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    Hi all a friend of mine asked if he could do a charity walk up Ben Nevis to raise money for Bowel Cancer UK on my behalf. As many of you know this something that I was diagnosed with in 2019.

    If you are able to help any amount of donation will help spur Lee on completing this challenge.

    You can read more about my story and Lees challenge via the link below.

    Just Giving Website

    Thanks for the support.


    Another paint job comes to a close with this Age of Sigmar Stormcast Celestant-Prime that I have done for Mike Horne.

    This figure looked a nightmare at first glance but I have gone heavy with the airbrush and learned some new techniques. Such has putting down the base coat, hand painting some very thing blobby highlights and then using the airbrush to essentially glaze the colours back for a more smooth transition. Still learning to be done but over all this figure has come out great and will stand out in Mikes army.

    Managed to get in three games of Dredd today using Wills newly painted Klegg against a variety of foes. Game 1 saw 3 Klegg take on 5 Citi Defence in the rumble scenario. After a shakey start the CitiDef got organised and took them down.

    Game 2 saw a Judge and 2 Cadets Ambush 3 Klegg. Despite wounding a Klegg early on they made a break for it off the board killing a Cadet on the way to victory.

    Game 3 was a made up robot rampage scenario with Dredd himself taking on 3 Klegg. Between the two forces where 6 rampaging robots who would randomly go for one of the opposing forces when activated. The Klegg went to town blowing away most of the robots in front of them whilst Dredd took wounds early on from a Demo bot, thankfully the med pack he had reset his wounds and he got in the fight killing a Klegg before the game ended. The Klegg just could not overwhelm him even with the robots joining in.

    At 35pts he is a beast of a one man army, not unkillable, but nails as he should be. Fun day thanks to William Riley for providing everything needed to play and Steve Long, Mike Horne for joining in with the games.

    I’ve had this set of Will’s kicking around for a while. Having painted everything else he got when it was first released this set sadly hit the self when the game was not a big hit. Never the less this can be repurposed for other games and I have needed to make space In my workshop so it’s done and can be returned to its owner. (Plus the amount of skulls and roses has definitely done for me wanting to see it any further)

    Well I was intending to move onto my Prussian army soon but I’ve printed that much terrain I am light on space so and going to work through that first.

    First up is a print of an Inn. The front roof support failed so I replace them with some plastic sprue, coffee stirrers and sea foam to make it look like vegetation had grown up it. It’s done the job and saved the 14 hour print from the bin!

    A while back I bought a few Reaper bones minis from Mutant Dice Games to try and act as a boredom break from what ever I was painting at the time, and with the arrival the silver bayonet rules I picked up a couple more from Element Games. They initially became an oils experiment but that did not go well and I definitely need to do more research.

    Well after weeks of trying to dry the oils out I finally hit them with Matt varnish and went back over them with Acrylic. They are quick, they are dirty, but they are done and fit the part.

    First up is “the Thing” pre cosmic rash, okay maybe not but he is a nice Clay Golem

    Next up is a Flesh Golem which I have tried to make look, well, messed up, putrid and a bit “leaky”

    A pair of Trolls are next up, I just liked the old school vibe I was getting from these sculpts when I saw them in the blisters and wanted to paint them. A nice feeling!

    The Cave Troll is first and I keep it colours to a grey flesh tone for the most with bits of moss green.

    His distance cousin was a Marsh Troll so plenty of greens on this with some brown washes thrown in the mix. Oh and a big 90’s GW style orky grin so daft lips to match that.

    Last up Is what I can only say is the least detailed model I have “painted” in a long time, the bat swarm. All I can say is it’s a cheap model, does the job and contrast paint made very short work of it.

    Definitely going to need that second case Andy I have more than filled the Communal Monster case now……..on with the games!