• Hi all,

    I'm a long time Wargamer. Haven't played for a few years, dad responsibilities, but I'm looking to get back in. Does anyone play on Saturdays? That's the only day I'm free to game. I have bolt action. Warhammer 40k, Horus heresy and some old warhammer fantasy. Cheers.

  • Hi Paul welcome to the club, the club only opens from 7pm Friday and Sunday, with an early opening at 3pm on the second Sunday of each month for longer/more gaming.

    Sorry if this does not work for you but someone may message if they are free for Sat gaming outside the clubs hours



  • Hi Paul, welcome to the club, if you find time on a Friday or Sunday then maybe we will see you at the club.

    I do play some 40k outside of the club as well, element games in Stockport have a group that welcomes new players and there are a few other places in Wigan/Bolton.

    If your interested in element they have a discord where you can arrange games.