Clash of hooves

  • With the return of gaming Aggresive Dave and myself had a small 18 point skirmish game of rebels and Patriots, cavalry forces only.

    Dave was actually able to field a fully painted Brunswick army!! His commander Herr Capitan Dick Schmella took two units of good shooting light cavalry and a light galloper gun.

    The Comte D'El Monte didn't take to the field, he allowed his subordinate Spanish ally, Commandante Ramirez McGregor to take command. Two small units of shock cavalry, a timid unit of light cavalry and a light gun.

    The mission was simple take control of the objective in the centre of the board and hold it.

    In customary fashion Dave failed most of his first activations, The Franco forces pushed forward. In a very unusual move Dave restrained from hurtling forward with his cavalry and drew the French Hussars forward into firing range, they started taking casualties, but held firm. Ramirez and the Spanish Royal Guard however failed several activations.......for some reason they didn't want to screen the French.....either this or they noticed a Campbell in the Brunswick ranks. When the Spanish finally did move it was in retreat, after taking casualties from the Brunswick cannon.

    My hussars managed to briefly take the objective but the mounting casualties led to them being pushed back despite bravely charging forward towards the Brunswick Husssars......who evaded in a mist cowardly manner.

    Dave was able to inflict enough casualties to win the game........I shame that is placed firmly on the shoulders of Ramirez McGregor.

    An enjoyable quick game to get back into the swing of the rules.