The Groans of the Britons

  • After the betrayal of Mauricius' forces by the Comte Del Monte the only survivor, Mauricius 2iC, Maximus Hilarius , was definitely not laughing as he fled the field of battle and hid in a wooded area of countryside where there were some old ruins of temples. Mauricius set about searching for the unfortunate Hilarius to find out what had happened to the troops he had placed under his command.

    At the same time the Comte who heard of his survival began combing the area looking for Hilarius. Things weren't looking good for the young Romano British aristocrat either way.

    Both forces entered the field together but Mauricius had word from some locals who had seen a bedraggled figure hiding in the ruined temple of Bacchus and knew given his past proclivities that was likely Hilarius.

    Sure enough on combing the temple grounds he found his traumatized 2iC. All he had to do now was get him off the field to the camp so he could be interrogated sorry questioned about what had happened.

    The Comte being aware that the fugitive had been found launched his elite cavalry units at the pedyts who had found Hilarius. The Comtes forces could ride, shoot and fight and pass morale (just) and cut their way through two of Mauricius' cavalry units before peppering the Pedyts with archery.

    Being a poorly led rabble the pedyts at first faltered before recovering but taking more casualties from the Comtes elites they fled the field and poor Hilarius once again found himself trampled underfoot of the common soldiery, this time his whereabouts being unknown. Perhaps he's dead in a ditch or taken up the more simple life of a clergyman away from all the aristocratic backstabbing and double dealing.

    Before the pedyts broke however Hilarius did manage to give the gist of his tale to Mariscius ensuring a civil war between Mauriscius and the Comte is now declared.