Pikemans lament mini campaign

  • After last Fridays pikemans lament game, me and Mitch are looking to run a bit of an informal mini campaign of pikemans lament, maybe 3 or 4 games inuding a small 12 points scouting mission for anybody who wants to join in, we could run the games on Fridays and Sundays over the next few weeks, to see who can accumulate the most honour.......or not - Dave........

    I've got plenty of units for people to use.

    Let us know if anyone is interested in having a go

  • That sounds good (the fixed 12, variable 12 approach). So does the hordes of highlanders and I could do Irish regiments with catholic priests!

    One thing we could try which is a bit differentis fight an early American settlement campaign (using ECW period figures). It might work well within the context and easily allow 3 or 4 completly seperate players to fight against each other without trying to set up different Royalist /Parliament factions who wouldn't readily fight each other. French, British, Spanish, Dutch all settled and founded colonies and fought or could easily fight and compete against each other. Could even have 'independent' type colonies representing religious or trading / early privateer type groups and of course there are the native tribes who fought either with or against most of the settlers at various times (and we can have more than one tribe depending on numbers).

    We could translate the indians quite well into PL.

    Would need to limit the cavalry quite a lot though.

    Just an idea,

    Happy to go with something based in Britain and use my Scots and Irish.

  • apologies for my absence theses past months guys. Been working in Livingston on a contract which meant travelling there Sunday afternoons and only getting back late on fridays. Last week of contract next week so should be able to attend more sundays and even the odd Friday! I know without my poor dice throwing Dave has probably carried the burden! :-)