Battle at Revenant Retreat

  • At an isolated farmstead in the South East of the region the Prussians and Ottomans advanced on a dilapidated barn . Even though it was still early in the afternoon an unatural gloom was settling on the broken building and mean, low outsheds. Both forces noted some strange shambling forms moving around the barn.

    On the front foot the Ottomans split into three groups. The first, the imam and a soldier and grenadier set off for the outhouses. Their movement attracted the attentions of a shuffling revenant and some hard fighting ensued with the revenant handing out wounds to the Ottomans and remaing anmiated despite taking hits in return. The Imam healed the grenadier with a prayer and urged him forward again though again the revenant still remained animated and in the way of the area that needed exploring. Worse was coming as a second revenant moved forward towards the fight and the advancing Prussians also opened fire on the Ottomans.

    For their part the Prussians were using a shoot and wound/ weaken before attacking the revenant tactics that proved more effective.

    In the centre the commanders and a couple of followers lined up but the Ottomans were having to support their under pressure Imam and couldn't advance.

    The prussians took advantage and eradicated a revenant on their left before forcing their way with numbers into the barn and finishing the revenant off in their.

    With the darkness falling things suddenly took a turn for the better for the Ottomans. The Imam's unit and the Officers unit managed to eradicate the two revenants and uncover the heap they were exploring. Unfortunately it proved to be a rotting corpse.

    Things had gone better on the Ottoman right. Their medic Dr De'ath and the half jin advanced on the revenant in front of them and the good doctor immediatley slew the monster and found the artefact.

    The prussians activity in the barn had aroused a hobgoblin that launched itself at the Jin. An even fight ensued and then it was the good Dr's turn. With a glint in his eye he dealt the hobgoblin some telling blows and it recoiled almost dead. Whether this due to the Dr's cutlass strokes or his offering the beast a DRE is uncertain but it fled half dead and in terror right into prussian musketry that finished it off.

    The Prussians killed a wild boar they'd disturbed but that was it. Darkness was now on the field and with yet more revenants appearing the Ottomans and prussians left the field of carnage.

    Prussians 11 pts Ottomans 12 pts.