Keira versus Brittany

  • The Franks now under the command of the Princess Keira had been mourning the death of their former King at the hands of the Imperator Del Monte's forces. The princess received the usual grief counselling about letting go of the negatives and remembering the positives and decided the best way to do this was to conduct a raid into Del Monte's lands in Brittany laying waste to the Imperator's realm and killing as many of his forces as she could. That would definitely help the grieving process.

    Following a heavy raid on one of the Romano British towns the Imperators 2iC Maximus Tittius gathered all the forces he could muster and launched an attack against the Frankish column as it made its way home with the loot.

    Positioning some warband foederati on one side of the track and commanding his Roman forces on the other he attempted a pincer attack on the column. The Franks fought back stubbornly and eventually all the Romano British forces were driven off. Worst of all Maximus was slain as he tried to attack Keira's heavy infantry unit. That stupid Arthur film was obviously not exaggerating Keira's martial prowess!

    On the other side of the channel Maricius once again came up against the Pict horde but this time he actually managed to hold on to some of the valuables the Picts were trying to loot (only just).

    With his reputation restored (somewhat) and the Imperator Del Monte forced to visit Brittany to rearrange his forces there (and find a new 2iC) Maricius hastily gathered his troops and launched an invasion of Cornwall to restore it to it's rightful ownership (ie Mauricius).

  • The Picts would have made off with more, however we where already loaded down with loot from our previous engagements.

    Also running short of crossbow bolts, slightly hampered the effort as the elite Pictish units where still removing them from the last lot of romano brits they came across.

    Got to apologise for the dice, one particular bad example was needing a 6, 7 and 8 for three rally tests in the same turn and rolling the exact amounts needed for all three units. 😅

    Good game as always.