from more and more units the large mob of bosses where able to take control of the port, a sole grott still clinging on at the end of the game as the last of the Space French withdrew from the field.

  • a couple of fun games and you're the loss of the psychic Le' Tommi Cooper was a severe blow. The amount of fire required to kill grots was also something of a shock for the Space French.

    Warmaster the Comte D'El Monte shall forever hold a grudge.....and reevaluate the amount of flame throwers he deploys.........