Pernas Bambas

  • There was no close pursuit on the road from Bexiga and the 1st and 2nd Lights (4DP), 1st & 2nd Light Cav (6DP), Lt gun battery (1DP) and the 3rd line who given them support have all arrived in the fortified village of Pernas Bambas (6FP). The 5th Line has disintigrated as a fighting unit.

    You have spotted some small skirmisher units of French but they have not approached Pernas though they have observed your forces.

    You have built 6 FPs around Pernas.

    Can you state where your defences are going to be built (north, centre or south and East or West of the river) (west is enemy side of the river). You divide them up or keep them all in one place.

    Can you also state where your units are going to be placed.

    The river is fordable but difficult terrain except by the bridge in Pernas and ford to the north.

    Old Wheezy is in charge so I need some dice rolls from Craig.

  • HI Peter here is our plan, my dice roles are 1,1,2,4,4,4,5,6

    We would like to spend 1 sp each on recovering disorder for the 2 Lights units, 2 SP to recover the 1st CAV, the 2nd Cav will be sent to recover at Dor de Cabecca.

    All civilians to be evacuated before the battle.

    The Third Line will start across the river, give fire to the enemy as they approach then withdraw to the Fortified position across the river, firing the buildings and bridge as they go.

  • Thanks for that that's very thoughtful not to burn down the church.

    Just one more thing to ask. The French have some small units of light infantry clearly trying to reconnoitre the defences. You haven't been able to be clear how many but there appear to be two or three. They are keeping their distance so no chance of shooting at them effectively. Do you want to send any forces forward to drive them off in an attempt to deny them scouting capability?

  • The boys of the 1st Lights, modestly refortified, sallied across the ford and engaged in a hot skirmish with elements of the Garde de Paris sent forward as skirmishers. Unfortunately for them Old Wheezy has taken with a consumptive fit and is not providing inspiring leadership.

    None the less they held off the Garde before falling back and receiving support from the 3rd line hidden in Pernas West of the river such that the Guarde recoiled back and had to call up support.

    At this point the 1st reforded the river and the 3rd fired the buildings fell back across the bridge firing it as they went . At the same time the woods on the southern flank were fired.

    The situation at midday (still up to 7 turns left) is that the 1st have 5DP but are back across the ford , the 3rd are East of the river behind barricades with 1DP and the buildings West of the river, bridge and woods south of the river are ablaze. Unfortunately the swirling winds are blowing easterly and the flames are reaching the buildings currently occupied on the east bank by the 3rd. The wind direction may change.

    You can see the French forces disposition on the map. Because of the brave actions of the 1st and the swirling smoke it is unlikley the French have much idea of your fores disposition.

    your forces await your orders.

  • 1st Lights having done sterling work will fall back and withdraw for the day to the rear, a runner will be sent to inform Major Angus "BOOM BOOM" Braveheart of the stunning victory at Perna Bambas and how Old Wheezy has seen off Frenchie!

    The 4th Line Infantry will be ordered to set off from Dor De Cabeca with orders to screen the Pernas Bambas retreat or support its position if it is able to hold.

    In reality the rest of the force aims to see out the day defending and holding the ground till nightfall, at which point the viability of the situation will be re-assessed;

    Medium and Light Guns to remain in fortified position and fire on 1st Garde and 13th Curassieurs if/when in range, 2nd lights to stay concealed and ambush anything approaching the guns.

    3rd Line, 1/3 on unit to firefight when able to safely. If under fire will return to unit and fight defensive action from buildings/fortifications not on fire.

    1st Light Cav to stay in reserve and only move in if the guns are in imminent danger.

  • The ambush worked to a treat. The 1st drew the Guarde de Paris units across the river and into the killing zone where combined artillery and 2nd hit them with a co-ordinated volley. There was a short exchange of musketry and the French fell back across the river in disorder.

    The large unit of 2nd Garde de Paris demonstrated in front of the village and the 3rd managed a volley at them before taking casualties back.

    The 2nd Garde de Paris have also fallen back. so current situation with 4 hours left till nightfall is as follows.

    2nd Lights 4DP still in position. 1st lights guarding guns flank 5DP, 3rd Line are holding the village 3DP. The 1st light cav are in reserve 4DP.

    The wind has changed direction and is blowing the flames towards the French which has further discomforted them.

    So far Old Wheezy has proved a comptent commander and has taught the French a lesson in defensive combat.

    The French have fallen back across the river to reorganise and lick their wounds.

    Can you give me 8 more D6 rolls please.

  • "For God, King and the glory of the Empire, you men have given Frenchie a bloody good thrashing and your actions will go down in dispatches, YES! the King himself will learn of your great deeds" - Cmdr Reginald Clifton-Bowdell address to his men during the Battle of Pernas Bambas.

    Dice rolls are 1, 2, 2, 3, 3, 3, 6, 6

  • It is clear you have dealt the French a bloody nose. The French forces are not pushing forward anymore, instead they wait out of musket shot and as the light begins to fade it is clear they are awaiting reinforcements. With the flames of Pernas reducing to glowing embers in the fading light what are your orders? Are you going to stand with the backing of the 4th reinforcing those units already there or fall back under cover of darkness?

  • Under the cover of Darkness the medium gun, all the Lights, the 3rd Line and the cavalry, will withdraw towards Cor de Becca.

    The newly arrived 4th Line is to split into two skirmish units - 1 replacing the 3rd Line in the village and the other replacing the Lights in the woods. They, along with the galloper guns will hopefully give the impression of us staying put while the bulk of our force falls back. These forces are to disrupt any French advance whilst preserving themselves.

    If it looks like a full assault is coming these forces will fire the rest of the Village and woods on the British side of the River and withdraw.

  • Well Old Wheezy is congratulating himself on a job well done, veteran campaigning knowledge and an iron (albeit rusty) constitution allowed allied forces to give Frenchie a bloody nose. The 4th fired a round at the French inflicting damage on the lead elements but then fell back as it was obvious the main French force was crossing the river.

    The 2nd Lights have 3DP

    1st Lights 5DP

    1st Light Cav 4DP

    3rd Line 1DP

    the 4th Line extricated themselves without loss.

    We forgot to allocate supply points last week so you have two lots to spend this week either building or removing DPs.

    Are you going to fall back all the way to the main defences now or harass to French some more on the road?

  • Having fought the good fight its time for Old Wheezy to mount his trusty Donkey Bartholomew and lead his troops back to Dor De Cabeca for a victory parade.

    Our forces will withdraw with the 1st and 2nd Lights forming our rear guard, they will cover each other on the march back falling back past each other as our column marches to Dor De Cebeca. They will position themselves in cover on woody or rocky ground, will volley at any pursuing skirmishers or cavalry in an effort to deter any pursuit or scouting activities where possible, falling back a safely as possible to reserve there strength.

    The supply points will be spent on the following;

    6 on supply

    4 on defense at Dor de Cabeca

    1 on recovering the 1st lights

    1 on recovering the 1st cav

    2 on requesting guerrillas to harass the French

    Not sure if you need them but here are two sets of rolls

    Set1: 2,2,3,3,5,6,6,6

    Set2: 1,1,1,1,3,4,5,6

  • "Boom Boom" Braveheart's oversized heart swelled with pride at the sight of Old Wheezy winding his way through the crowds in Dor de Cabeca. The old codger had even brought Bartholomew out of retirement to demonstrate to the crowds that he was a man of the people. He may be a decade past retirement but the old naval officer was still teaching Braveheart new tricks.

    The crowds cheered, "muerte a los Franceses" and, "Abajo con la pequena dictadora". If ever there was a time for the guerillas to rise up in the defence of their people this was it.