Tables and Results

  • wigan-bowl-vi-table-2.jpg

    Gameweek 1

    Average Joes v Lancashire Rainbows AFC

    Da Black Gulf Badboyz 3-0 Ming's Minions

    Gameweek 2

    Punch Suckers 2-0 Average Joes

    Ming's Minions 1-1 Executors

    Foul Peak Runners v Da Black Gulf Badboyz

    Douglas Valley Darkside 1-0 Heldenhammer Reavers

    Centre Parc Pollinators 2-1 Heebie Jeebies

    Better lives have been lived in the margins, locked in prisons, and lost on the gallows, than have ever been enshrined in palaces.

  • Ming's Minions 1 - 1 Executors

    It is with great regret that King Oberon announces the death of his great grand nephew, and 63rd in line of succession, while participating in the sporting contest known as Blood Bowl. Bertram the Brittle, Princeling fifth son of 'Granite' Shaka, hoped to prove wrong his host of apocatheries when they advised him that the extent of his maladies meant that any sport more strenuous than flower arranging would be beyond him. The youngster's boldness appeared to bear fruit when he scored his team's first touchdown, catching a short pass and running unhindered into the end zone. However, late in the first half, he finally made contact with an opposing player as he dodged past him, only to be nudged off balance causing him to fall to the floor on the hard, astrogranite pitch. His shin bone shattered and, as his leg gave way beneath him, he skewered his neck upon the jagged stump and died instantly.

    It is unclear whether the King will permit any more Princelings to particiapate in the sport.

    An Executor thrower was also killed,