Retreat to sunken road outside Feuchtsting

  • Retreat to the Sunken Road outside Feuchtsting

    We are playing a few of the scenarios that will tally up honour points to feed into some final larger games as well as the increase in leader stats. One of the first was the Retreat to the Sunken Road

    scenario. It’s pretty generic and we’ll game it a couple of times.

    Count Von Wulfenbuttal was out on patrol. One of the things you should realise about the Count is that his planning regularly features a low level of coherency. So it was in this case. He managed to set out on patrol with a light gun (His brass fetish clearly in evidence ), some cavalry and a couple of raggle taggle barbary ally units. He spotted some movement in the trees which soon showed to be the Franco Spanish under L’Cul.

    Von Wulfenbuttal could fall back to a parallel road which had cover (there was none where he was) leaving the Franco Spanish a hard slog over open ground to attack him. Translation difficulties with his barbary allies meant their units were left in exposed positions as the Brunswickers retreated. ‘You charge ahead lads, we are right behind you’ translated as you lot stay forward I’ll be a long way behind you.

    The gullible barbaries stayed and vollied and then charged the Franco Spanish only as they attempted to make contact did they realise Von Wulfenbuttal was moving in the opposite direction.

    On the other flank the Franco Spanish guns were making up for L’Cul’s stuttering advance (constant pausing to check his cognac supplies). The Brunswick cavalry took a couple of casualties and left the field and the Brunswick skirmishers were soon put to flight.

    The isolated barbaries received fire from numerous enemy units (eventually) and broke. That left Von Wulfenbuttal to high tail it behind the cover of the wall and exact a high price on the

    advancing Franco Spanish (with some help from his remaining barbary skirmishers). It was at this point that his ‘idiosyncratic’ planning started to show. The gun couldn’t get over the wall and the

    Franco Spanish were able to close on his gun sniping crew as they went. As the last man fell Von Wulfenbuttal left the field caressing the worn brass work of his gun one last time before leaving it

    for his enemy.

    That was the game over. L’Cul won again despite his heavy drinking. He’s soon at the point where he’ll roll for another trait to add to cautious and drunkard. His comrades are wondering if he’ll be

    able to add another such trait and prove he can yet again win and lose at the same time. For his part Von Wulfenbuttal had to slink ignominiously back to his camp and explain to his

    barbary ally how he’d lost (sacrificed) the units plus lost his gun.

  • It is beginning to dawn on the Brunswick high command that maybe the Count has been promoted beyond his capacity.

    Having had a glorious career as an Hussar officer he now finds himself attached to the artillery as an engineer. Just because he made a passing comment to the Duke about "Big bores" !!