Grimdark Future: Firefight - Campaign Options/Interest?

  • A little light reading with the radio on - can't hang the shelves as planned as the 'ol back pain is playing up again.

    This OPR setup Kind of reminds me of Blood Bowl leagues - over time if they survive there's a lot of perks and quirks

    There's also the addition of random events every round.

    OPR Grimdark:FF Campaigns 3.2.0

    Campaign Type

    Game Limited - D6+4

    Point Limited - D6+4 VPs

    Time Limited - D6+4 Weeks

    Endless - Divide VP / Number of Games - Give Warband 'Rating' - also allows other Warbands to Drop In/Out

    Initial: 200 pt Warband (Can hold 40pts back, only one Hero Initially) - all need individual names.

    Per Game:

    Winner: 2 VP +20pts + XP per unit

    Loser: 40pts + XP per unit

    Campaign Steps

    1. Mission Setup

    • Roll for *Special Objective - 6 Options (Reroll if invalid)

    2. Play Mission

    • +50pts max opponent Warband difference
    • Underdog Bonus !!
    • Random Events per round (36 Options - some additional models for flavour required - to add to second post)

    3. Check for Casualties

    • Routed units are not casualties
    • *Normal Units Casualty 1 = Dead 6 = Recover & +1 XP
    • **Hero Units 1 = Injury Trait 6 options -5pts 6 = Talent Trait 6 options +5pts
    • Traits can only be earned ONCE
    • Permadeath or Sit out D3 games and lose all XP?

    4. Earn Experience

    • Not casualty: +1 XP
    • defeat unit: +1 XP
    • defeat hero: +2 XP
    • +5xp = +5 pts and ADD trait
    • Normal Unit Charts & Hero Unit Charts
    • No Unit may exceed 30 XP

    5. Upgrade Warbands

    • Spend Points/Sell Gear/Buy Gear

    6. Recruit Units

    • Up to 3 Hero Units can be in a Warband, but only one can be added per Recruit phase
    • Regular Units - only limit is points available. +10pts can be recruited with +5XP.
    • Disband Unit - losing all XP & Upgrades (Or all Warband and additionally lose all VP & Points)

    And repeat and repeat.

    Will need a roster per player, and a sheet of results.

    Doesn't seem that much.. and I can always keep a log.

    All the traits and random events definitely add flavour, and I suspect some character/model attachment.

    Anyone interested??

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