Friday 22nd March - Worlds Worst Photographer

  • There was an interestingly named board game being played - but again I forgot to picture - so via Board Game Geek here's - how did it go? Maybe they need a bigger boat?


    What was the second game? My mind's gone blank

    We had one painter, one conversational interloper..

    And another random Grimdark Firefight game. "Alpha Legion" Vs "Mirthless Orks"

    In this game the line "Crit Happens" was definitely valid.

    A Goblin Champ was used to add some cheap "Waaagh" (aka War Cry aka speed boost" functionality. But failed to do anything else after standing in the corner of the battlefield staring at his gear.

    Said champ was stupid enough to deploy in the open - and 'somehow' survived a direct unmissable shot. The Gretchin hordes ran across the field, one group downing a marine in the first round.

    The next turn the Ambushers arrived - the marines assaulting and slaughtering a Sniper Ork Commando on his first ever mission, however the dice decided it would continue to be impossible to make any defensive rolls, and then rolled high on the wound roll - instant death.

    The was also absoutely some VERY VERY high shooting rolls from all the Orks and Gretchins - Alpha Legion went from holding 3 of 5 objectives, to having only one man standing.

    After knocking down another ineffective and toothless Ork the valiant last Legionary took 9 shots, and laughed it off.

    It could have been a win for the Alpha legion less the crit fails, if could have been an annihilation victory for the Orcs, but the low pair rolls returned after a spate of 6s!?

    More scenery is more good - more varied Ork lists to come - and maybe some tweaks to the Alpha Legion load out. For once Medic trait barely came into play.

    Time to look at Campaign rules...