Adventures in the Americas

  • Europe is in turmoil, gripped by religious wars, rebellions tyrannical Kings and revolting peasants.

    Yet the New World offers opportunities for old and new rulers alike, but only if the barbaric natives are shown their place and rivals kept at bay.

    We've begun a 17th century Pikemans lament campaign in the Americas. A 12 point scouting game followed by a series of linked battles, with a major battle to finish the campaign

    The forces will consist of a 12 point core group, used in the first battle and then variable units in the larger games. Each victory gaining you honour and a re roll of any activation dice to use in future games.

    The campaign kicked off with Dave's Spanish clashing with Mitch's Dutch. The Dutch forming a good firing line, whilst their Pike advanced forward towards the more reserved Spanish. The Dutch sailors (clansmen) were somewhat disconcerted and meandered up and down hills before smashing into the Spanish line, supported by their shotte unit.

    it was looking bad for the Spanish. But all of a sudden the winds changed and the sailors decides that they needed to return to their ships.....Mitch managed a double one followed by a one........Dave's tactics solely being based on his opponents bad luck was heartened by this and was able to crush the Dutch pikemen taking no small part due to the Spanish peasants taking the bulk of the casualties inflicted!!!

    The Comte D'El Monte......always eager to expand his wealth.....decided a nice little colonial would he nice so had gathered a small force of musketeers and dragoons to do some exploring......but to his utter disgust he encountered some dreadful tartan wearing Scotch rebels fleeing the British Isles.........

    The Scots formed a solid, shotte heavy battle line....whilst their clansman tried a flanking move, some excellent manoeuvres bybthe French saw some almost devasting casualties inflicted on the Scots, but a badly timed failed activation allowed the clansman to attack the Comte and his musketeers......even so they put up a gallant fight, seeing off the clansman but retreating themselves as well. Again the dragoons proved their flexibility and almost took the field for the French but the Scots manages to see them off taking the field.

    Meanwhile the Dutch had managed to stumble after their retreating sailors......straight into a war party of the dreaded Kickapoo tribe. The Dutch seemed to being going native and took advantage of the terrain to hold off the warbands, whilst the warbands attacked where they could........eventually both sides wore each other down and a draw was declared.

    A good start to the campaign, rivalries have already been drawn up.......

  • Andy when you get a chance the pikemans lament leader board is as follows::

    Pete - natives from the Kickapoo tribe, leader TBC (ladies man) - 14 honour

    Dave - Spanish - leader "Spanish Bob" -( lady man) - 16 honour

    Mitch - Dutch- leader TBC (ladies man) - 13 honour

    Bryan- French - Comte D'El Monte (old wound) - 18 honour

    Andy- Scotch- leader - Archibold (ladies man) - 15 honour

    Craig - TBC