Mega city One. Brit cit veteran V the Mitchy Pete gang.

  • Working on a lead in Mega city one veteran Brit cit Judge Horne was finishing off his assignment when the Mitchy Pete gang was made aware of Judges located in their turf.

    Only one of the twins Mitch was running the gang today with Pete away on Stookie drug dealings.

    The mission take down as many Judges as possible.The Judges Catch as many perps until The LAW as brought order to the neighbourhood.

    Judges always ready even after a successfull criminal inverstigation

    The Mitchy Pete gang sneaking in ready to take down the Law.

    Mega city One, looks a bit of an underhive to me.

    Mitch and his heavy unleash on the Judges

    The Judges came under some heavy fire and lost a cadet but took out enough gang members to send the Mitchy pete gang scarpering.

    The Mitchy pete's lick their wounds having come so close to stopping the Judges in their tracks again.

    Maybe Mitch will think twice before another confrontation without his twin Pete or maybe the Brit cit Horne was just to much for them to handle.

  • Stinking jays, think they got one over on the mitchy / petes. Kept 'em busy and clipped a couple of Jays wings while pete was dealing with bigger things.

    Gonna have to deal with that boss jay, he is going to put a crease in our deals, he should know to stay out of out turf, we don't need no law.

    Great game and enjoyed the board set up with all the streets and alleys cheers Will and Mike.