Clashes at Wadda Khazi and the Limpo Cross roads

  • The final small round of games saw the Zanzibaris take on the Germans and French versus British.

    The Zanzibari cause was hampered by them leaving the ineffectual Mustafa Cuppa in command. His woeful leadership badly affected his units morale as the Zanzibari went down to a heavy defeat to the Germans under Colonel Von Klinterschon. The Germans showed Teutonic resolution by hauling an HMG on patrol with them although as usual it didn't manage to fire or move much. It was as if Von Klinterschon was mocking the Zanzibaris by saying he could fight them with one hand tied behind his back.

    The only unit of the Zanzibari that put up much of a struggle was the cavalry who charged into the dilapidated hamlet of Wadda Khazi though they came off second best to the German Kriegsmarine.

    Germans 4 Zanzibari 0

    The remainder of the Zanzibari looked to Mustafa Cuppa to lead them to glory which was a big mistake. In the end the Germans won a convincing victory

    The French under the notorious Comte Del Monte looked to seize control of the Limpo crossroads in the face of a British advance. At first the French advance stalled and it looked like the British with their superior weaponry and drill would gain control of the area but what need of such dull things is there when you have a commander with a penchant for crème de menthe and units of gaudily dressed soldiers including the famous red trousered zouaves and tirailleurs. Displaying their customary elan the French drove the British back and had almost cleared the area by nightfall. No doubt the Comtes report to HQ will clearly spell out how his esprit d'corps rallied the troops and won the day.

    Ftrench 3 British 1