• Hi All.

    I thought i would introduce myself my names Matt i have recently gotten back into warhammer 40k after a long time away from the hobby. (3rd and 4th edition) i was only a young lad then. I recently saw some models and rekindled my interest in the hobby. I have been given someone's unwanted conquest subscription. They have only done 2 space marines out of the entire thing and its nearly complete. I suppose this is a good base to start. I love the primaris models and death guard so its great. I need to do a lot of painting and assembling to be anywhere near battle ready but i am looking for a local club and you can't get more local than half a mile. :D I live in highfield so this is great!!! I'm looking to start an imperial fists army or raven guard and the death guard on the side but i love painting the models. Done 2 so far...:P so a long way to go.

    I might pop down one night on the next game night to see what goes on and say hi.

  • thank you.

    I definitely will pop down. Hopefully next sunday i have training fridays so i can come sundays.

    I have posted some models i have done so far. I just need to keep it going so that will be a good idea.