Interested in Getting Involved in an RPG? Post Your Interest Here.

  • Hi all, I have just found this place and am interested in playing some RPG games. I've only played 3.5e and 5e before but am happy trying other games like vampire the masquerade, call of cthulu, pathfinder and so on. I'm sure there are many other games out there. Sci-Fi is my favourite genre though :)

    Looking forward to gaming with you.


  • Hi Paul, welcome to the club.

    As you can see there's been a lot of heat but not much light generated around roleplaying so far. Add your interests to Alan's Tracker to have the best chance of getting a game up and running.

    If you also enjoy simply playing boardgames then come along on Friday and get involved.



  • I'll be there Friday. Is there a fee or donation needed? So I know to bring cash.

    Hi Rigz welcome to the group. The first night at the club is free so you can come down, get a feel for the place, say hello and have a brew. After that its £3 a session if paying cash or you can set up a direct debit for £10 a month (which will also cover you if we open any extras days too).

    We meet on Fridays and Sundays, typically from 7pm, with an early opening on the 2nd Sunday of every month from 3pm, to allow for bigger/longer games.

    The cash option is more over a month if you start to attend regularly so its up to you to decide what will work out best you. McGran (Andrew) is the club treasurer and can help you further with this at the club.

    Hope that helps

    Craig G.

  • That's perfect, Craig. Thank you!