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    I am well up for a few games of this Craig (I love my feudal Japan stuff). I have some blank dice, cards can be printed and tokens can be fashioned from Joann’s craft beads. I can definitely have them all painted up and mounted on 60mm bases in time for your large scale game next Christmas.

    No problem. Anyone that wants a game let me know. It will last 30-45 minutes, tops.

    Once Christmas is out of the way I'll book in some learner games prior to the season commencing.

    I'll also fathom how to get the rules uploaded somewhere.

    Global football has moved beyond the restrictive rules of the Premier League and the NFL. Physical enhancements have made the combined sport more intense and more deadly. Players have developed distinctive skills to overpower enemy players. Some are fast. Some are strong. All are out to eliminate their opponents.

    Plan your strategy to get safely into the end zone. Your opponent will do everything he can to destroy your players and take possession of the ball. Can you become, the Wigan Battleball Champion 2018??

    This is a lovely, simple, quick (unless you're playing against Darren) game. I have 2 copies, one of which I will leave at the club. You will play a regular season against 3-4 opponents, fast and furious.

    Who's interested?

    @ Darren: I was making a glorious trophy but Joann’s dad being unwell put the kibosh on me finishing it.

    @ Andy: Your player’s underpants are red. Your underpants are brown. Shamefully brown.

    Trying to get a pass for this. Anyone got any ideas for a long(ish) multiplayer game[e.g Twilight Imperium]/competition [e.g. Ticket to Ride]/mini campaign [e.g. Warmachine]? Maybe something people can dip in and out of (if for example they are summoned home against their wishes by a fearsome spouse. Hypothetically speaking.......)

    After a short and arduous season, Average Joes captured the 2017 Wigan Bowl crown in the absence of anyone else actually bothering to pull their fingers out to try and win.

    Yes, Darren’s human all-lineman/8 re-roll abomination went unbeaten, much to the chagrin of, well, just me actually (probably because Darren did a Darren and thought of a way to annoy me AND win at the same time).

    As the Joes celebrations went on into the night, The Accident & Emergency fans were left to rue what might have been, as they slowly roasted their head coach, Andy, over the lava pit beneath their stadium. Indeed, when his burns heal, he will be forced to wear The Brown Underpants of Shame.

    2017 Honours:

    Champions: Average Joes
    Most exciting team: Thin Lizzies (3.5 TDs per game)
    Brown Underpants of Shame: Andy

    Round 1

    Accident & Emergency 1-1 Thin Lizzies
    Average Joes 2-1 Low & Slow
    Glorious PieKings 3-0 Milky Biscuits
    Mhaenal Mincers 2-0 Dallas Ratboys
    Rotting All-Stars – Bye

    Round 2

    Average Joes 3-1 Glorious PieKings
    Accident & Emergency 0-1 Rotting All-Stars
    Thin Lizzies 2-2 Mhaenal Mincers
    Dallas Ratboys 4-1 Low & Slow
    Milky Biscuits – BYE

    Round 3

    Average Joes 2-0 Rotting All-Stars
    Mhaenal Mincers 2-2 Glorious PieKings
    Thin Lizzies 2-1 Dallas Ratboys
    Milky Biscuits 2-0 Accident & Emergency
    Low & Slow – BYE

    Round 4

    Average Joes 2-0 Mhaenal Mincers
    Thin Lizzies 4-1 Milky Biscuits
    Glorious PieKings 0-1 Low & Slow
    Rotting All-Stars 2-2 Dallas Ratboys
    Accident & Emergency – BYE

    Much respect to the lads who have worked on this forum to get it up and running, it looks great and has a few features that should help us organising games. Cheers lads.