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    Having moved my stuff into the shed, I start to set up the desk. In the meantime, I asked the knowledgeable about the OOB for 21st Panzer in Normandy. So we begin with the Mk III Bergenpanzer and Mk III Beobachtungswagen. Then I'll need a Mk III Befehlswagen (k) and a couple of Mk III with the short 75mm. Then it's Mk IVs and armoured bathtubs as far as the eye can see. Oh the joys!

    This is a wargamer's channel with decent content on 18th century warfare in North America.

    He's clearly a veteran who has an interest in the use of Light Bobs and Rangers. His ancestors participated in the conflicts and one was a Loyalist who fought for the Crown* and moved to Nova Scotia after the Revolution.


    * Three hearty cheers for Farmer George!

    Blimey! Where's the time gone. Right. I give you Jack Lehatt. I don't have a mortar and so can't terrorise lurkers who think they can hide behind walls.

    Jack's powder monkey Nigel is busy estimating the range before cutting the fuse. I'm working on the spotter's tower to complete it.

    Then we have Captain Obadiah Johnson. A brave, resourceful and resolute roister foisted of a fellow who's ready to lead the Grenadier company of the King's Royal Yorkers against those misguided rebels and filthy French Johnnys who've seen fit to involve themselves in a row between Englishmen on how the world should be run. Colonel John T McDonald is next with the 84th. Or maybe that shadowy Russian fellow and his dragoons.......

    Finally that's a tray of 15mm Germans. Mostly the old Festung company boxset with added early war Grenadiers, Russian infantry guns, support weapons and a Polish Browning. Loads of stuff left to keep me busy.

    I'm so proud of you Will. Brings a tear to me eye that does. That's a lotta Nobs you got there.

    I'm still painting those Gorkamorka minis when the mood tales me. Mind you; I've just been gifted some gubbins by young Mr Willis........

    Lovely work. The last group in the straw capes look like a real bunch of desperados. And the fellow in the monk's headgear! Those are a long way from those old Dixons minis, whose are they?

    More Militia......and a cannon. I was gifted a left over barrel and spares from the old GW siege towers by Mike. The result isn't pretty, but it's got a certain rustic charm. Now for the crew. ....

    Very nice. I've been toying with the idea of a unit of the undead.

    It'd be wrong not to allow them to participate merely because they've shed their mortal coil........;)...

    Blimey! It's 2021. Better get something painted.

    1. An Ogre. I should've listened! The newer plastic minis from GW have far too much detail. But I had to have this one.

    2. A standard. Mr Willis painted this one. I changed the colours as much as was necessary to allow him to fit in. I now have a simple scheme for banners, pennants and such. I enjoyed trying to add shade and su tle highlights, such as I'm able too. So it'll be my into the spares box'll to see what I have.

    Okay. Now where was I? Two complete units for DR. A unit of Militia bowmen. Scurrilous rogues no doubt. Two are slightly modified from my Frostgrave band.

    And I've completed another unit of Swordsmen. I've stuck the warrior priest in there to make up the numbers, but I may add a banner in the near future.

    I've now got a small pile of 15mm Germans. I did them for Chain of Command, but the game shifted to 28mm once Shaun got his printers working. So I will base a bunch and put them on here

    Ogres! Never one around when you need one and then three or four of them turn up all at once.

    This fellow was previously in the ranks of my ill-fated Khornate Chaos Renegades force.

    You know, the army that kills half of it's own shooting units in the first turn due to their weapon having it's very own gets hot rule.

    He's not so worried now as his close-range shooting will probably be factored into his melee factors. Oh, and another swordsman.

    Another Ogre. In fact it's the last of the 3 Reaper Bones Ogres I had on my desk.

    I've changed the head again as I don't care for the Reaper originals and they fit in with the GW figures.

    And a unit of Whifflers. Still seen on occasion escorting Mayoral processions in England's green and pleasant land; it's a far cry from their role of keeping the troops in order and guarding the banners.

    All carry the Slaughter-swords that marked them out. And no guy that presents Forged in Fire; it's a corruption of the German Sclachtschwerter or battle-sword.

    Ah ha! Another Reaper Bones Ogre joins the merry band. The heads are a little Meh! and so I've replaced them with GW Ogre heads, courtesy of Texas Jim, who I trust is somewhere safe and secure in the present kerfuffle. Better stop there!

    The old Reaper head's attached to his belt as a trophy.

    And another Leadbelcher's added to the Roster. Complete with Knoblar Igniter Rick Monson!

    And Bruno the Small Dog says Hi!