Sunday 15th

  • As we've set Xenos Rampant aside due to significant rules imbalances a few of us were discussing about trying to finish TMWWBK campaign we started a few years ago. We had Gremans (Dave), Brfits (Steve), French (Bryan) Natives (Andy) and Zanzibari (various).

    If everyone is in agreement we can see about starting this Sunday?

    I've got Brits (plus Steve has Brits), natives (plus Andy has natives), Zanzibari, Ruga Ruga and Germans and Bryan has French so we've enough minis for everyone.

    The campaign was pre this forum so there's not much on here from it but I'm sure we can get started again.

  • Mitch do you want to take over the Zanzibari force in this? They were run as a kind of guest slot so by different people and never had a person in charge of them.

    That would give us 4 'colonial ' powers to face off against each other. I have lots of minis for the Zanzibari BTW.

  • I went through the figures i had for this, are you ready?


    44 Zanzibari infantry 16 jezzails 12baluchi swords 2 guns 10 cav 3officers.


    43 infantry

    27 generic Askari


    24, 16, 29 different tribals ( distinguished by shields), 10 cav and 20 inf (semi europeanised types), 12 other semi europeanised types, 14 tribal muskets, 4 witch doctors, 9 characters.


    19 schutztruppen, 18 Marines, 27 Askari , 2 HMG, 14 sailors 1 HMG, 16 europeanised natives, 7 officers.


    14 Sikhs, 10 Sikhs, 12 highlanders, 17 inf and 1 HMG, 11 sailors, 10 inf, 33 punjab and 1HMG, 1 pom pom, 24 Askari, 1 gun, 13 officers/NCOs.

    That's some kind of crazy.