Bridge to victory

  • With the Comte D'El Monte still missing in action the French forces decided to strike a blow at the enemy.....Herr Davina and his Brunswickers. .

    With this being a campaign honour is a factor Dave rolled for his officer trait, the officer starting with 10 honour points, and quite in keeping with his new fascination with artillery, Dave rolled the "big bore advocate" trait - his officer travels with his own personal gun limber!!!

    Clearly the main aim of the French being the rescue of the Comte D'El Monte, the French rescue force is led by his trusty and loyal lap dog Chef De Battalion Pepe L'pew. Pepe only has one honour......nobody can out shine the Comte. He rolled the "musketry" roll a failed fire activation .

    We played the Bridge to victory scenario from the Rebels and Patriots book. The French striking at the allied territory to establish a bridgehead, two engineer units were to build a pontoon bridge, the Brunswickers clearly couldn't allow this to happen.

    Dave took a unit of shock cavalry, clearly hoping to scare the French with fancy hussar uniforms, a light cavalry unit, a light infantry unit, a light gun and he rolled to get some "fake" Highlanders that would act as a decoy.

    The French, in the spirit of allied co-operation, graciously allowed their Spanish allies to provide three timid line units whilst the Hanoverian legion provided the complement of Germans in the form of a light infantry unit and two line units.......those engineers would be amply protected!!

    After a couple of turns with the hole Franco Spanish line advancing on the river, Herr Dave became worried and uses his cavalry to try and screen his forces and secure the river. Whilst hia gun moved into range to bombard the river.

    However clearly not willing to fire on fellow Germans the cavalry swept across the board to try and challenge the engineers......unfortunately the Spanish line troops proved themselves and wiped the light cavalry out with disciplined volleys.....the hussars suffered as well but seemed poised to dash into the river but then fell back out of firing range whilst the gun and light infantry tried to whittle down the engineers.

    Whilst the Spaniards and engineers performed, the Hanoverian Legion consistently failed to activate.....they were clearly just happy for the Spanish to take the glory.....a deliberate ploy to shower even more shame on the Brunswickers!!

    After several excellent activations the bridge was built and the Brunswickers crumpled taking 50% casualties his gallant leader decided to pack up his limber and seek glory elsewhere.

    Chef De Battalion L'pew showered himself in glory and earned 6 honour points and established a vital bridgehead into allied territory.

    Herr Dave earned........0 honour!

    a very enjoyable game to lead us into a campaign.

    How will the allies respond? will the Spanish continue to outshine the Hanoverian legion........Will the Comte D'El Monte be will he take the news of the glory and honour earned by L'pew.........

    Still plenty of action to come.......