Judge Dredd 06/06/21. A sad day for the Justice Department.

  • This is Control, Disturbance down in Dan Tanna block, Juves reported spugging about.

    This Is Judge Riley I'll take this, Cadet are you ready?


    New gang muscling in on the cosmic punks turf.

    The Mitchypete gangs only claim to fame is that the leaders are identical twins through cloning at birth.

    This will be a good lesson for the Cadets.


    The judges arrived on the scene to quickly find that the juves they were chasing turned out to be a very heavily armed and organised gang.

    Calling in reinforcements before moving forward their movements was spotted by a lookout who quickly sounded the alarm and the Judges were blown to pieces.


    The next wave of judges faired no better with the gang taking down a total of 5 before scattering laughing.


    When the dust had settled the gang returned celebrating the Dan Tanna Judge massacre.

    Plenty Sugar was consumed.

    The Mitchypete gang was making a big name for themselves and plenty of juves were flocking into the area to join their ranks.

    The Old Judge Riley,veteran in gang movements was quick to find them and even faster dispencing justice.

    Intimidating the gang members and with lawgiver in one hand and daystick in the other came at them possessed.

    The gang members that were not taken down fled like the rats they are.

    Standing in the now empty street the Judge knew this gang was going to cause big problems in the near future.

    “I am… the law! Drop your weapons! These blocks… are under… arrest! This is your final… warning!”


    The gang members full of bravado after their previous encounter with THE LAW.


    Just too many rats to squash but squash them I will.


    Two fantastic games of Judge Dredd the miniature game by warlord games.

    Both learner games with plenty mistakes made.

    Biggest being getting the points wrong in the first scenario giving the gangers a massive advantage but that just added to the narrative that the Judges were walking into a bunch of lowlife punks who turned out to be heavily armed.

    Looking forward to this hitting the table again.