• Hello everyone, just thought I'd say hello on here. I came down to a club night in March just before everywhere locked down, but I'm looking forward to getting back once we see off Covid...

    I've been a wargamer for 20-odd years, mainly Warhammer and 40k through my teens, though I was more a fan or Mordheim and Necromunda (and Gorkamorka... remember that?!).

    Recently I've been roped back into playing Age of Sigmar by a lad at work, but mainly played Frostgrave and Rangers of Shadow Deep, as well as Dragon Rampant and a few other skirmish games, and have recently been getting into the Warlord Judge Dredd game.

    Hope to get to know you all better soon(ish)

    Dragon Rampant: Tolkienesque Orcs

    Lion Rampant: HYW

    AoS: Gloomspite Gitz / Ogre Mawtribes

    Frostgrave / Zona Alfa / Judge Dredd / Stargrave / Slaine

  • Hijacking Ric's thread to say hi too, as one of the other folks roped into this Age of Sigmar business at work.

    Played a bit of 40k a long time ago, and a lot of Warhammer Fantasy until they killed that off. Dabbled in Mordheim and Necromunda along the way, and enjoying getting back into the painting scene with some AoS Slaves to Darkness.

  • Welcome to the group, hopefully we will be back in person to wage war against one another, but in the meantime assemble your troops for battle!

    Glad you found us, feel free to join the Sunday zoom call if you want to listen to us all talking nonsense whilst painting models

  • Hi everyone,

    As one of the other AoS newbies I thought it would be worth saying hello (although I am a little late to the party now!).

    My background in gaming is unremarkable. I once attempted 40k in high school, and by attempt, I mean very badly slapped thick, unwatered down paint onto Tau models and then got angry that it didn’t look like the box art.

    I am now into AoS collecting the new Lumineth army and am doing much better with the painting etc so far! Hopefully see you all in person in the not so distant future.

    Craig H (I realise there is another Craig here!)