Leader stats and force composition

  • Bryan: Newly promoted (you fill in the name and rank). This is your first independent command and you are keen to make a success of it.

    You have two sub-commanders Dave & Craig (Scott) (choose campaign names and ranks). One will be in charge of scouting ahead of the main body which will be commanded by yourself. The third commander will be in charge keeping supply lines clear. It’s guerrilla infested country so supplies will have to be in guarded convoys with fortified staging posts set up along the way.

    Guerrilla bands will be generated randomly during the campaign. They won’t join in battles but will attack supply lines. This may affect your ability to report back (reports gain points) and keep your force in supply. Your local knowledge is sparse but so far patrols have encountered guerrilla forces of between 2 and 18pts strength (max 3 units). Guerrillas are skirmishers as per Reb & Patriot.

    French forces 90pts total from Rebs & Patriots. Composition as follows:-

    7-9 Line

    3-4 Light

    3-4 Light Cav

    0-1 Hvy Cav

    3-4 Artillery batteries

    A max of 3 can be Veteran, a minimum of 4 must be Green. Distribute any other traits as you see fit within your points total.

    Divide your force up into scouting, convoy and main body. You can move units between forces during the campaign. You can break a Line down into 2x Skirmisher units (and later reform). Max of 2 at any one time and not being used to skirmishing their status must reduce by one level (Vets become Ave etc. Green stay as Green).

    Give me a list of your units and unit names and where you are initially allocating them.

    Commander traits are a simplified version of Rebs and Patriots.

    Each commander has charisma (or maybe not) and a trait which may or may not help during the campaign.


    Bryan roll a first D6 a second D6 and finally another 2D6.

    Dave and Craig roll a D6 and then another 2D6 .

    Give me the scores and I’ll tell you the Charisma and trait.

    Once you’ve got charisma and traits Bryan can decide who is in charge of convoy and the scouts. Some traits may help these commands more than others.

  • Naturally my officer is Colonel, "The Comte" D'El Monte.

    I rolled, 6,4 and then a 4 and 2

    Dave, being an Aggresive cavalry type shall command the vanguard:


    Aggresive shock cavalry 7points , 13th cuirassiers

    Light cavalry 4points - 3rd Dutch Hussars

    Aggresive green light cavalry 4points - hannoverian chasseurs

    Good shooting light infantry 8points - voltigeurs garde de Paris

    Veteran line infantry 6points - 1st platoon carabiniers Hanoverian legion

    Craig shall command the supply column (not sure Dave can be trusted not to chase guerrillas into the hills):


    2x large green line infantry 8points 1st and 2nd platoon Hannoverian legion

    Light infantry 6points , voltigeurs Irish legion

    Light cavalry 4points, 15th chasseurs a cheval

    Light gun 4points - 4pdr gun

    Green light cavalry 3points - westphalian light horse

    The main column:


    2x large line infantry 10points , 1st and 2nd company garde de Paris

    Medium gun 6points - 8pdr gun

    Light gun 4points - howitzer

    Good shooting light infantry 8points - voltigeurs swiss

    2x line infantry 8points, 1st and 2nd company swiss

  • Chef de Battalion Amour HIREDERIRE is a cheerful man well liked by those under his command, charisma +1. he belives in the benefit of drill and trains his men accordingly. This gives him +1 in large actions but as he is guarding the convoy he is unlikley to see large actions.

    The Comte D'el Monte is new in command and hasn't yet gained the trust of his men, in fact some think his ambition will place them unnecessarily in harms way, -1 charisma. He does believe in the benefit of drill and drills his men hard. This gives him +1 in large actions .

    I'll post the supply points rules in the main section later today. Once you have seen these you can determine how many staging posts you are gpoing to build and on what squares and Craig can determine which of his troops will garrison them. fortified staging posts help 'dissuade' guerrillas from attacking on those squares but they are costly to build.

    I'll also post turn segments later on today. I'll post everything in parts so you can all turn to the relevant bit at the relevant time.

    Bryan can you name/number the units please so we can keep track of them regards disorder/casualties etc as we go along.

  • Steve's character is .....(name and rank). He is a man of religious principle. Each week roll a D6 to see if he remains at Charisma 0 or is filled with religious fervour and increases Charisma to +1. He believes that orderliness is next to Godliness and subsequently trains his men in Drill. +1 in Large actions.

  • Steve

    Your leader Capitain Denevir Chèvre has had a strict religious upbringing and has religious principles. Each week roll a D6 ( I have those now) to see if he remains at Charisma 0 or is filled with religious fervour and increases Charisma to +1. He believes that orderliness is next to Godliness and subsequently trains his men in Drill. +1 in Large actions.