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    +1 for Halfords Cheap Primer is relative, especially when you balance it on buggering up a model that cost a fortune.

    I've used many different brands over the years and settled on Halfords as it just works and works well consistently.

    How do you fancy some free modelling cutters and glue?
    The evil empire is launching a new magazine along the lines of those "build the spitfire" type publications. Apart from being descent value for miniatures if you fancy a death guard or space marine army of for that matter kill team. If you subscribe you get a free modelling kit with the first delivery which is the first 2 issues cost £ 6.98 and you can cancel anytime.

    Worth checking out even if you don't want the figures as the paints and brushes are worth more than the 7 quid. check it out here
    And…220-1214147171.1535104220 on the right hand side.

    Steve was Happy HMS GG didn't sink on its Maiden voyage, Pete ever the gentleman declined deploying the special forces Sea lion, maybe Kapitan Dave's U-Boat might make an appearance in the near future.

    "Torpedo Los!"

    MJR are doing it for £129.50, not sure what Darksphere are knocking it out for. The EE did say it was there most expensive boxed set, but still Shocker... I'm on the fence, while I like big gribbly robots and I like the new model of the warlord, I'm not sure i like it that much especially seeing as my Hobby funds are earmarked for the new Ork codex which is rumoured to drop soon ish (Orktober), might be worth seeing if I can source some rules.

    No excuse Will, those Napoleonic Guardsmen can have las-Muskets.

    John, you can play sat in the cupboard, which is probably a Necron tomb vault anyway.... might explain why they are in there.

    It wouldn't need a big spend, as most of us already have a metric ton of evil empire plastic crack.

    I think it is looking very much like shadespire 40k so if that's the case its going to have some legs to it.

    2 - 4 players with alternating activation play mechanic sounds fun.
    more so than picturing Daves naked Bryan fetishes.... No body mention Spartans.

    Looks like a promising return of this 40k skirmish rule set Can it generate enough Frothiness to get me out of Heckling corner?,
    Can it do the unthinkable and get Craig to play games set in the 41st Millennium?
    Can Steve use the Love Boat to give river cruises to Bryan's French Foreign Legion?
    Is Will, Lemme Kilmister Reincarnated?, will he paint some Pink Marines?

    Do you want to know more? https://www.warhammer-communit…ng-forgw-homepage-post-2/

    Without going into the rabbit hole of TOS with STL's and file sharing , most tend to be fine for non commercial use and printing for friends for cost of materials , which is why I thought it would be a good idea for the club to purchase the files rather than individual members having to fork out and print scenery.
    As Craig mentions we have a large amount of mostly irrelevant to the clubs current gaming tastes stored, I think it would be of benefit to the membership if we explored this avenue of a digital terrain library further. This particular kick starter and more specifically the files from his previous Arabic buildings certainly could be utilized in a lot of different periods and games that people are interested in.
    it would be good to compose a list of the files we have access to and if anyone has a need for a specific genre or piece then with enough notice and cost of printing we could then produce it.
    I've also been looking at these neoprene gaming mats that seem to be on the rise, waterproof and lay flat, so no more coffee cup crop circles 8)