Austrian revenge, napoleonic rebels and Patriots

  • Another rebels and Patriots clash between Craig's Austrians and my French, could the Austrians regain some honour after being trumped last time:/.

    We played a scenario from the book, the mission being to hold an objective on a hill in the centre of the board. We both had 24 point forces, Craig taking 6 units of Austrian line, I took two line units and two good shooting light infantry units.

    Could Colonel Ramirez McGregor pull off another victory over the Austrian dogs? Or would the Colonel Von Kilnkerpoppen regain some honour?

    The forces lined up, the Austrians formed up in an extended line, clearly trying overawe the French with their weight of numbers, being a much more canny commander Ramirez led his forces enechelon with light infantry of the Hanoverian Legion screening the line infantry.

    The French advanced quickly towards the central hill, with the line infantry forming close order.

    The Austrians plodded forward in line, halted and formed close order and waited for the French to advance into range. A cowardly tactic!!!

    The Hanoverian legion advanced up the hill and secured the objective, it proved to be fool hardy though when they came under close order volley fire from three Austrian units, the casualties mounted and after this sustained suffering they broke. The other unit of light infantry took up a skirmish position and screened the two line units.

    There were several exchanges of fire, the Austrians managed to soak this up without breaking, two units then marched up the hill to take the objective. After two turns of firing the French managed to drive them off, despite the Austrians callously throwing a unit forward to draw fire away from the hill!!!

    Ramirez saw his chance and marched his unit onto the objective he crowed in triumph. The Austrians weren't ready to give in though, they were on a knife edge and almost reduced to 75%casualties, a sustained round of shooting managed to finally drive off the remaining French light infantry unit, reducing to below break point.

    Ramirez noticed that the objective saw that the objective was actually Von Klinkerpoppen's gilded chamber pot......clearly not worth dying for and he marched off the board.

    The Austrians secured a only two games they have managed to be far more successful than any of Aggresive Dave's Germanic armies!!!!