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    Early opening today at the club today so Mitch and myself had a fun game of warhammer 40k throwing a god of war on the table which just happened to be an Ork Stompa.

    Mitch used his imperial guard with plenty of tanks and a tank commander so the victory conditions we destroy heavy vehicles and warlord.

    Ork setup

    Imperial setup

    The commanders stare each other out

    Pesky imperial infiltrators

    Ork stompa gets surrounded.

    Where has it gone ?????

    Stompa destroyed to heavy tank fire but the boys carried on taking out the tank commander but still an Imperial win.

    Paul and Andy settle down early on for a full days gaming of Paths to glory.

    Amongst the painters today were Bwyan,Rick and Ste.

    Here we have Bwyan inspecting a box of mainly workshop bits donated to the club by Darren.

    Bwyan then faces of against Dave in this skirmish game of Rebels and Patriots set in the Napoleonic era with Bwyan suffering a major defeat.

    Another great day at the club.

    Andy comes well prepared tonight with plenty to paint and build.

    Being Scotch he sat on his own.

    Meanwhile on the other side of the club some members like social interaction.

    Ste,Rick and Dave working hard.

    None of these members are Scotch.

    John made a rare appearance and brought down his Marvel crisis protocol miniature game.

    The figures look fantastic and John has done a real good job on them.

    Avengers Assemble.

    X - Men assemble.

    Game two and this time Mitch takes control of the X men V John's Avengers.

    Happy gaming everyone.

    More citizens of Mega city 1 with a female gang leader.

    And from the cursed earth Mean Machine Angel.

    Old grenadier figure ganger on Bike.

    Early start at the club today with Craig setting up for a Samurai game using the test of Honour rules system.

    The game looked fantastic and with two games run today both which were very enjoyable.

    Craig was handing out free hugs to those in need.

    Bwyan sits and listens to Eton Ste talking posh drivel .

    I left at around 7pm when Dave and Craig turned up waiting for Pete to start their pulp alley games in the Napoleonic period.

    Happy gaming everyone.

    Just one game tonight with other members turning up to chat,Well it was a very hot day today.

    Another game of Grimdark rules using figures we have to represent whatever you want.

    Today 3000 point game with Chaos as Havoc Brothers and Space French and Imperial guard as Feudal guard and Human defence force.

    Mitch and Bwyan using Guard with Craig and myself taking on the chaos powers.

    The Havoc brothers battle line set up and ready.

    Space French and Imperial guard line of defence.

    The white markers represent objectives with 4 in the game with that in mind the forces of chaos surged forward whilst the imperials dug in secure in the knowledge their mighty tanks would lay waste to all of the heretics.

    with the aid from psykers the chaos moved rapidly through the warp and real space towards the numerous forces of the imperium.

    Hunkered down in the ruins the imperials prepare to assault and secure the objective.

    Imperial armour is indeed mighty just didn't have quite the right guns for the enemy they engaged today.

    terminators teleport in and with the aid of the helldrake the left flank was taken and secured.

    Heavy losses on the day for the imperials even though the moral of the troops was excellent it was not enough to stop the ferocious assault of the chaos space marines.

    Working on a lead in Mega city one veteran Brit cit Judge Horne was finishing off his assignment when the Mitchy Pete gang was made aware of Judges located in their turf.

    Only one of the twins Mitch was running the gang today with Pete away on Stookie drug dealings.

    The mission take down as many Judges as possible.The Judges Catch as many perps until The LAW as brought order to the neighbourhood.

    Judges always ready even after a successfull criminal inverstigation

    The Mitchy Pete gang sneaking in ready to take down the Law.

    Mega city One, looks a bit of an underhive to me.

    Mitch and his heavy unleash on the Judges

    The Judges came under some heavy fire and lost a cadet but took out enough gang members to send the Mitchy pete gang scarpering.

    The Mitchy pete's lick their wounds having come so close to stopping the Judges in their tracks again.

    Maybe Mitch will think twice before another confrontation without his twin Pete or maybe the Brit cit Horne was just to much for them to handle.

    Enjoyed the day. Although I still think I will play 40k there is definitely plenty of room for this game.

    Game runs quick and use whatever you want to make your forces is great.

    No overthinking of the rules or army's makes for bigger games an option without the huge time to play.

    I am also a fan of alternative activations in games.

    Craig and Mitch set up ready for the game.

    Chaos set up.

    Imperial set up.

    The "BULLY BOYS" Bullgryns doing what they do best.

    Game two ,Bigger better stronger and even more "BULLY BOYS"

    Did I say I love the "BULLY BOYS" Bullgryns.Her they are after destroying terminators and A deamon prince.

    We've won the game Mitch put the dice down.

    Another game of Warhammer 40,000 tonight with Mitch's Imperial guard V my Ork's.

    Andy and Dave watch something entertaining.

    We have the technology. Rik all set up ready to go, Airbrushing his Deathguard Deamon Prince.

    Bwyan and Peter have a game of Warhammer Ancient battles with Romans taking on the Moors army.

    All in preperation for a Tournament for Bwyan.

    Another great day at the club.

    Happy gaming everyone.

    So Mitch and I had another game of 40k with the Imperial guard once again attempting to stop the building WAAAGH of the mighty Orks.

    1000 Points of Guard V Orks set up with the main mission kill the enemy warlord.

    The imperials were looking for vengance as the detachment routed by the orks previously where kin to the force gathered today with the Tank commander losing his brother at the hands of the warboss.

    The orks seeing the hummies as easy prey thought this was going to be another walkover and had their eyes set on the leman russ tank, this was going to make a great addition to their army once we looted it.

    The orks all set and ready to fight. The battleplan simple charge across wipe everything out and steal the tank

    The imperials were ready. The tanks formidable and a unit of Bullgryns heavily armoured to slow the inevitable assault.

    The tank commander single handedly destroyed the ork trukk, dreadnought and many an ork boy this day with the psykers proving their worth and the bullgryns and infantry stopping the ork advance.

    The warboss manoeuvres towards the leman russ but is stopped by the Bullgryns. The effort destroying them left him heavily wounded and although he put a mighty blow into the tank commanders russ tank was taken down like all the ork boys before him.

    The planet was under Imperial control again. Warmaster Mitch had put an end to this threat.... For now.