The Niemandsvriend settlement scrape

  • The Dutch became aware of a French incursion onto their new settlement at Niemandsvriend. As a man of fine breeding the Comte Del Monte thought it below himself to be traipsing around the woodlands so he seconded his arsonist side kick Gaston Le Pew for the task. The French mustered their force and set off to loot and burn (well mostly just burn) the Dutch settlement.

    They had not anticipated the extent to which the heavy brush and trees disordered their fine clothing and feathered hats however and as a consequence the French emerged from the woods in a staggling mass.

    What made it worse was the damp thatch of the rough houses which was difficult to catch light.

    For their part the tricky Dutch commander Wim von Wonk had told a group of drunken sailors there was grog in the village. Led by the loud and obnoxious Pik Koch the sailors rampaged into the emerging French thinking they were there to compete for the grog.

    Dutch sailors fell left and right under French musketry but they were so enraged they kept fighting until only the obdurate Koch was left.

    By this time Van Wonk was demonstrating his tactical superiority by bringiing forward his forces in an orderly manner (unlike the French) and even calling up reinforcements (how many double 6's Mitch?).

    The French were cowed by this demonstration of martial ability and fell back leaving only one hut ablaze and van Wonk clear master of the field..

    6 honour to van Wonk 2 honour to Le Pew.

  • Bizarre game considering the French had given the Dutch a sound thrashing on their first outing just a few weeks earlier. The activations and moral rolls for the Dutch where crazy aided by some timely double 1's on the French side, with the French failing to shoot with first fire into the reserve cavalry being the final straw maybe.

    The French had assassinated the Dutch commander in the first game we played, perhaps a mistake they came to regret.

    Now to see if I can get some Dutch mercenaries for my other forces.