Second games Round 1

  • In the second round of games the Zanzibaris under their reluctant leader Mustafa Cuppa were aiming to oust the French from their lands. For their part the French under the Comte Del Monte had set up camp on the Zanzibari side of the Ufarte River and were establishing their presence by drinking cognac and patrolling the area wearing bright red baggy pants,

    As night fell the French retired to camp for a night of drinking and revelry with their camp followers and eventually all was quiet. This was Mustafa Cuppas chance and he sneaked his forces up to the French picket lines ready to attack.

    Unfortunately, things became a bit uncoordinated, and Mustafa Cuppa lost control of things. Roused from his slumbers the Comte was a whirlwind of action urging troops on left and right (well that’s what his report said so it must be true).

    A swift Zanzibari collapse followed as the attacks faltered one by one and Cuppa could not rally his fleeing troops leaving the Comte the rest of the morning to take some more cognac and write his report how his esprit d’elan won the day.

    French 4 Zanzibari 0

    The British v German game it was a case of encroachment again. British settlers had started to encroach on German lands and despite warnings had stayed and were investigating additional revenue stream scenarios. In this case hosting big game shooting parties who would use the farms as a base from which they could decimate the local wild life (well it was a bit more classy than opening a caravan park on a spare field).

    Kapitain Horst Greuber led a force of sailors, marines and askari to evict the British and burn their homes. He also brought with him the German Camel Korps thinking a bit of a Camel riding display was bound to unsettle the British.

    For their part the British had Captain Horace Spanker Crabtree was in the area with a unit of Sikhs but initially the defence would fall to the Big Game party, their bearers and the farmers. Fortunately the hunters party had several Oxbridge shooting blues armed with the best weapons money could buy. They were ensconced in a couple stone farms just preparing for the days action as the Germans attacked. A deadly fusillade emanated from the farms and the German attacked faltered. Greuber organised the sailors into close order as the askari were mown down but things were not looking good. It was a similar situation at the second farm and all was appearing lost until the Camel Korps managed to charge one of the farms. Their spirit dampened by this fine display of riding plus a few casualties the British fled the farm house and the Germans fired it.

    The Hunters however consolidated with the bearers in another building and things were at a stalemate with the Sikhs getting into action and taking over from the beleaguered hunters at the other farm.

    As all this was going on the Camel Korps trotted around the outskirts of the farms hoping to set fire to one of the unoccupied huts however as night fell their initiative stalled and the British held on.

    British 3 Germans 1