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    I was having a chat with Andy about Alex and his last campaign game, and it seems to be apparent that it is possible to look at the special rules of a scenario and then dodge a monster it might reveal if all the other none monster clues have already been revealed, this is far to "gamey" for my liking and not in the spirit of the game, despite it being a legit option. I am not convinced your investigators can see into the future even though the rulebook might let you as written.

    To counter/balance this out I am thinking a simple solution would be that any monster(s) that are meant to be revealed by clues that are not revealed by the start of the turn 3 monster phases are automatically placed in a terrain feature nearest the centre of the board that is closest to the nearest investigator. This should be at least 6" away from the investigator.

    Any clue tokens should be left in place and investigated as normal, meaning you might end up with a duff clue in some circumstances.

    This will remove players dodging scenario monsters and force you to engage or flee.

    Perhaps another option would be that any force fleeing/removing itself from the board before all the clues have been investigated gain no XP.

    I welcome your thoughts on this below before I put it into the campaign house rules.

    HI all

    I am looking to run a Halloween multiplayer game on the 13th November, I'd hoped to do this earlier but my treatment scheduled has changed. This is the club regular early opening slot so would work well for what I have planned.

    I would like everyone there for 12 and to start the game at 1pm.

    If you are available to join in please shout out below.

    This will essentially end "Season 1" of the campaign.



    Hi all for your perusal I have been working with Andy to iron out the House rules for the game and more clearly present the Support unit rules we used in last weeks games.

    In Brief;

    Damage has been modified for shooting over 12"

    Line of Sight and Cover have been given more clarity with intervening terrain now having an effect.

    Changes to unexpected Encounters and Events have been declared.

    Full rules for using Support Infantry and Cavalry units in games has been presented.

    Comments and feedback are welcome below


    Having made off like bandits in the first game both the Russians and the Spanish now ventured out into the woods of Tal Des Wurzelgemuses east of there previous Investigation following the tracks of some creature.

    Again both forces would be using the experimental units rules with the Spanish taking two units of Infantry and a unit of Rifles, the Russians took some slightly better quality troops with a unit of Rifles and Infantry.

    The Scenario had 7 clues for the units to investigate.

    The Russians deployed.

    Followed by the Spanish.

    The Russian made for the nearest objectives grabbing what they could, the Spanish advanced just a brazenly but chose to wait until turn 2 to investigate, meaning they secured many of them in preparation.

    The Russians being keen to grab things early caught the attention of the creature in the woods and were wolf lumbered into view.

    Much to Andy's amusement with the Spanish, he was set for grabbing everything else, which turned out to be silver weapon take down the were wolf!

    As it was the Russians beat them to the punch but there was plenty still to play for as Soldiers who revealed clues would gain extra XP if they escaped the board on turn 4, there was just one little problem.

    The four Dark Wolves and 2 Were wolves that turned up in turn 3. With the Russians Officer and Champion of Faith taken out by Spanish fire, the Russians backed off ready to make good their escape, leaving a unit of rifles to fight a holding action to cover the manoeuvre.

    The Spanish took the opportunity to perform a similar action and moved back.

    Somewhat cowardly of both players as they ran from the on coming beasts, but in support of there campaigns, probably a wise move.

    The Spanish carried the day with XP in this encounter.

    This Sunday saw another early opening giving Will (Russians) and Andrew (Spanish) the opportunity to get a couple of campaign games in.

    Things started simple with both players starting with the Investigation Scenario. In additional to their regular unit both players agreed to try out some experimental rules for supporting regular inf/cav units. These will be published for general use moving forward once they have been tweaked from action in these games and proof read.

    Both players set up with 5 clue markers being available for investigation. The Spanish had a Rifle and Infantry unit to support them whilst the Russians had a unit of Light Cav and Infantry (proxied by some spare Spanish, or in this case Russian with nicked Spanish uniforms).

    The Russians light cav where set upon by a Changeling but quick over whelmed it in combat. Meanwhile the rest of the force advanced the Infantry and Rifle Soilder climbing on a roof for cover and taking pot shots at the Spanish coming up the road towards them.

    The rest of the Spanish made a run through the trees grabbing what objectives they could, revealing the Hobgoblin Objective that had been terrorising the local area.

    The Spanish tried in vain to bring it down in combat, the cheeky Russians sniped the wounded Hobgoblin from under there noses. This left a couple more clues to investigate before the game would end.

    The Prussian officer cleaned up the central clue near the statue.

    Whilst the Spanish officer nabbed the last one ending the game.

    Whilst no one came out of the game in a bad way, the Russians had nabbed the most XP and took the day.

    And the Spanish made off with what they found whilst dodging the Pixies that turned up at the end of the game.

    HI all

    Can ask you all please help me out by taking pictures of your games and writing and posting your own after action reports, this is great content for the site and keeps those who have not gamed that week engaged.

    I have done a couple but really am struggling for time to edit pictures (I was sent over 50 from 28/08/22 games) and remembering what has happened in your games particularly when its two back to back.

    I am 3d printing and painting a lot for this campaign, writing additional rules and keeping the campaign map updated so would appreciate the support in this, as much as I would like to can I can not do it all.

    Please send me a message with your game result so I can update the campaign map.



    Both the Russians and Prussians had heard news of missing forces to the North East of the valley and the investigators moved in to the area. One of the local farmsteads was abandoned but so activity was sighted around on of the farms larger barns. As both forces approached from either side it soon became clear that the Harvestmen had been at work as Revenants surrounded the building.

    Both sides approached cautiously at this point unaware of each other and quickly dispatched the Revenants at the buildings outer edge. With the Prussians making their way into the barn first the Russian that came in afterwards was somewhat startled, and that's when things went to hell......well for the Russians.

    The Prussians in the barn dispatched a Revenant and snatch up an artefact from near its corpse and having decided the growling bear noises on the other side of the barn needed no further investigation start to with draw, only pausing to take pot shots and the horrors the Russian where having to deal with.

    On the opposite side of the barn things started well for the Russians who overwhelmed two revenants and revealed two clues, but at this point things went side ways, with a Living Armour, Goblin, Skeleton, more Revenants and a Black Dog all being attracted to the area, and in particular the Russians right flank. One Russian skin shifted into a Werebear and started to battle these horrors, but without the correct tools to despatch these monster was literally caught in a fight to the death.

    With incoming Prussian fire and a somewhat organised response the Russians fled the battlefield whilst the Prussians made off with the loot.

    Following this investigation the Prussians headed west across the river, with the some what shaken Russians in pursuit. It seemed the Prussian had a better lay of the land and having crossed the River they turned around and waited for the hapless Russians. Little did they know this was Troll country and the Prussians had masked there scent crossing the bridge. As small arms fire rang out from the Russian Muskets and Rifles there Champion of Faith made for the bridge, only to be confronted with the hulking form of a River Troll.

    The Troll was not alone and a Goblin attracted by the ruckus headed towards a group of Prussians meanwhile a Bandit that must have pursued the Russians from the previous battle appeared in their backline. Thrown into disarray the Russians began to retreat leaving the Prussians to loot what they could from the distracted Troll and make their escape.

    Two harsh results for the Russians including the death of the Werebear!