Morning All

  • Hi All

    Just joined the forum and hope to pop down tomorrow evening - live local on the estate. Love both Role Playing and Board Gaming of all varieties.

    Am 49 years old and live with my good lady Sonia, happily married for 17 years now. Have 2 children, Lisa and Craig who both love playing games too, so we all get together whenever we can to play. However they have both now flown the nest so our gaming nights are not as often as they used to be.

    Favourite games include Gloomhaven, Battlestar, Eldritch Horror, Catan, Pandemic, D&D, etc. Recently acquired Cadwallon City of Thieves which is also good fun.

    Am looking forward to popping down to the club tomorrow evening. However if there are any groups that play during the day or the evening this weekend before tomorrow evening - or if anyone fancies doing so - give me a shout. My good lady has popped away for the weekend with her sister so I am keen to quell the boredom in-between!



  • Hi there and welcome to the club.

    Sundays are typically more painting and tabletop wargaming focussed, although the boardgames are beginning to show a bit of a revival, so I'm not sure what the numbers will be like.

    However, since you're local just pop along from 7 and see what we're up to. At the very least you can join us for a cuppa and a chat and see if you like the group. You never know, we might even convince you of the virtues (?) of tabletop gaming too.

    Hope to see you tomorrow.


  • Thanks Andy - was good to meet you and everyone else too. The warm welcome from yourself and everyone was very much appreciated!

    Thoroughly enjoyed it last night - even though we all got annihilated somewhat. Your last man standing gung-ho attempt at the end was a valiant effort! Agreed that a co-op attempt may be well worth a stab next time and possibly the way to go - we just need to convince Dan ;-)

    Hope to get down Friday so all being well see you then.