The Campaign is underway - 310722 - British take on the Russians

  • Sadly I only got one picture of the first campaign game which I ran. Will took on my Russian's which he is going to use for the campaign, freeing me to run the game, and Alex used a very characterful British force which in this case where themed around a Naval landing party.

    We started things simple, playing the rules books first scenario, the Investigation, which saw both forces investigating no mans lands for clues around disappearing body parts.

    Both sides advanced though the village and began trading shots. The British outnumbered the Russians but the distance, terrain, and level ground did nothing for their accuracy, but they did make strides to uncovering the mystery, finding a Hobgoblin who was clearly the culprit. Despite some valiant efforts in close combat the British could only wound the creature in close combat. Whilst the boarding party circled the Hobgoblin ready to take it down, the plucky Russian Rifleman proved his worth finishing it with a well placed shot. Heartily annoyed that this kill had been taken from them a British Marine took down the Russians champion of faith just after he uncovered the final clue at the T junction.

    With all the clues revealed both forces withdrew to lick there wounds and try and understand what they had uncovered.

    The Russians at the end of the game led on XP gained, but the Champion of Faith would start the next encounter wounded. The British survived the mission unscathed.

    thanks to Will and Alex for the game and getting the ball rolling.

    Please feel free to post pictures and reports for your games as you get chance to play them.