Help in 3d

  • it depends what you want to do…

    If it’s terrain and stuff, a PLA printer (such as the Ender 3 series) does the job well and for not too much outlay…

    If you want more intricate/detailed stuff like miniatures, then you’ll need to get a resin printer which will be more expensive, can give off dodgey fumes, and needs mush more aftercare once the print is finished… 🤔

  • Talk to Andy Mac at the club on Sunday he uses an Elegoo Mars Pro resin printer and can advise you. You want a printer, wash & cure and resin at least for your own sanity.

    if you need specific terrain stuff and have files/pla I can help on that front as I have a fdm printer and can crank what you need out.

    Did all the vehicles for Will Dredd Xmas game, my own samurai terrain and am currently cranking out terrain for the Silver Bayonet