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    More Judge Dredd and Strontium Dog miniatures for the Dredd game.

    Painted the strontium dog miniatures first because I had bought an extra box of howlers by mistake so painted them all at the same and gave a box to Mike for his collection.

    First up Babu and the bad boys for Strontium dog.

    Darkus's howlers also for Strontium dog.

    The dark Judge Judge death.

    The first scenario was a car chase through Mega City 1.

    The Scotch Judge McGregor having followed the Campell's to Mega city 1 was assisting the REAL Judges in the capture of the two gangs.

    Leading the Judges we have Craig and Bwyan with Andy as himself.

    The MitchyPetes were lead by Mitch and Pete with Paul and Barry running the Campells.

    The busy roads of Mega City 1,Surrounded by Megablocks.

    Two Judges on Lawmasters were in hot pursuit of the gang members who were in a red sportster, Motorcycle and two heavy people carriers.

    As soon as the chase was on the megablocks erupted as gang members took the opportunity to try and take down some Judges.

    The leader of the MitchyPetes bailed from his sportster as the Judges started to take the vehicles out one by one.

    With pressure from the gangs themselves and citizens in the megablocks taking pot shots at the Judges soon both sides had lost all their vehicles with the pursuit moving to a foot slog

    The leader of the MitchyPetes taking a few shot at the Judge before he flee's to the rendezvous point.

    The Judges bring law back to the streets but not before 2 of the gang escape.

    The Judges near win at taking down the punks meant they had a heads up about the meeting.

    The Campell's and the MitchyPetes negotiations was going well but were not prepared for the Judges surprise assault as they were surrounded with more Judges on the way.

    Senior Judge Mcgregor was on the front line taking down his fellow countrymen but they were lawbreakers and beneath his contempt.

    With crys of 'ARD CHOILLE! The judges set upon the two gangs.

    Making matters worse for the Campells the retreat from the highway meant a Judge from the Wally squad was able to infiltrate their gang.

    The Campells set upon Judge McGregor and was wounded heavily but with Fairie magic he bellowed 'S RIOTHALMO DHREAM (royal is my race) and his wounds were healed.He then summoned a Doonie and together started to take down the gangs with the aid of the Judges.

    With the massive cry of FREEDOM!!! THE Campell's and the MitchyPetes made a break for it with the merchandise.

    Grey Colin Campell and Mitch of the MitchyPetes escaping but the rest were taken down or arrested.

    Later it became apparent that Pete had fled early(always the brains of the team) whilst Mitch always manages to scrape his way out of any situation.

    So the merchandise hits the streets of Mega city 1 with a heavy loss for the gangs and the Judges are once again reminded the war against crime is never ending.

    The Campell's and the MitchyPetes remain a big threat to the Law and stability of Mega City 1 and that little Shire to the north of Brit Cit.

    So the Special christmas game this year was run by myself with massive thanks to Mitch and Craig with running through the game to get the scenarios ready for the day and also more thanks to Craig for most of the Vehicles used in this game.

    This year we decided to give Diversity a go so what better than having our own resident Scotch in Andrew McGregor we could finally make him feel a part of the Wigan club. Your welcome Andy.

    In Mega city 1 the Identical twins who run the MitchyPete gang were making a big name for themselves.

    There was no crime so evil ,So sinister that they would not get involved with that they soon drew attention to Scotch city's very own Gangster family of REAL Scotsmen in the Clan Campell's who's illegal trade of real Whiskey and Iron Brew fitted with their moral code. A meeting was to be arranged between the two gangs and sugar would flow through The Big Meg once more.

    Scotch City is a small Shire part of Brit Cit where most of the population now only want to consume Buckfast, Whiskeys and Iron Brew made with Real sugar.

    But in a twist of fate the once hunted and outlawed Clan McGregor's with deception and guile managed to break free from Brit cit control and formed the SNP Judges with Scotch Law.

    Scotch City's very own Senior PSI Judge Andrew McGregor and next in line for Chief Judge when the now Chief Judge Sturgeon can finally relinquish her life force and just die.

    All Judges instil fear whenever they patrol the streets but through PSI ability Judge McGregor is able to use Scotch fairie magic and summon a shapeshifter from ages past in the form of a Doonie.

    The Campells are lead by Grey Colin Campell a REAL Scotsman if ever there was one.

    The Campells, Brothers in arms and makers of very fine whiskeys, Soups and IRON BREW using real sugar.