More Groans of the Britons

  • More action in Roman Britain as four warbands well two Celtic warbands - Picts and Scots the Romans would probably describe themselves as mobile field forces crossed paths on their way to or from some nefarious activity. The idea was they had to fight off any attacks and carry on along their planned route. The Romans of both the Comte del Montes force and Mauritius force had cavalry and infantry in their units. Rather they had cavalry with the commander and some disposable road blocks otherwise known as infantry. The extensive training of the professional Romans only seemed to extend to their cavalry being good at maneuvering around combats whilst dropping off infantry units as said road blocks.

    Mauritius was first to do this leaving a unit of well trained archers in the middle of the cross roads. This unit held up all the other forces but predictably they didn't survive being attacked on all sides.

    The Comte seemed none too bothered about abandoning his pedyt units either so that eventually they were surrounded and attacked by the Picts and Scots.

    Being first to the crossroads Mauritius cavalry found Keira, a Roman noblewoman, who'd been attacked and had separated from her escort to escape shed been sheltering in the lowly farm hut at the crossroads. Seeing the Roman noble cavalry approach and fearing falling into the hands of the unwashed Picts who were also nearby she threw herself at Mauritius mercy. He inquired if she could fight- answer no, was she prepared to step in front of Pictish missiles to save his cavalry from taking casualties - no. Deeply unimpressed Mauitius allowed her to tag along as a kind of semi mobile hindrance. If she hadn't been mounted she'd have probably been the next road block after the infantry.

    Pict missile fire eventually forced Mauritius cavalry to flee and the poor unfortunate Keira was scattered and lost along with them.

    It later transpired she was the wife of a Romano British merchant (read arms dealer) and daughter of a minor Frank noble so there maybe an upshot from all this mistreatment in future games.

    The one lesson everyone learned after the last two weeks is that if Mauritius forces turn up and offer to rescue you thank them but say you'll await a rescuer with a better track record of actually rescuing people.

    For his part the Comte managed to get the majority of this cavalry off the table and was the clear winner followed by Mauritius efforts.The Irish got stuck in some woodlands for too long and then got distracted attacking the unfortunate Roman infantry and dodging treacherous Pict missiles and the Picts were held up killing Roman infantry.

    All in all a good day to be Roman and on a horse!

    On being aware of the good Keiras semi nobility and arms dealing connections the Comte determined to find her and ransom - sorry return her to her husband or father or possibly both.