Napoleonic rebels and Patriots- retreat of the Austrian horde

  • Craig and myself played our first game since the club re-opened on Sunday, Napoleonic rebels and Patriots with Craig's Austrian horde (18pts of infantry) facing off against the Garde De Paris.

    The scenario was one from the book, Craig was defending a bridge which my French had to capture, sneakily the Austrians had a unit replaced in a barricade at the bridge.

    My two large units of line advanced bravely towards the objective, screened by two u its if Cavalerie Generique (as seen in Sharpe uselessy riding about in most episodes) and the elite hannoverian legion light infantry (composed of mainly Austrian deserters). Capitan Ramirez McGregor jacobite aide de camp to the Comte D'el monte led the force.

    Craig's Austrians prodded along in a typical column on the far bank of the river to reinforce the bridge, rather un-gentlemanly one unit of Austrian fusiliers formed close order and dared to fire on the Garde, causing minimal casualties for several turns. The fusiliers behind the barricade stubbornly fired on the light infantry - who surprisingly didnt flee and continued to screen the French troops for several turns.

    Whilst pinned down in the barricade a squadron of the cavalry made a wide sweeping flank move, seeing this the second squadron decided to follow suit. .......promptly rolled a double one and were obliged to charge the Austrians who were not only firmly entrenched behind a barricade but also had formed close order.......the cavalry bounced off the wall and fled!!

    However persistent volley fires and sniping from the light infantry eventually whittled the unit down and having seeing the shame of the first squadron fleeing the second squadron of cavalry set themselves up for a charge into the rear of the Austrians... the Austrians could see the writing on the wall.. ..oh how Craig taunted when the second squadron also failed to charge!!

    Things were getting desperate for the French now, Capitan Ramirez waded in and his precise and deadly volley fire, followed by a successful charge of the cavalry finally dislodged the Austrians from the barricade, just in time for the Austrian reinforcements to arrive. However Major Von Clinkertickle managed to get his unit of grenadiers shot up and he went home for strudel.

    A major victory was on the horizon for the French, it was at this point that Capitan Ramirez also decided to go home after rolling a double one and retreating from the bridge.

    The turns ended and the French secured a minor victory.

    A good game which highlighted the effectiveness of close order and light infantry, there will be many an Austrian deserter clambering to join the Hannoverian Legion after their exemplary performance in screening the French Garde De Paris!!!

  • Nice work on those figures and an enjoyable narrative. Pretty sure that the Cavalrie Generique wore lemon green facings on campaign. :)

    Button'll end up as bad as Ste 🤣🤣.

    I concur that Craig's Austrians are excellent, it's a shame they lost all their standards and went home in shame!!! They run the risk of being as effective in battle as Dave's Germans......they obviously need cavalry support.. ...