Strangers in the Night

  • Strangers in the Night.

    After numerous clashes along the front line the Germanic confederation and Franco Spanish Alliance forces had become somewhat intermingled, mostly because in some places the Alliance had advanced faster than the Confederation could retreat in other places.

    Sheik Yahmunni and Capitain De Sagras Y San Miguel had become isolated with a few of their units as had Lt Kurt Luchs (the latest Luchs family member to grace the campaign) and the Brunswicker Von Wulfenbutal. Both sides were trying to use cover of darkness to slip back to their own respective sides.

    It transpired that the confederation were a little more confused in their night time manoeuvres than the Spanish and Barbaries.

    De Sagras Y San Miguel and Yahmunni made a beeline for their lines with their cavalry leaving behind some Albanian and barbary skirmishers to disrupt the confederation night time antics.

    The Prussians dispatched some skirmishers to entangle the barbary skirmishers however after several rounds of skirmishing the Prussians having the worst of it fell back in disorder.

    Von Wulfenbuttal had made an inauspicious start to the proceedings insisting on finishing some French brandy he had procured before attempting to cross the field. Luchs was moving across the field with some veteran skirmishers attempting to keep some order. After the false start von Wulfenbuttal decided to charge towards the guns rather than make for safe lines. It didn’t matter that it was dark and he couldn’t see where the enemy was, that wasn’t his style, he attempted his charge.

    The Prussian skirmishers got in the way of the unexpected cavalry excursion but that didn’t matter as von Wulfenbuttal had lost the direction of the action and stopped to consume more brandy. The skirmishers cleared the way but he failed to order the advance and received some barbary musketry.

    That served to highlight the right direction and he ordered the charge, unfortunately receiving more musketry.

    Although his shock cavalry eventually defeated the lowly skirmishers they were themselves disordered. Snatching up a barbary skirmisher as prisoner von Wulfenbuttal took another swig of brandy and led his unit off field, unfortunately in the wrong direction.

    Elsewhere on the field the remainder of von Wulfenbuttals command had performed as ineptly, mistaking their direction they ran through some Prussian cavalry.

    Eventually Luchs managed to guide his remaining forces off the field with the blundering Brunswickers in tow.

    The Albanians felt they had done their part and meandered across the field putting the occasional musket ball the way of the confederates without putting themselves in any danger.

    Luchs, De Sangras y San Miguel and Yahmunni all made it back to their lines however no one is sure where von Wulfenbuttal and his half cavalry squadron , brandy and prisoner are holed up!