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    It was a quiet evening in the pub, not one fight, disappointing. Some new riff raff, heard Master Holdsworth hired them to join us. An elf who looked like a twig ready to break, some form of monk and an orange looking guy, While he would offer them jobs by the look of them I have no idea. None of them could hold there liquor.

    One of the tavern hoers had taken interest in me, trying to seduce me. Can't say I'm surprised. We were interrupted with commotion occurring with the wagons. Outside I found the newbies firing arrows at a dark figure climbing the wall with some of Master Holdsworth wares. The hired help appeared useless missing each shot, and the orange guy shooting fire everywhere. Luckily my good friend Ash was able to put in several well aim slots to slow this thief. I set off in pursuit of this degenerate, the others ahead of me. I shouted to fireboy to stay and guard the rest of the wares. The fool choose to ignore me. He almost set the entire square on fire.

    I heard several mocking remarks from the new group of old man. During the pursuit my misgiving of this group was confirmed, they had the athletics and acrobats of an old woman. Failing at each step. Would be funny but I'm meant to depend on these "people". Myself and Ash where the first to catch up to the thief as he entered a sewer in an attempt to escape. We descended, then fireboy caught up to us. I told him from now on to follow our commands but fools never listen. He took off in pursuit of the thief but at a T junction he ran off in the completely the wrong direction, the idiot.

    Ash and I found a doorway and waited for the others to catch up, old man my ass. They all looked out of breath.

    We entered the doorway and fireboy creeped towards a corner, quickly returning. I saw him quiver in fear as he reported some goblins. I charged around the corner cleaving the first goblins head. The others attempted to light a fire while Ash placed well main arrows into the 2 other goblins. I finished them off in quick succession. The last goblin decide to flee in terror. I charged on in pursuit.

    The corridor opened up into a large room, there several small goblins and some mage doing something. My heart sank knowing they would be of no challenge. Then a large roar out of the darkness and stood a massive troll. I thought to myself today is the day. Finally an opponent that may grant me my death, how long I have waited to see my family and people again. I charged this massive troll and struck deep with my first blow. The troll in kind was savage, brutally striking back.

    By this time the others had engaged the goblins.

    Several rounds incurred where I was standing blow for blow with this massive troll. Eventually the others broke the enemy line and we were able to take down the troll.

    Today is not my day, I linger on.

    I soon learned that fireboy had let the mage escape with Master Holdworth wares, can't say I was surprised. I took one of the tusks of the troll as a trophy and headed back to the tavern, back to my wench.

    Hmm, that looks suspiciously like taking advantage of a poor soul who doesn't know what cards come up in the Rebel objectives! ???

    Slander I say, Slander.

    I refreshed the rules and did not dictate any actions. Not my fault Paul made the wrong decisions.

    I always stick to the rules, on occasion they may be my own rules, but I stick to them!! ;)

    JC arrived a little later and took the role of Wizard for the second game as I stepped out to organise my new purchases. Unsurprisingly, with their Talisman gone, the heroes were quickly overwhelmed to the misery of all. Except JC for some reason...

    Technically I killed you Andy

    The game ended with a stunning victory for the rebels. While Leia did turn to the dark side Wedge destroyed the death star and the rebel fleet captured Coruscant.