Stunty Leeg I

  • The online league season VII was a success with 7 game weeks being completed in 6 real life weeks.

    Mike's Dirt Sharks won easily (details to follow).

    Now we are playing a Stunty Leeg (stunty teams only) at the free Java-based software at


    It's a pop-up in your browser so you don't have to install anything. If you want to play, register an account, create a team and put your team name in this thread so I can invite it to the league.

    How to create a team

    Go to the home tab and near the bottom, click "Create New Team"


    Then select "League" OR "Stunty Leeg" (Stunty Leeg has fumbbl-only mad stunty teams), on the Create Team page


    From there you can select the race, and build your team.

    Once created, post the team name here.

    It is a round robin format, spiked ball (failed pick-ups/catches result in the player being stabbed)

    Win: 20pts

    Draw: 10pts

    TD: 3pts each

    Casualty: 2pts each

    We have a WhatsApp group to arrange games. I can invite you to it if you PM me your number.

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