Sunday 24th

  • A couple of tables for coming games. Let us know which you want to do tomorrow.

    First is a Thermopalae type game Defender sets up somewhere between A & B with 30pts. Attacker starts along X Y with54pts. Each side limited to max 2 light guns so can't just set up and bombard.

    The river is impassible. the two lower hill levels are difficult terrain but passible. The top hill level is impassible except for the path indicated. A disgruntled sex starved hunch back has told the attackers about the pass. It's up to them if they want to use it. No arty can use the path, cavalry only at extreme peril, infantry at risk of delay, probably lights and skirmishers would be the most reliable on this route with line less so. Author suggests units appear approx half way through the game but use dice to slow down/speed up appearence. Each unit has to succeed so first may turn up but following ones delayed a bit etc.

    Second table is an attack across a farmland situation. Author says attacker has been given half a day the take the hights in the East (right of board) that are held by defender as this attack is a lightening probe. Defender deploys anywhere east of central north south (vertical ) track. Attacker starts 9" in from west side (left). Winner is the force holding the high ground in the east (right).

    Defender has 24pts, attacker 72pts. Author says this is due to speed of attack needed. Its a busy board but we could probably manage it. We'd have to agree what half a day constitued in terms of time. Also what was difficult ground. Line just straight marching would take over 10 turns to reach the far side of the table so probably 12 turns. The attacker does of course enjoy significant number benefit. Maybe a big cavalry dust up with a bit of inf/arty support.

  • Both look good to me, but if I had to choose maybe the Thermopalae scenario, suits the current narrative of the two sides looking for weaknesses in the lines maybe?

    Suspect the turncoat could be of those Barbary Skirmishers who failed to die for the glory of Prussia:rolleyes:

  • Some scenarios for comming weeks.

    Bridge demolition.

    Forest Passage

    Pennisula Campaign.

    Maybe easiest to start with the Bridge one first. The forest one involves a force finding its way through unknown terrain which is guarded by the defender. The Penninusla one is a mini campaign so will generate several games/ skirmishes, Bsaically 1 square is one table.