Clear out

  • I'm getting rid of some privateer press, mantic and games workshop stuff

    Warmachine Cygnar

    Metal battleforce bnib £20

    Ironclad warjack £12

    Unit of 5 gun mages (1 figure missing) £12

    Journey man Worcester alternative sculpt £5

    Black 13th gun mages strike team £8

    Faction deck £6

    AOE template pack £6

    Measuring set £6

    Blood bowl

    New style indeed team in plastic, new on sprue bar one partly assembled zombie and one fully assembled skeleton £18

    Set of blue blood bowl dice £6


    dungeon saga expansion the infernal crypts bnib £30

    Dreadball kick-off edition upgraded to 2nd edition with rule book and card pack (still unopened).

    human team cards included and mvp the enforcer too. Painted as ironman so red and gold armour and mvp as iron patriot so blue and silver

    Orc team painted silver with green skin and mvp John Doe included too


    Ratkin team includes cards for team and coach bnib £18

    As not local anymore prices include PayPal fees and postage. Though if younger wait in coming cover one Sunday night in April (19th) so can drop stuff off then!

    Offers welcome too!