Wooing Yahbooty

  • Seeing the use that the Franco Spanish were making by hiring of Sheik Yahmuni's Barbaries the Germanic Coalition determined to hire some pirates of their own. An opportunity presented itself in the shape of the ambitions of Sheik Yahmuni's nephew Sheik Yahbooty. He was tiring of being a sub-commander in his uncles force and the Germanics set about wooing him and his followers away from his uncle with promises of reward and command.

    A meeting was arranged at the Barbary village of Al Khazi which was under Yahbooty's command.Lt Luchs, the Prussian commander was joined by Count Von Wulfen buttal and his Brunswickers. A show of strength would no doubt benefit negotiations.

    However the Franco Spanish spy system informed them of this would be attempt and Capitaine L'Cul and Col De Sagres Y San Miguel set out to demonstrate to any wavering allies the foolishness of deserting their cause plus if they could grab Yahbooty that would give them an even better hand.

    As the attackers the Germanics force march through the rough countryside saw them arrive slightly ahead of the Franco Spanish. Things started to go wrong before the fighting started though. Capitaine L'Cul in a now rare moment of sobriety had bribed a merchant to take the backroads used by the Prussians. As expected the Prussians seized the goods, a selection of fine wines and cheeses. What the Prussians didn't know was that fine fare was laced with poison so that Luchs and his staff were forced to spend the whole action wheezing, puce and passing copious quantities of pooh never managing to leave the cover of the woods.

    In a further blow to the Germanics Von Wulfenbuttal, the Brunswick commander had set himself with a unit of Hussars ready to sweep into the village with dashing elan that would definately impres Yahbooty. However closer inspection of the mean mud hovels of Al Khazi beside the stinking creek was giving him second thoughts. He'd just ridden out from a pleasent tavern with a buxom serving wench and that was definately looking a better prospect than the sight he now surveyed. He relayed a message that he'd left important documents at the tavern and promptly left the field to retrieve them. That left the Germanics with no effective command before the action started.

    The Franco Spanish were better served by De Sagres Y San Miguel however L'Cul was back on the bottle.

    All in all not a great advert for european soldiery to set before Yahbooty.

    Despite all this the Prussians pressed into the village and delivered a sack of coins which recruited Yahbooty to their cause.

    He was soon to regret his choice as the Brunwickers were now vacilating and the Prussians outgunned. The Prussians exhaulting the barbaries to stand and fight (in front of most of the Germanics) was also causing Yahbooty to re-evaluate things.

    After several rounds of hard fighting this was even more so when the only force left facing the Franco Spanish was his unit. All the other Germanics had fled.

    So it was a bitterly cursing Yahbooty who slunk off through the woods with the wheezy, poohy, puce prussian command, the sky behind them glowing red as the Franco Spanish looted and fired Al Khazi. There'd be hell to pay for this insult and it might not just be the Franco Spanish paying it.

  • Good game again, cheers.

    The Count of Wolfenbuttal was latter heard to be complaining about some nervy/flighty horse he'd been mounted on. Apparently it had been captured with some Frenchie called Del'monte and at the first gun shot it had fled the field with the Count hanging on for dear life and the Hussars following, presumably thinking this was some great tactical flanking move by the Count. Obviously the horse had never seen a battle before.