Spanish succession games 1.3.20

  • we managed to squeeze in two taster games of rebels and Patriots on Sunday.

    Craig " The shame" Scott brought his French and British armies fir the war if Spanish Succession down, hoping to break his losing streak against Aggresive Dave.

    These were taster games ahead of a Napoleonic campaign in the future.

    The first battle involved Dave as the British defender with two guns on a hill and twelve points of extra troops to defend the guns. Craig had 24 points of French and Bavarians to destroy the guns.

    Dave took three skirmish units and a shock cavalry unit to defend the guns. Craig went for several units of line and a couple of lighter units.

    Craig boldly advanced towards the battery.

    In a shocking turn of events Dave managed to activate his guns repeatedly , smashing Craig's French infantry and sending General Peirre le'poo scurrying off the table. An unforgivable act by Craig......allowing French units to suffer casualties!!! The shame!!!

    Dave followed this up with his cavalry smashing Craig's right flank, wiping out 70% of Craig's army, despite a valiant attempt by his skirmishers to charge Dave's line. Unsurprisingly Dave all but ignored the Bavarians in Craig's force!

    This completed a hat trick of defeats at the hands of Dave for Craig!! The shame!!

    The second game was a more straight forward battle to capture a hill in the centre of the table.

    Craig had learned his lesson and took more light troops to screen his line troops. Dave reverted to character and took cavalry......and a poor set of dice.

    Craig began by forming most of his units into line and pushing his skirmishers and light cavalry forward.

    Dave began to set up his shock cavalry charge but a failed activation left a unit unsupported.

    Craig managed to pick off Dave's cavalry bit by bit, then pushed his skirmishers onto the objective.

    Aggresive Dave saw his chance, shouted Charge and sent his remaining cavalry up the hill bravely seeing off a unit of skirmishers before hurtling down the hill into a unit of French line, disordering himself in the process. Dave consistently rolled badly for his morale rolls and lost more cavalry!!

    Some more punishing fire finished the British off. Dave's only remaining unit, light infantry, took the reverse slope tactic a little too literally and didn't move up the hill at all.

    Two enjoyable if brutal, games and some interesting lessons learned and ideas picked up. Craig's armies looked quite impressive in full flow and the Napoleonic campaign will be quite interesting to see different army styles being used.