Gameweek 4: Fixtures, Results and Match Reports

  • Please use this thread to schedule your games and write up any match reports.

    Please see the coach availability table (below) when organising your games.

    Home teams are listed first (see The Manual for stadium advantages)

    Douglas Valley Darkside (Scott) v Punch Suckers (Mike)

    Da Black Gulf Badboyz (Glenn) v Executors (Andy)

    Foul Peak Runners (Pete) v Centre Parc Pollinators (Alex)

    Ming's Minions (Shaun) v Heldenhammer Reavers (Adam)

    Heebie Jeebies (Martin) v Lancashire Rainbows AFC (Alan)

    The following games are outstanding from Gameweek 3 and must be played as soon as possible:

    Heldenhammer Reavers (Adam) v Average Joes (Darren)


    Better lives have been lived in the margins, locked in prisons, and lost on the gallows, than have ever been enshrined in palaces.

  • Da Black Gulf Bad Boyz 0 - 1 Executors

    Torrential rain gave way to sweltering heat at the kick-off allaying Executors fears of trying to play a passing game with a wet ball.

    The Executors' took the lead in 4 turns after their journeyman hireling caught the kick-off on the half-way line. Confusion reigned as he failed to offload the ball to the team's thrower and the Boyz tried to seize the opportunity to capitalise. Unfortunately the Boyz over committed in an effort to foul an Executor bodyguard and left a clear route through their lines into the backfield. The Executors capitalised on the mistake and outpaced the Boyz's players in a race for the line.

    With 4 turns in the first half remaining the Boyz were optimistic about their chances to score an equaliser but this was snuffed out as four players succumbed to heat exhaustion and their drive petered out.

    In the second half both teams were down just 1 player from the heat and the Boyz gathered a simple kick off and quickly formed a cage and pressed down the right flank. The Executors covered the move and pressured the cage to move onto the sideline and were rewarded for their patient play when a Boyz Blitzer failed a seemingly straight forward block. The turnover allowed the Executors to break the cage open, take down the ball player, put one Boy into the crowd and fouled another off the pitch (for which the offending player was also sent off, despite his bribe). Under pressure the Boyz still managed to gather up the ball and organise a 3 Orc breakaway, switching flanks and driving within scoring distance of the end zone. In the footrace that ensued, however, the Orc Blitzer soon found himself isolated and brought down by the faster humans. With the clock running down the Executors passed the ball downfield. The pass was not completed but it brought an end to any aspirations the Orcs had of scoring an equaliser. Late heroics by a couple of sprinting Black Orcs prevented the humans from gathering the ball up and scoring a second.

    But for the favourable weather and the unlikely failed block the result may have been quite different.

  • Booooooooooooo! :P

    It was a great fun match though. Lots of back and forth. Cheers for the write up Andy!

  • The Matchday has been extended for 7 days due to an unforeseen intervention of wife (not mine), and there are important games to be played prior to the last fixture.

    Better lives have been lived in the margins, locked in prisons, and lost on the gallows, than have ever been enshrined in palaces.