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    Welcome Pete.

    As Alan says he's just about to start a new Blood Bowl season, so you'll be welcome to join in.

    Pop in any Friday or Sunday from 7pm onwards.


    Harad's Tale.

    So the rumours were true. This place IS crawling with treasure, just lying around waiting to be picked up.

    "Lightfingered" Pete our resident Thief had just returned with news of a treasure trove of items just up the road and off we started. The gang looking forward to some looting but as we approached, a group of brigands led by that charlatan Alastor had already arrived. It looked like we were outnumbered too.

    "Okay boys lets spread out and take our time." Growled Harad, whilst directing Biff to climb the ruined tower to get a good vantage point with his bow. It soon became apparent why our gang were outnumbered as Alastor's illusionary soldier ran straight onto the point of a skeleton's sword and vanished with a poof.

    Then another lad ran straight up to the skeleton and was promptly skewered on it's sword. Biff laughed so hard he nearly fell off his perch. "Come on Lads" shouted Harad "these lot are a bunch of amateurs". And with that Biff let loose on the nearest target putting an arrow straight in his thigh.

    Chan the cultist ran for the skeleton who had just despatched Alastor's man only to get a cut across the leg himself badly wounding him. Maybe these skele's were a bit tougher than they looked. With that Elaine the Knight of dubious background strode up to a second Skeleton and took his head off with a single stroke. "That's how you do it boys" she laughed over her shoulder.

    Then she spotted one of Alastors men behind a wall and signalled to Johan the Brute to sneak up behind him. As Johan rounded the wall the man turned to face him and Elaine slipped behind him and finished him off. Looked like some kind of barbarian she thought, although she seemed to remember barbarians being a bit tougher than that !!

    Pete managed to despatch the skeleton that wounded Chan allowing the cultist to crawl away taking the chest of loot the skele was guarding with him. That was Chan's contribution for the day. Biff spent the next half hour trading arrows with an archer on the next ruin to no avail as neither seemed willing enough to leave cover long enough to aim. Soft gits.

    Pete then saw a glint of gold hiding in a ruined tower and off he shot. As he entered the ruin Harad saw one of Alastors thugs sneak in behind him. No time to warn the Thief as suddenly a bloody snow leopard rushed out of the ruins at Harad. Where the hell did that come from. With a flash of thunder Harad cast a bolt of elemental power and roasted leopard meat was on the menu tonight boys. When he looked back Pete was running out of the ruins loaded down with loot and no sign of Alastors thug. Guess you can't sneak up on a thief then.

    Harad's apprentice Sophie was trading spells with her opposite number and living up to her nickname of "Clueless" as neither seemed to be hitting anything. Now where the heck had Elaine gone to worried Harad.

    The fight seemed to have gone out of Alastors men and what was left of them looked to be sideling off to lick their wounds. Sophie returned to pick through a chest lying next to the crypt she had seen early when out popped another skeleton. With no sign of the rest of his gang Harad realised it was up to him to save her. The only hope was to summon a demon, always a tricky spell but with gritted look he chanted the summoning spell and behold a demon of the night arrived and made short work of the skeleton. Looks like the gods of fate were looking over Harads casting today. "Time to move out Lads" shouted Harad and the gang started back for the lair.

    Resting up at the lair Harad was gloomily looking over his spoils. The chest Chan had dragged back was empty bar a few measly coins and the two scrolls they'd found hardly made up for the effort. It was then that Elaine the Knight returned to the lair, last of all to return. "Tell me you have good news" demanded Harad.

    "I cornered Alastor the wizard as he was sneaking off" boasted the Knight.

    "aha" cried out the now not so grumpy dwarf wizard. "it was a good day after all if we've rid this world of that pain Alastor"

    " oh not quite" said the Knight. " I let him go. After all, someone said we were here for a treasure hunt not a battle"


    Harad Grumpygutts

    Level 3 Elementalist

    345 xp

    Yep great game Craig, enjoyed it. Very brutal.

    Certainly agree with the first point. Casting heal can do more damage than good. =O

    Thanks Andy for taking the time to run the game for us.