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    The niceness never ends:saint:

    This weeks recipient of my amazing never ending overflowing bowl of super niceness is Bwyan,Your welcome Bwyan.

    These are my spare space marines you can have.2 assembled primaris Lieutenants,2 primaris intercessors and 1 primaris Inceptor(the flying dude you were after)

    That all folks but keep tuning in for more up to date neverending Niceness.:love::saint:

    Plenty going on at the club tonight with miniature gaming,miniature building and painting and boardgames.:thumbup:

    Peter painting up his British for the Napoleonic era.

    Napoleonics again but this time French for myself.

    Chris painting his dark age figures.

    Rik continues with his deathguard.Better get a move on with all the new stuff you've just purchased.

    Danny gives us another visit and engages Bwyan in a battle during the English civil war with the Pikemans lament.

    Craig and Andy have a couple of games of Nemesis boardgame.

    English civil war round two with Bwyan and Dave taking on Danny,Peter and Craig.

    The battle lines are formed.

    Happy gaming everyone.

    Welcome on board Matt.

    Yes there are a few of us getting back into 40k.

    get yourself down and introduce yourself.

    A lot of painting goes on at the club and is a good way to motivate you to get your armys rolling.

    Welcome on board Mitch.

    A lot of our members come down to paint their figures as well as game with them.

    I find it motivates you to get them done.

    come down and see what we are about.

    Stormtalon added to my marines.Quck job on this.

    3 normal Dreadnoughts painted up on the chapter colours.

    How they looked before.

    Mike turned up in the afternoon and with Craig and myself we gave Blackstone fortress a run though to get to grips with the game.Looks like this one will be hitting the tables again at the next early opening that we run on a Sunday once a month.

    The big miniature game of the day was Men who would be king by osprey rules with Peter,Andy,Bwyan,Dave and Ste all joining in

    Happy gaming everyone.

    Well today proved to me that we must be the BEST and NICEST club in and around the Wigan area.

    Two full days opened for the christmas period and a fantastic time had with plenty painting ,gaming both miniature and board games covering a massively wide selection from ALL the hobby.PHEW!

    At this club we pride ourselves on everything being painted when it joins our army's for gaming with which has become a big part of the club with members sitting relaxing building and painting their models and sharing experience and knowledge to do so.It has also become a great way to socialise chatting whilst doing so.

    Craig turns up the gears with his chaos army assembling and undercoating his heldrake and 10 man chaos space marine to add to his army.ALL this whilst getting his adeptus mechanicus titans assembled.

    Dave builds some French dragoons but turning them into Spanish.

    John arrives later with his star wars assault figures and Aeronatica Imperialis figures to assemble.

    Rik's assembled and custom built nurgle rhino gets ready for a coat of paint.

    Ste talks shit and drops things but sometimes builds some tanks as well .

    Three dreadnoughts and a stormtalon painted for me.Just need the bases doing and there fresh for the next game.

    Andy and Paul arrive early and get to grips with Paths to Glory ready for a full game in a couple of weeks.Well it is classed as mid level complex game.

    After that a light game of Carcassonne with J C.

    Then more world war action with Operation general overlord with Dave also joining in.

    So Craig and myself arrived at the club early to get our pre arranged game of 40k up and running.

    Criag took control of the traitor legion space marines with myself loyal to the emperor.

    set up of the Black legion V Napoleons children.

    Black Legion.

    Napoleons Children.

    Chaos advance and bring with them deamons from the warp.

    Surrounded these marines and Librarian where slaughtered under the mass assault.

    This game was a learner game for me and Craig to get to grips with the rules and to learn a little bit about what works and doesn't.

    Enjoyable close game.

    Later the painters arrived.

    A rare apperance drom Danny with a busy life taking him around the north west but managed to make it and catch up with everyone.

    Nice to see you again Danny.

    Bwyan gets quite a bit done on his Napoleonic figures.

    3 standard dreadnoughts for me bought second hand already painted but refurbished for the Napoleons children.

    Dan and Andy persuade me to join in the Nemesis boardgame based on the Alien move and far more enjoyable than I thought it would be.

    I left at around 11pm with most members still going.

    Happy gaming everyone.

    Craig runs All Quiet on the Martin front tonight.Peter in control of the human defenders V Bwyans Martin attack force.

    The defenders dug in ready for the assault.

    Bwyan gets ready to march full on to annihilate mankind.

    the Magnificent seven spent the evening painting and assembling tonight.

    Mike painting undead.

    Rik gets more work done on the Deathguard.

    Craig builds titans for Adeptus titanicus.

    Chris paints Napoleonic.

    ,Andy continues with his Mexicans.

    Assembling a repulsor tank myself whilst Ste tells us a tale.How big is it Ste?

    Happy gaming everyone